Cedar Mound Baptist Church

Cedar Mound Baptist Church is located on Hwy 2, between Ripley and Kossuth and although you have to cross over the Tippah/Alcorn Co. line to get to the church, Cedar Mound is indeed sitting on Tippah County soil.   The land was deeded over to the Church from Mrs. Tom Hamm who also donated the timber to build the original Church.

In 1959 or 1960, this building was built.  There is a graveyard located on the property with several unmarked graves.  The rocks standing up in the picture are where the Hamms are buried. No headstones. The main cemetery is to your right in the pictures.  In the small Hamm section of the cemetery there are seven unmarked graves, but according to the elders all aren't Hamms. One grave belongs to a 19 year old young woman by the name of Art Hurt who was brutally murdered back in the late 1930's and another grave off by itself belongs to a unknown baby.

Gravestones in Cedar Mound Cemetery

Carter, Clovis H.  b. July 19, 1924, d. March 6, 1990
Carter,  Annie F. b. April 22, 1917, d.   , wife of Clovis 
Hawkins, Willie, b. Aug 14, 1927, d. Dec 14, 1992. 
Essary,  Jeremy Shay, b. Oct 15, 1984, d. Oct 15, 1984
Michael, Linda J. (Boo Boo) b. Sept 9, 1950, d. June 15, 1998
Plaxico, Calvin E., SP5 US Army, Vietnam, b. Jan 31, 1946, d. Nov 20, 1996
Richardson, James Victor, b. Jan 22, 1908, d. Jan 21, 1972 
Richardson, Worthy Velma, wife of James Victor, b. Aug 7, 1915, d. June 4, 1996
Spencer, Alvis, b. May 21, 1928, d. June 15, 1991. 
Spencer, Ronnie Hugh,  b. July 24, 1974, d. May 18, 1989

A special thanks goes to Kay Nelson for sending in this information.

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