Last Will And Testament
Henry Adolphos Dean

Tate County, Mississippi

Last Will and Testament of H A Dean, June 10, 1931

This is to certify that I do at my death will to Mrs. Ethel Mock. My house and lot and household goods for looking after and taking care of me in my old days.

This house and lot is located on south side of Strayhorn Ave. this was built and erected by me H A Dean in the year 1904 lot deeded to me by A A Royal.

All other property I own be divided among my five children Roderic G Dean, Henry E Dean, David O Dean, Mrs. Brutonia Crenshaw, Mrs. A J Davis, after all my indebtedness. This will take place at my death.

Witness my signature: H A Dean, Senatobia, Mississippi June the 16th, 1931

Witness: K L Mitchell, T E McCrary

Proof of Will
State of Mississippi, Tate County
This day personally appeared before me, H T Perkins, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County and "State. R T Mitchell and H E McCrary, who being first duly sworn, make oath as follows: to-wit
That they were called by H A Dean to witness the execution of the attached instrument as his last testament, which instrument is wholly written and subscribed by the said H A Dean on two sheets of note paper, dated June 16th, 1931. That they are familiar with the hand writing of the said H A Dean and that said instrument of writing is wholly written and subscribed by the said H A Dean. That in their presence the said H A Dean subscribed said instrument of writing as his last will and testament and in his presence and in the presence of each other they subscribed their names thereto as subscribing witnesses. That on said date the said H A Dean was of sound and disposing mind and memory and more than twenty one years of age.

R T Mitchell, T E McCrary

Subscribed and sworn to before, me this the 27th day of August, 1932.

H L Perkins, Notary Public

Filed Aug 27, 1932
Recorded Sept 7, 1932
M G Daughtery, Clerk

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