Cemetery close to the Old "Poor House" is located off Browns Ferry Road west of Senatobia, MS. This cemetery record was published in Tate Trails Vol I, Number 2 page 21, 1983. Recorded by Rebecca Smith, Evelyn Tinkle, Deborah Matthews, and Betty Franks. Jason Red help them locate the cemetery.

Haynes,        Hugh N., son of G/C O. & Ann A. Haynes
                    (lamb at the top of the stone)

                    To the Memory of an Infant G/C. O. & Ann A. Haynes
                    born Dec 1, 18?? (broken)

                    Scared to Memory of Joseph Cornelius son of G/C. O. & A. Haynes
                    born (broken) died Oct 1, 1854
                    (inscriptions at the bottom: C C Madewell)

McCorcle    To the Sacred Memory of Delily, wife of J. W. McCorcle
                    born Nov 1, 1818 died June 5, 1857

                    Sacred to memory of Margaret Ann,
                    daughter of J. W. & D. McCorcle,
                    born Sept 10, 1856 died June 30, 1857

McCorkle    Frances R., wife of J. W. McCorkle,
                    born July 14, 1840 died Apr 25, 1870
                    Not Dead But Sleeping

Nash            Harriet Howard, wife of James A. Nash
                    (date broken) died 20th of 18(broken)

Osteen        Robert French, son of H. C. & E. Osteen
                   born Sept 2(cracked) 1858 died Oct 17, 1861
                   (Tree of Life at the top of the stone)

There were also these pieces of stones:
                    M. E. Abby   FC

                    C C Madewell

                    died Oct 23, 1861

Numerous other stones were covered by weeds. There were also several sink-holes. Recorders were positive they did not read all the stones that were there.

Note: America Howard, died Feb 21, 1849, age 26 yrs, 7 mos, wife of W. B. Howard

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