Obits For The Youngblood Surname
From Tate County, Mississippi

Obit of
Mrs. J W Youngblood

June 10, 1881 PERSONAL

We regret to learn that MRS. J. W. YOUNGBLOOD died at Bay St Louis, Miss., yesterday morning at 10 o'clock a.m.

June 17, 1881 LOCAL NEWS

MRS. MAGGIE A. YOUNGBLOOD, whose death at Bay St Louis in this State, we noticed in our last issue, was buried in Memphis, on Saturday last. We hope to be able to give an extended notice of her life, character and labors in our next letter.


The subject of this sketch was in the 33rd year of her life when summoned hence, and was born in Marshall County, Mississippi. Her father was DR. R. L. TAGGART, of Memphis, who was himself a man of Heroic Mould. During the cholera epidemic in 1866 DR. TAGGART'S skill and courage were properly recognized by the Board of Health of the City of Memphis, in his appointment as Physician to the poor. In the discharge of the arduous duties of the dangerous trust he laid down his life in an effort to care for those who were unable to help themselves. A self sacrificing spirit ever characterized his daughter, MRS. YOUNGBLOOD. A strong mind cultivated and tenacious, gave her a marked individuality. Devoted to books and music her requirements were such as to make her especially attractive in the social circle. Strong of will and tenacious of purpose. Yet patient and long suffering with all her attributes were such as characterized the model educator ardent in temperament she won friendships that now outlive her and preserve her memory in fondest recollection. Her life was in the main spent in the school room. She imparted instruction with the greatest facility and by example and precept cultivated the mind and trained the hearts of the children entrusted to her care. The vigor of her intellect at once impressed the child with her superiority and she commanded the admiration and respect of her pupils in a very uncommon degree. Her winning manner and uniform fairness and moderation in the control of the classroom gave her the hearts of her pupils and the memory of her good deeds and kind words will be green in the minds of many score youths for long years to come. The announcement of her death, although it was daily expected brought gloom over the whole community. When she lived with us she was always to be found by the bedside of the sufferer ministering gently and consolingly to the wants of the afflicted. Her life and death were alike beautiful. In life she demonstrated that there was real beauty in the performance of all the Christian duties, and in death she found comfort in the blessed promises that are gathered at the foot of the Cross.


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