Last Will and Testament of K. G. Gabbert


I K. G. Gabbert being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and more than 21 years of age, do make publish and declare this as my last will and testament, expressly revoking all other wills by me heretofore made.

Item 1st: I give to my mother, Mrs. Sallie Gabbert the sum of $500.00 a year so long as she may live. This $500.00 is to be paid her in monthly payments of $41.66 each month and to be paid her so long as she may live, and I fix this as a special charge against all of my property which I may own at the time of my death.

Item 2nd: I give devise and bequeath to my wife, Thunie Gabbert, for and during the term of her natural life, all the rest and residue of my estate, both real and personal and of every kind and description and wherever situated. She is to have only the use and income from said property, and shall not have the power to sell or dispose of same either real or personal, but she may use any or all of the income from my property as she sees proper and make such disposition of the income as she may desire, except she is to pay the legacy provided for in item one from such income. After the death of my said wife, I will devise and bequeath all my estate to my nieces and nephews share and share alike, and who are as follows to wit:

Lucy Gabbert Smith one share, Meriwether Gabbert one share, Minnie Gabbert Holmes one share, she taking the share of her deceased mother, Minnie Gabbert, Velma Gabbert Wooten, on share, Eone Gabbert Holmes one share, Kathleen Gabbert one share, Mildred Gabbert one share and Wylodine Gabbert one share and to Auleen Jackson one share, that is to say, to each of the above names parties I give a one ninth. I want it distinctly understood that I do not want my nephew Tate Gabbert to share in my estate in any manner, and I expressly leave him out. In testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe my name to this instrument as my last will and testament, this the 24th day of December 1915.

K. G. Gabbert


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