McGaha Cemetery is located approximately 1 1/4 mile south of Arkabutla on Carlton Road. A record of this cemetery was published in Tate Trails Vol I, Number I, page 11, 1983.

McGaha, Valeria T. daughter of G. W. & S. W. McGaha,
                born Jan 16, 1887 died June 28, 1888

                _______stine McGaha, born Nov 11, 1901 died Sept 29, 1902
                (stone broken)

                Our Little Babes, G. W. & S. W. McGaha (no names or dates)

                In Memory of Dear Wife, Sallie W. wife of G. W. McGaha (no dates)

Fort,        Mary D. Fort, born Aug 25, 1845 died Oct 31, 1880

Conger,    B. A. Conger, dau of E. A. Conger,
                 born Sept 2, 1871 died Sept 10, 1878

                Jennie A. E., daughter of E. A. & S. W. Conger
                born Oct 14, 1876 died Nov 8, 1881

                S. M. Conger, born July 24, 1849 died Dec 9, 1881 (Masonic Emblem)

                E. A. Conger, born March 16, 1833 died Dec 19, 1878

Note: There were other stones that were broken and couldn't be read (1983).

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 County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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