Chalybeate Presbyterian Church Records

1896 ~ 1941

Church Cemetery in 2003


This transcript is from a copy of the original that was in the Ripley Public Library under the care of Tommy Covington.  Falkner High School students took the photographic copies and made this transcript.  It is our desire that these will be helpful to family members, genealogists, and historians.  This also represents a work of love in the hopes of having most or all of the historical records of the county preserved for future generations.  Lastly, this work is a memorial to a church,  Chalybeate Presbyterian Church.  They were a body of believers in Jesus Christ whose lives continue to influence their community and families.  Even though the church has disbanded and gone to other places, God continues to honor the lives of those Christian people.
 Chalybeate Presbyterian Church was located in Chalybeate, MS.  The building no longer exist, but
the cemetery remains.  It is located between the present Chalybeate Baptist Church and the Union Cemetery on the north side of the road, Hwy 354.  The families of members presently 
maintain the cemetery.

    Bruce Ingram
    Chalybeate Baptist Church Pastor
    Falkner High School History Department Chairman

Amber Hill, Freshman
Natalie Jackson, Freshman
Britney Clemmer, Freshman
Holly Rutherford, Freshman
Jessica Braddock, Sophomore
Kristy Short, Sophomore
Kimberly Rainey, Sophomore
Kelly Gates, Sophomore
Kacey Huddleston, Junior
Akevia Rainer, Junior
Leandrea Smith, Junior


The original spelling has been maintained.  However, if there are mistakes in family names and locations, we
apologize and will gladly make corrections that are brought to our attention.

Chalybeate Miss Dec. 7th, 1896.
The Session met and opened with prayer in by Rev. J. W. Allen who was invited to act as moderator while in
charge of the church. Elders present: A. J. Blair.[Notations in Brackets are marginal notes that appear in the
original.  Election of C of S.] Thomas H. Morrison and R. B. Cotton. R. B. Cotton was elected Clerk of
Session. The moderator was instructed to purchase a Church Record and Session Book and one dozen and a
half small hymnbooks.[Time for Services 1st Sabbath] The first Sabbath of each month was selected for the
time to hold regular preaching[Monthly Collection] service, at which time a collection for the special cause
of the Church for that month was ordered[Pastor’s Salary] to be taken up. The matter concerning the
pastor’s salary was postponed until the next regular meeting. There being no further business the Session
adjourned with prayer.
         C. of S.

Chalybeate Miss. Jan 4th 1897.
The Session convened and was opened with prayer by the moderator Rev. J. W. Allen. Elders: A. J. Blair
and R. B. Cotton were present. The minutes of the previous meeting [Jones Jns R. Racid] were read and
approved. Mr. Jones John R. was received by letter from Ebenezer church presbytery of Memphis. The
salary of pastor was fixed at one hundred dollars [Salary of Pastor]($100.00) for the issuing year. After a
short discussion concurring the interest and prospects of the church the Session adjourned with prayer.
      C. of S.

Chalybeate Miss. Mar 8th 1897
The session met and was opened with prayer by the moderator Rev. J. W. Allen members [AJ Blair
delligated to Presly by] present A. J. Blair, R. B. Cotton. A. J. Blair was elected delligate to attend the
meeting of Presby try at Iuka Miss.  April the 8th R. B. Cotton alternate An invatation was extended to
Presby try to hold its Fall meeting at Chalybeate Church  The following overturn of Synod was
adopted.[overture adopted] The Synod of Memphis having established a fund to be Known as the synodical
traveling fund to be used in defraying the expenses of Ministers and Ruling Elders while attending the
meeting of the Synod does hereby overture the session of the churches within the bounds of the Synod to
agree to this plan and accepted an apportip amount of eight cents per communicant member
According to the last statistical report sent by the presbyterians to the General assembly, in the
event that session shall agree to this plan the Synod earnestly urges them to cooperate with the Synod in
pausing this fund and in having it promply paid at each meeting of the Synod.
 Fratinaly yours
 Joseph H Lumkins there being no father business the session adjoured with prayer.
     C. of S.

Examined and approved at Iuka this April 16th 1897 with the following exception- The Narrator &
Statistical report were not recorded-
    E. A. Smith Mod pro tem

Chalybeate Miss Sept. 5th 1897
The session convinced and was opened with prayer by the Moderater Rev. J. W. Allen elders A. J Blair & R.
B. Cotton were finished.
A. H. Nance was recieved [Nance A. H.] on confession of faith in to the church. A. J. Blair was appointed
telling it to attended the meeting of Presbytery at Monroe Co. R. B. Cotton alternate the session and
overtured with prayer.
    C. of S.

Chalybeate Miss Oct 3 1897
The session conveined and session opened with prayer by the moderator J.W. Allen Elder, AJ Blair, and RB
Cotton was present.
J.S. McLearan was recieved by letter from Booneville Pres Church.  Then being no matter of buisness the session adjourned with prayer.
      C of S

Chalybeate Miss Mar 30th 1898.
The session was caled to order and was opened with prayer by the moderator J.W.Allen [R.B.Cotton
Delligated to Prestery] D.J. Blairs & R.Bleatton was elected as dilligate to Presbytary which conviced with
Jonesbors church of Chalybeate Mar 31,1898.
A congressional meating was [A congregational a meeting] was called to elect a Elder and deacon.
The vote being taking resulting election of Bro. J. S. Mc Learen elder and R.H. Nance deacon.[J.S.
McLearen elected elder & A.H. Nance deacon]  A motions was made to petition Presbyteary to change the
name of [Nance of church changed frome Jonesbon to Chalybeate] Jonesboro church to that of Chalybeate
Church which was carried.
There being no father buisness the session closed with prayer J.W. Allen Moderator
R.B. Cotton  C. S.

Report of the session
March 31st 1898
The attendance of the sevice of the sanctnory by members and fathers is good.  But the Haley worship is sadly neglected.
The observer of the Lord day is very well observed.  Children are not neglected in the homes & Sabbath schools trainning in Scripture and Catechisms.
The people as a little band have given their substance in the support of the gospel very
liberally the church owes for the lack of a pastors salery only five dollars. There is no signs of (work)
confirmity by the church. The church is not engaged in any evangelistic work outsid of our congregation the
Presbyteary.[Examined and approved at Chalybeate April 1 1898]
     R.B. Cotton C.S.

Chalybeate, Miss
Sept. 4/98
The session was open with prayer by the moderater R.B. Cotton. A.J. Blair present. A.J. Blair was chosen to
dellegate to attend Presbyteary at Saltillo in Sept. Clarrenece Alexander was recieved into the full fellowship
of the church on confession of faith. jonh s McLearen(Mclauren) was dismessed by letter.
 There being no further business the session closed with prayer.
    R.B. Cotton C.S.

Chalybeate, Miss
Aug. 15/98
The session was open with prayer by the moderater members present. A.j. Blair & R.B. Cotton, Mrs.Lorena
Blair, R.L. Clemmer, Mrs. Mollis Clemmer, C.C. Smith, Mrs. Marthia Smith, wire recived into the church
on confession.  Annie Edna Cotton Lucile Cotton May Clemmer J.A. Jamieson (Goromon) Moore Hermon
Smith were recived in confession of faith.  There being no further business the session closed with prayer.
      R.B. Cotton

Chalybeate, Miss
March 1898
The session was open with prayer by the moderator.  Members present AJ Blair RB Cotton.  A J Blair was
chosen to attend the Presbytary to meet at Ripley Apr. 20, 1899.  There being no futher buisness the sesion
closed with prayer.
     RB Cotton CS

Report of the sesion April 20, 1898
Pre attendance upon the services of the Sanctuary by members and by others are very good.  But the
observance of family worship is entirly neglected.  The obsevance of the Lords day by members are good.
The training of children in home and Sabbath school in scriptures and chatechism of the church we are glad
to say is encourage my
 Fidelity of God’s people in worshiping the Lord with their substance and in giving to the purpose of
the gospel by some very liberal
 The church has paid the pastor salary for the past year.
 There is no signes of soorly conformity by the church.
 The church is not buy age Evangelie work seek with the presbytary.
Approved in Presbytery Ripley Miss April 22nd, 1899, except that no representative to Synod was
appointed, that the representative to Saltillo did not report attendance, that the satisfied report to Presbytery
is not recorded.
      J. M. Kimwom
Chalybeate Miss Feb 4th 1900
The Session has open by the moderator members present A J Blair and R B Cotton by motion A J Blair was
elected to attend the presby to meet in Baldwyin R B Cotton was elected as alternate then being no further
buisness the sesion was closed with prayer by the moderator.
      R B C  C of S

      Chalybeate Springs Miss
       Nov. 8-1902
The sesion met at request Rev. W. S. Cochran of the Presbytery of Memphis acted as Moderator and
opened the sesion with prayer.  Elder present A. J. Blair.  The following was dismissed from this church: Mr
Clarence Alexander Mrs Ida Ray and Mrs Richardson. Session took recess to meet at the call of the
moderator.  being no futher business the sesion closed with prayer by the moderator
       A. J. Blair C of S

Chalybeate, Miss., May 16, 1903
Session met in connection with preaching service and called a congragational meeting for the purpose of
electing one or more officers.  The said meeting was called to conserve on May 17. 1903 at 11 A. M.  There
were present Elder A. J. Blair and Rev. Newton Smith who moderated the meeting by invitation.
      AJ Blair Clerk of Sis

May 17. 1903
Session met in connection with congregational meeting.  Present Elder A. J. Blair and Rev. Newton Smith
Moderator.  The congregational having resulted in the election of Dr. J. H. Giles to the Eldership and Mr. R.
L. Clemmer to the Deaconate they were ordained and instally into those officers respectively.
      A. J. Blair Clerk of Sev
May 17 1903
Session met and was opened with prayer after preaching.  Elder present A.J. Blair and Rev. Newton smith
Moderator. Miss. Mary Lee Blair was recieved unto full communion of Chruch by Examination and

 Examined and approved in Pres. at Chalybeate, Apr. 29 1904, except that quarterly meeting have
not been held.
      Char. U. Oau Harten
April 2nd 1906
 In August 1904 at a meeting of the session held at the chruch in Chalybeate.  Mrs Luella
Jammieson, wife of Crawford Jammieson, Aud Mrs Margaret Mitchell were received into the memberrship
of the chruch upon certificate.
 Rev. W. T. Wadley Moderated the meeting with ruling Elder A. J. Blair as attended. Meeting
offered with prayer. [No session record of this meeting was made.]

Chalybeate Miss  April 2nd 1906
Session met at the home of Dr. J. H. Tiles in Chalybeate and was opened with prayer.  Present the started
supply Rev. Geo. A. Grille and ruling elders A. J. Blair and Dr. J. H. Giles.
Dr. Giles was choosen as clerk of the sessionNo delagate to spring meeting of Presbytary at
Booneville-neither elder being able to attend. The sessional reports to Presbytary were considered and
adopted, and the Narrative and statistical report are herewith appeuded
Session adjourned with prayer


[I] Attendance upon the services of the sanctuary by members and others is most excellent. Good
Congregation almost invariably.
[II] The observance of family worship is entirely neglected.
[III] The observance of the fords day is very good. No unnecessary labor is performed, and no disorderly
[IV] Catechetical and scriptural instruction of the children is neglected. No Sabbath School.
[V] We cannot claim fidelity in worship. Bring the food with our stubstance so far as obedience to the
instructions of the scripture is concerned. The people have given more or less liberally in accordance with
their own idea of their ability.
[VI] The Church has not paid its minister fully nor promptly.
[VII] No special evidence of spiritual life and growth, but we beleive there has been a steady growth in
[VIII] Worldly conformity does not prevail.
[IX] The church is not engaged in any evangelistic work outside of its own congregation.


Elders     2/ Foreign Missions
Deacons    2/ Assem. Home Mis- 2.25
Addedon Exam.   0/ Focal. Home Mission- 21.00
Addedon Certificate   0/ Colond Evang- 2.75
Total Com.    20/ Ministerial Relief-
Adult Baptisms   0/ Education- 8.00
Infant Baptisms   0/ Publication-2.60
Baptized Non-Com.   0/ Bible Cause-
Off. & Teachers in S. S.  0/ Pastors Salaries-78.00
Scholars in S. S.    0/Pesbytenal-3.25
J.H. Giles C.S.

Approved in Presbytery at Booneville Miss. April 6th 1906, as for as concontinue with the following
exception. The book has not been in Presbytery since 1904.
     Gerorge Gile Modr.

1906  Chalybeate, Miss. July 15th
[July 15th] Session met at the church after service and was opened with prayer. Present Rev. G.A. Giles,
And Ruling ,elders A.J. Blair, and Dr. J.H. Giles. Mr. J.C. Smith and his wife Mrs. Martha F. Smith together
with their children, Hermaw and Lillie were discussed at theit own request to the Alabama street
Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tenn.
Session the Adjourned.
     J.H. Giles C.S.

1908  Chalybeate-Miss.  Sept.28 1907
April 15 at the cease of divine service in the absence of the ruling elder J.H. Giles Rev. J.W. Allen who is
clothed with Evangelistic favor secured on Profession and Baptism the following persons Ethel Giles Jamie
and Carl Jamieson after which the congretion was disminded with the benediction.
     J.H. Giles C.of S.

The session was called during divine service and was moderated by Rev. J.H. Nallen ruling elders J.H. Giles
was present. The following persons presented themselves as candidate-for membership and ofter-due
examanation was received and baptized.Martha Blair and Hermie Giles. The meeting clased with the
     J.H. Giles
     C.of S.

Sept the 3rd
The session met at the residence of J.H. Giles (no elder)was present and the meeting was opened with
prayers by Rev.J.W. Allen who moderated who moderated the meeting Hay Alexander presented herself for
membership and after examination as the faith in Christ and by the side of Baptism she was received into
membership the meeting was then closed with prayer.
    J.H. Giles C. of S.

Attendance upon the service of the sanctuary by members and others is made excellent-
The absence of family worship is neglected.
The observance of the Lord’s Day is very good no unnessecary labor is performed and no
We have an interesting sabbath school meets every sabbath.
We have not had service for the last-yeat and have not paid to the church collections as we should.
We are paying our pastorat present-
We have some evidence of life the gathering grace. The church is not engaged in any evangelistic work
outside of its congregation.
Examined and opproved except bi laws of church requires at least one meeting of session in quarter-
Apr. 1908   Jamieson, Mod

April 19, 1908
Our church has had Regular preaching most every Sabbath by Pastor Rev. John Goff.  No additions to our
church.  But we think that our chruch is growing in grace.

We have contributed most of church assistments-
No meeting on servrices of the year ending 1910.
    J.H. Sibs Clerk of Session
PS Pastors Salary only half paid.
aunnel paid approved with the following ex offiecers.
1st Book we have not held in prespertory severvices since 1908.
2nd no record of a muttiony of session from of 1908 april 19, 1910.
3rd The reverend
    John Goff Moderater

Session met and adjourned with prayer.  Rev. John Goff moderator.
Recieved William Giles on confession his faith session closed with prayer.

1912 Recived Joan M E Church South
William Lee Clemmer & his wife Effie Clemmer and sons Luther and Claud.  session met & received Otho &
Harriet Vest Clemmer on confession of faith.  Session adjourned.

Reveieved Paul Gilies on confession of faith.
   E.P. Braddock       S.S.S.
   Supply Clerk

May 1921
Session called to order by G.M. Davis and received by letter Joe Warrington & Ms Warrington from A.R. P

Also session elected Warrington rulling Elder he being Elder in A.R.P Chruch closed with prayer.

July 1921
Session help to recieve Roy & Gladis Warrington by letter from H.R.P Chruch.

July 1922
Session called to order by C.L.Powers to recieve Blanche Warrington on confession of faith adjourned.

Oct. 16, 1922
Session met with Rev C.L Powers as moderator.  The following members asked for and was granted letters
of dismission from this church J.H. Gilies to Ripley Church.  And J.N. Jameson to ask.  Joe Warrington was
elected clerk of the Session.  Arrangements were made for conveying Mrs. Powers to Brownfield untill Jan.
1923.  There bring no farther buisness session was closed with prayer by J.H.Gilies.
      Joe W.  C of S

March 21, 1926
Session called to order by Rev. Boyd & Receieved by letter form at R.P Church.  K K Thomas Mrs. K K
Thomas & their children.
Guy Thomas & Leroy Thomas & Ruth Thomas.
Closed with prayer

 R.L Clemmer Supply Clerk of Church

Sept. 18, 1929
Session called to order by Rev. P.S Rhodes & recieved by letter Mrs. Luler Stewart.
 Closed by prayer.
R.L. Clemmer Supply C of C
Sept. 18/29
Session called to order by Rev. P.S.Rhodes & Recieved By Confession.
Clarinnell & Jamieson Clasum by Prayer
 R.L. Clemmer Supply C of C
Nov. 17/29
Session Called To Order By Rev. P.S. Rhodes & Recieved By letter Miss Olivie Pegram.Closed by Prayer.
R.L. Clemmer Supply C. of C.
Session Called to order after Service By P.S. Rhodes & Recieved By confession of faith Clarinnell Jamieson
& Wayan Jamieson in full fellowship.
   R.L. Clemmer C. of C.
Aug. 24/33
Session Called To order after Service By Rev. Daffin & Recieved By confession. Mrs. Maggie Jamieson &
Moor Jamieson & William Jamieson in full fellowship.
 R.L. Clemmer Supply C. of C.
The session met at the Church on March 31 at 4 P.M. Present Eldus Crawford Jamieson and R.S. Clemmer
and the moderator.Elder R.S. Clemmer was elected representative to April meeting of E. Miss. Presb. and
Crawford Jamieson alternate. The financial report of the church was approved.
The meeting opened and closed with prayer.
 Rev. R. D. Daffin Pastor
Special H. M.  13.78
Repairs on Church 20.00
Special Congregational 4.00
Pastor   60.00
 Ira D. Holt. 97.78
The session met at the church on Sunday March 15, at12 noon. Besides the moderator R. L. Clemmer was
present. Elder Jamieson was absent as he was still weak from a serious illness. The Session granted letters of
dismissal to the Sikestons Miss. Presb. Church: J. Moore Jamieson, Mrs. J. M. Jamieson, Weyburn Jamieson
and Clara La Nell.  Mr. Crawford Jamieson was elected to represent the church at the next meeting of
Presbytery.  The meeting of the session was opened and closed with prayer by the moderator.
       Rev. R. O. Daffin Jr.

Special Home Missions  $13.00
Orfans         8.00
Repairs on buildings     25.00
Preacher      81.50
Congregational        3.00
Meeting      20.00

Elders   2
Deacons  2
Communicants  14

Approved by East Miss Presbytery at Houston, April 22, 1936
     J. E. Coker Moderator

1938 39 Rev. C. N. Ralston preached in the afternoon of Nov.  13, 1938.  An offering was taken
for Presbytery’s Home Missions, which amouted to $17.05.
 He preached again in the afternoon of Feb. 26, 1939.  The offering at this time was $7.00 - divided
as follows, Ministers $5.60 and Benevolence $1.40
 The annual report to Presytery was as following:

 Elders   0
 Deacons  2
 Communicants  11
 Paid to Minister $5.60
 Benevolence  18.45
 Presbyterial tax   1.54

1939-40 At the request of the Home Missions Committee, Presbytery appointed Rev. C. N. Ralston to serve
the Chalybeate Church, as stated supply, beginning April 1939.
 There were no elders and of course no session meetings during the year.  Services were held
Thursday afternoon of each month, except May and July, (heavy rain the two afternoon that there were no
services).  On September 17, 1939, Mrs. Richard Clemmer was received by letter from the Senetobia
Presbyterian church.
 In November 1939 Dr. O. M. Anderson preached twice daily for five days closing Nov. 10th.  Four
members were added to church membership or reaffirmation.
 The arrival report to Presbytery at the Spring Meeting 1940, showers

Number Elders 0
Deacons  2
Coummunicants 16
Paid to Pastor’s Salary $48.00
“       “  Benevolence    20.00
“       “  Other Funds    29.00

1940-41 Rw. C. N. Rolston having been given evangelistic honors by Presbytery, a congrational meeting
was called for the third Sunday afternoon of April 1940 to elect some elders.
 In the congrational meeting four elders were elected.  Missrs. Lee and Luther Clemmer, (Carl) C.
G. Jamieson and K. K. Thomas.  K. K. Thomas having been a ruling elder in the Walnut Creek Presbyterian
church was not ordained.  The others three were ordained, and the four were installed ruling elders in the
Chalybeate church.
 C. G. Jamieson was made clerk of session.

 Since there was not a quorum of the session present at our service during the year not a single,
regular meeting of the session has be held.  Since the day the elders were elected ordained and installed (two
live at Brownfield, and one is an invalid).
 The services during the year have been fairly well attended.
 The following annual report was prepared by the Pastor, Rev. C. N. Rolston and Clerk of Session
C. G. Jamieson.  It shows:
   Elders   4
   Deacons  1
   Communicants  16
   Pastor Salary  $50.00
   Benevolence    16.00
   Other Funds      6.00
     C. G. Jamieson, Clerk

Approved by East Miss. Presbytery in session at Ripley, April 23, 1941.  Exception no quorum meetings.
 E. L. Goge, Moderator

  Roll of Members
Decsd  Clemmer Mrs. R. L. (Mrs. Mollie)
Decsd  Clemmer Lee
          “    Mrs. Lee
          “    Richard
          “     Mrs. Richard
          “     Luther
          “     Mrs. Luther
  Hudson   Mrs. Mary
Decsd  Jamieson C. G.
         “       Tom
         “    William
  Thomas    K. K.
         “        Mrs. K. K.
         “        Guy
         “      Leroy
         “      Ruth

Certificate of Membership and Dismission
 This is to certify that Mrs. Maud Jennings Clemmer_________________________
is a member}
are members} in full communion and good standing in Senatobia__________ Presbyterian
Church of Senatobia, Miss   and that She    are  hereby dismissed at

her    own request and affectionately reccommended to the fellowship of the ___________
Presbyterian Church of Chalybeate Miss    or of any other Church in our communion
with which God in His providence may order her_lot, and when so received and not before, her_special
relation to this Church will cease.

 By order of the Session:
      James E. Green
Given at Senatobia Miss     Moderator

Date Oct. 17th 1937      Clerk of Session
      Senatobia, Miss
        Clerk’s Address

To the Chandler Church and Manse Fund Committee, Syned of Mississippi:

 We the undersigned deacons of ___________________ Church of East Mississippi Presbytery, do
hereby make application to the Chandler Church and Manse Fund for $______, the same being needed for
repairs on our Church building.

 The answers we make to the questions herewith below are correct according to our best knowledge
and belief.
 1. What is the nature of the repairs you propose to make?
 2. What do you estimate as its possible cost?  $________.
 3. How much cash do you have on hand?  $________.
 4. How much cash subscribed toward the repairs?  _______.
 5. Will the amout you seek enable you to make the repairs without encurring debt?
 6. Do you owe any debt on the building to be repaired? If so, how much?  $_____
 7. Do you have a good title to you church property?
 8. How many members in your Church?

Signatures of the deacons of the congregation for which applicationis being made:
(Signed)      (Signed)

Endorsement of Presbytery’s Committeeman and Chairman of Home Missions:

 The foregoing application for $ ________, to be paid from the Chandler Church and Manse Fund,
has my approbal.

__________________  __________________
__________________  __________________
__________________  __________________
Presbytery    Presbysterines

                 Box 186
                 Rolling Fork Mississippi
                 June 11,1940

Rev. C.N. Ralston,
Ripley, Mississippi.

My Dear Mr. Ralston,
  I have your letter befor me and i am indeed happy to hear from you and te know that the
friends in the Chalybeate Church are planning to rebuild their church, or rather to repair it.
  This letter is being sent in copy to Rev. G.M. Smiley, Committeeman from your
Presbytery, and Rev. Chas. L.Smith, of Ripley, Your Presbytery’s Chairman of Home Missions.  By the
action of the Synod at McComb, Mississippi, last fall, Chandler Fund calls can be made only after they are
apporved by the Committee representative and the Chairman of the Presbytery’s Home Mission Committee;
and then the calls for aid must be met in the order in which they are filed.  (Min. of Syn., page 761,
recommendation 6).
  I am enclosing an Application Blank which you will please fill out and send to the above
two gentleman for their approval.  Sent it first, the the Rev. G.M. Smiley and then to Rev Chas. Smith of
  In the case of erecting a building, the calls should be for any amount up to $200.00
according to the need; and where there is unusual need, calls should be for not more than $300.00.  In the
matter of repairs an allowance of $50.00 would be granted in ordinary cases, and as much as $100.00 in
necessity demand it.
  If the above mentioned gentleman approve your application, it will be honored as soon as
the money is made availabe by the people of the Synod of Mississippi.  I cannot say when that will be.  We
have had three applications for help in the amount of $200.00, $300.00, $300.00 respectively.  We will mail
check for the $200.00 on about July 1.  A second call will go out in July for other two, and on the basis of
the present response we will do well to take care of the second application before October or November,
when the third call will be made, and maybe not till the first call for 1947.

  You see Synod set a goal of 1000 subscribers for the Fund which would mean $1000 for
each call sent out to Synod and this would take care of all applications to date including the one you plan to
make.  Instead of 1000 subscribers, I have received 185 subscribers.  Most of these have come from
Centeral Mississippi, a goodly number each from Mississippi, and North Mississippi, a few from Meridian,
and from all of East Mississippi Presbytery, I have received one (1) subscriber.  frankly, I don not
understand the situation.  If you will look at the schedule of quotas, you will readily see that none of them
are exheritant.  It looks as if the Synod of Mississippi does not plan to carry out its own program.  Please
pray earnestly for the causes when i send out the call in July.

  I am closing the application blank which you will please fill out and mail to Mr. Smiley for
his approval, and he in turn will mail it on to Mr. Smith who will send it to me.  Then you may resassured
that when the money is made available by the the gifts of the people, Chaleybeate will surely receive her
check from the Funds.
CC/ Rev. G.M. Smily,   O.M.Auber, Chm. and Treas.
Rev. Chas.T.Smith

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