The Palmer House  111 W. Main Street   Blue Mountain, MS

Palmer House was built in the summer of 1892, for Charles Frederick
Palmer and his wife Allie.  Allie was the daughter of the Rev. Lewis Pearl
Cossitt and his wife Jane. She was a graduate of the Blue Mountain Women's
College. Charles was the brother of Dr. John Palmer and Orlando W. Palmer
both of Blue Mountain as well. I have been unable to definitely pin down the
builder but suspect it was one Lonn Robertson (or Roberson). The family
legend passed down by Marjorie (Charles and Allie's granddaughter) to me is
that the master carpenter had a thick Scottish brogue and that is all she
knew. Note in the left hand side of the photo the buildings sitting about
where the Blue Mountain College brick entrance gate is today. They are the
original school rooms built by Lowery as far as I can tell.

Sent in by Maggie Reese


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