Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1915 through 1936


DANIEL, ALBERT (041030) died recently, age 38/buried at Flat Rock/daughter, Sarah Ruth is 14.

DANIEL, DORA (011729) died Dec. 4/buried at Pleasant Ridge/born April 30, 1893/wife of Caloway Daniel and daughter-in-law of Mrs. Carra Daniel.

DANIEL, E.W. (111622) died last week at Blue Mountain, age 84/buried there/his children are scattered.

DANIEL, MRS. FRANCES GRAY (013129) died recently, age 78/buried at Blue Mountain/widow of Edd W. Daniel/children are Mrs. Charles Godwin, Mrs. Myrtle Strawn of Memphis, Mrs. Cassie Larson of Idaho, Mrs. Verna Larson of Florida, Mrs. Falba Taylor of Hattiesburg, Wayburn Daniel of Kentucky, Warren Daniel of South Miss. and Vera Daniel of Memphis.

DANIEL, GRANDMA (032719) died Tuesday, age 94/buried at Dumas/mother of Jim, George, Mrs. Lizzie Hall, Mrs. Dollie Davis.

DAVENPORT, ETHEL (031523)died recently at Falkner, age 30/daughter of F.L. Davenport.

DAULD, FRED L. (060320) died March 19/buried at Enon Cem./leaves two sisters and brothers and his father.

DAVIS, A.B. (052627) lives at the Old Soldiers Home at Beauvoir, near Biloxi, age 83/served in the CSA from Alabama/married Nancy Milligan of Ripley/has two sons and a daughter.

DAVIS, CLIFFORD (091130) died Aug. 28, age 19/buried at Lebanon/son of Price Davis/married Pauline Wilbanks a year ago.

DAVIS, DAVE (102622) died recently at Blytheville, Ark., age 46/son of late E.C. Davis and a brother to Henry Davis/leaves wife and 5 children.

DAVIS, EUGENE (042518) killed in France on Saturday, the first Ttppah Countian killed in action in WW I/son of Mrs. Dorothy Davis and a brother to John S. Davis, Oval B. Davis, Henry E. Davis/his father died sixteen years ago/a sister is Mrs. B.T. Bradford.

DAVIS, DAUGHTER OF LUNSFORD (081722) died Aug. 10, age 4.

DAVIS, GREEN (052230) died Sunday, age 82/buried at Antioch/father of Henry, Frank, Robert, Mrs. Ida Jones (Blytheville, Ark.)/brother to John Davis, Mrs. Adaline Bryant, Mrs. Millie Bryant.

DAVIS, MRS. GREEN (110817) died Tues./buried at Antioch.

DAVIS, JIM (121317) died Monday/buried at Antioch/son of Dan Davis/leaves wife and 5 children.

DAVIS, JOHN (091331) died Friday, age 91/buried at Antioch/CSA vet/wife and one child is dead/son: Y. Davis.

DAVIS, JOHN TAYLOR (050130) died Feb. 7/born May 23, 1846/married to Nannie Goad at 24/had 11 children/wife died April 12, 1926/children are John, George (Rienzi), Mrs. Emma Mitchell (Red Banks), Marshall (Hughes, Ark), Raymond.

DAVIS, MRS. LAURA (042535)died recently/buried at Rucker/nee Shaw/wife of G.A. Davis/leaves one child by a former marriage.

DAVIS, LIONEL (070528) suicide at Blue Mountain Tuesday, age 22/son of Hoon Davis/brother to Troy, J.T., Milton, Noverta, Marie/nephew of L.D. Adair.

DAVIS, MARION C. (092822) died Aug. 9 at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas/raised in Tippah, but moved in 1915 with his brother, Joe H. Davis, to Ark./leaves wife and four children.

DAVIS, MRS. N.J. (041223) died recently in Benton County, age 83/ buried at New Hope/sister to J.W. Lowrey of Ripley.

DAVIS, MRS. REBECCA JANE (060436) died Tues., age 67/buried at Lowry/wife of Jerry Davis/mother of Edgar, Jesse, Irvin, Mrs. Myrtle Blythe.

DAVIS, ROBERT ELTON (031622) died Jan. 5/born Sept. 25, 1921, son of E.Y. Davis.

DAVIS, THOMAS H. (102429) died Friday/buried at Pleasant Ridge/adopted son: Paul/other children: Lunsford, Cornelius, Lytle, Ruth, Mrs. Leland McBrayer of Camp Creek, Mrs. Wes Nelson of Wheeler, Mrs. J.W. Chism of Wheeler, Mrs. W.E. Chism of Wheeler, Mrs. J.L. Chism of Weeler.

DAY, MRS. MARY C. (101525)died Thursday, age 82/buried at Blue Mt./a widow 27 years/mother of Doss, Jim, Mrs. Henry Stubbs, Mrs. W.C. Graves, Lillie Day.

DAZEY, NATHAN A. dec (unumbered PR) 1. Will made July 11, 1859. Wife: Eliza Dazey. Oldest son: Nathan L. Dazey. Other children: Jasper N. Dazey, Benjamin F. Dazey, Sarah Dazey. Executors: Nathan L. Dazey and Marshall Duncan.

DECANTER, BETTIE (012517) died Jan. 18, age 50/buried at Antioch/leaves husband and two sisters/aunt of M.S. Lindsey.

DEEGAN, MRS. E.E. (030536) died Friday at New Albany, age 20/daughter of Edd McAlister of New Albany/ mother is older sister of C.M. Daniel of Ripley/ brother is Dan McAlister of Indianola/ sisters are Virginia of New Albany and Julia of Memphis.

DEEN, BARRS (032835> died Wed., age 45/ buried at Blue Mountain/son of George W. Deen/never married/brother to Pearl and Joe L. Deen of Cress, Texas, of Mrs. Will Hill, Onie, Ellis, and Hubert Deen of Memphis, Mrs. Henry Meggenson of Myrtle, Otho Deen of Corinth, and Mrs. Lester Jones, Mrs. Oliver Mattox, Mattie Lou.

DEEN, MRS. ALVIE (121929) died Saturday/buried in Pontotoc Co./wife of Alvie Deen, whom she married 3 years ago/was married first to a Walker who died/leaves children by first marriage.

DEEN, ELIJAH LEE (010533) died Dec. 27, 1932/son of Sam Deen/born Feb., 1915.

DEEN, MRS. EUGENIA THOMAS (030630) died recently, age 35/buried at Blue Mountain/born in North Carolina/wife of Willie Deen/leaves husband and a brother.

DEEN, JIM (042525) died April 12/buried at Blue Mountain/wife dead 25 years/daughter is Mrs. Etta Crouch of Indianola, Ms./leaves two sisters and a brother.

DEEN, MRS. LILA (082323-090623) died August 23/born Dec. 9, 1880, daughter of Ira South/married Alvie Deen on March 30, 1902/leaves a son and a daughter.

DEEN, MRS. LILLIE (070925) died Fri./ buried in Union Cem./age 31/daughter of J.H. Graves/married Sam Deen 16 years ago/leaves a son and daughter and her husband/one child is dead.

DEES, ABE SR. (061335) died Monday, age 79/buried at Lebanon/children are Mrs. Mary Kitchens of Booneville, J.T. Dees, Mark Dees, A. Dees, Mrs. Minnie Johnson of Corinth, S.H. Dees of Rienzi, G.H. Dees of New Albany/also leaves a brother.

DEES, CHILD OF A. (070418) died Tues., age 2/buried at Lebanon/grandchild of Abe Dees and J.V. Gossett.

DEES, DUG (012517) died Jan. 22 at the home of his nephew, Abe Dees, at Silver Springs/was 90 last November/wife died 6 years ago/aged brother, Mark Dees, lives at Jonesboro/buried in Dees cemetery.

DEES, M.J. DEC (PR469) 1. Petition for letters by L. D. Dees, Jan. 15, 1879. M.J. Dees died July 13, 1878. 2. Citation to Mrs. Jane Saugs of DeSoto Co., Miss.  3. Citation to L. Dow Stewart and Emma Stewart, minors, of Tippah, Feb. 9, 1886. 4. Citation to M.A. Dees, Elizabeth Brock, Missouri Chambers, Samp Dees, Abe Dees, Isabella Smith, Mark Dees Jr., Bettie Jeter, George Ann Mauney, Mary Hastings, all of Tippah, Feb. 9, 1886. 5. Citation to Caroline Cheeves of Prentiss Co., Feb. 9, 1886. 6. Citation to Isabella Kremer of Prentiss Co., Feb. 9, 1886.

DEES, MARK (031126) died Thursday, age 87/buried at Campground/CSA vet/was married 66 years to his wife, who survives/son: W.J. Dees/also leaves two daughters in Alcorn Co., a daughter in Calhoun County, and a daughter in DeSoto County.

DEES, MRS. MARK (120827) died today, age 85/buried at Campground/mother of Will J. Dees.

DELK, EVA RAY (080427) died recently/born Hardemon Co., Tenn., Aug. 28, 1888/was married 4 years ago to George Delk/leaves parents, 4 sisters, 1 brother.

DICKERSON, CHILD OF CHARLIE (100434)died at birth on Thursday.

DICKERSON, MRS. FRANK (031820) died recently at Blue Mountain/daughter of G.W. Evans, formerly of Alcorn Co./leaves husband and three children/her mother has since died/buried at Blue Mountain.

DICKERSON, HAYDEN (072424) died May 5/born Aug. 31, 1910/buried at Sikeston, Missouri/nephew of Evalina Rowland of Tiplersville.

DICKERSON, HOMER (123026) killed Wed., age 18/unmarried.

DICKERSON, MILDRED VICTORIA (093116) died Saturday, age 2/buried at Jacobs chapel.

DICKERSON, WILLIAM (010820) died recently at Greenwood, age 25/buried at Blue Mt./son of Mrs. Samuel Allen Godwin/brother to Lacey Dickerson of New Orleans and Mrs. William Lon Robertson/mother Mrs. Cora Dickerson.

DIXON, J.C. JR. (011029) died recently at the home of his grandfather, Frank L. Dunnam, of Blue Mountain, age 5/buried at Oxford/son of Cliff Dixon of Oxford.

DICKSON, RIPPLE (012027) died Sunday/buried at Blue Mt./infant dau. of F.T. Dickson of Ripley.

DILLARD, JOSH (111115) suicide yesterday/ buried at Antioch/leaves wife (a daughter of Elisha Bryant) and 7 children.

DILLINGER, MRS. RUFUS (101624) died Thurs., age 68/buried at Christian Church near her home.

DIXON, A. W. JR. (072424) died Tues., age 2/buried at Ripley.

DIXON, J.C. (081325) died Thursday, age 78/buried at Wheeler Grove Cem. in Alcorn Co./born in Alabama/moved to Itawamba Co., Miss., with his wife and three children/moved to Ripley from Alcorn Co. in 1924/his wife is 80/a son, Lee Dixon, is dead/living are Orlander of Corinth, Matt and Joe of Kossuth, Forney, Bat, and Felie of Ripley.

DIXON, LEANDER (010825) died Tuesday at Corinth, age 47/buried at Kossuth/was a brother to A.W. Dixon/was the first of the eight children of J.C. Dixon/leaves wife, parents, 5 children.

DIXON, MRS. NORA (033016) died March 15, age 22/was married July 27, 1909, to Bat Dixon/children are Vera May (age 6), Beatrice (age 4), Hannah Lee (age 2)/ also leaves 3 brothers, 4 sisters, and parents.

DODDS, THOMAS dec (PR657) Thomas Dodds died 1867. Heirs: 1. Nancy Margaret West and her husband, George West, Elizabeth Henson and her husband James Henson, Thomas Dodds and L.A. Dodds, minors, all children of J.M. Dodds dec of Tippah County. 2. Martha A. Dodds, widow of Thomas G. Dodds, and her children G.B. Dodds, Loyd Dodds, Margaret Dodds, and Thomas Dodds, all of Tippah. 3. Martin N. Meeks and Avaline Kennedy (wife of William Kennedy), J.T. Meeks, and F.P. Meeks of Tippah. 4. Minor Gatlin (husband of Abigail Gatlin) and his children Martha M. Gatlin, Felix Gatlin, Mary F. Gatlin, Amanda B. Gatlin, and Gatlin all of Austin, Texas. 5. Nancy T. Clifton of Chewalla, Tn.  6. K.M. Dodds of Purdy, Tenn., Tabitha A. Miller, wife of L.D. Miller of Saulsbury, Tenn. 8. Martha A. Cowards, wife of W.B. Cowards of Tennessee. 9. James M. Dodds of Fla. 10. Martha Dodds, widow of Thomas Dodds, of Saulsbury, Tennessee.

DOLLAR, MITCHELL (042424) died Feb. 17, age 2/son of Sam Dollar.

DOTY, MRS. T.B. (06-1926) died June 23/age 39/married Aug. 31, 1902/buried at State Line Cem./cousin to Carmen Dowry.

DOUGLAS, MRS. MARY (050819-052219) died April 27/buried at Shady Grove/born March 16, 1851/mother-in_law of H.P. Tigret/leaves 3 daus and 1 son.

DOWTY, CARMEN (052329) died May 13/wife of O.L. Dowry, whom she married in 1910/daughter of Lina Phillips of Falkner/age 39/leaves 2 children.

DOWTY, JUANITA (041316) died March 25, age 1 yr 6 mo 24 days/buried at State Line Cem./dau. of W.F. Dowty/cousin to Mary Kennamore.

DOWTY, WALTER (010335) died Dec. 10/buried State Line/born Feb. 5, 1889/married Gynn Rossen, 1912/had four children, 2 are dead/leaves a sister and a brother.

DRENNON, MRS. MELISSA(012428) died Jan. 16, age 65/buried at Rucker/died in the County Home.

DREWERY, MRS. BUD (122227) died Tues./age 75/buried at Providence/husband survives, as does a son, John.

DREWERY, JOE (011636) died Jan. 10/buried at Ebenezer/son of Will Drewery/leaves wife and three children.

DREWERY, L. (020222) died Sept. 21, age 71/leaves wife 4 sons, 2 daughters.

DREWERY, MRS. LUCY (012721-021021) died at Memphis Tues, age 60/sister to J.T. Conner/a widow for many years/leaves six children.

DREWERY, MRS. MARY ELIZABETH JONES (042628) died recently/born Aug. 26, 1852/married in 1870 to W.G. Drewery/ had two children who died/5 children are living/ granddaughters are Inezand Mabel Mathis.

DREWERY, MRS. SARAH FRANCES (033022) died last week, age 72/buried at Providence/widow of Elias Dxewery/sister to Mrs. Bugler Ray (dec) and John D. Hopper Sr.

DREWERY, SOPHRONIA ELIZABETH (110525) died June 12/buried at Tiplersville/born March 6, 1860, nee Mace/married to P.W. Drewery at age 17/had one son and seven daughters/leaves husband and six children/brothers are J.R. Mace of Lelia Lake, Texas, and W.C. Mace of Sulphur Springs, Texas/daughter is Mrs. A.H. Tomlinson.

DREWERY, W.G. (040732) died recently at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Turner Mathis, age 83/brother to Mack Drewery of Oklahoma and Charlie Drewery of Essary Springs, Tenn./sister Mrs. Ike Meeks/ wife died 1927/ children are John, Mrs. R.E. Moffitt, Mrs. Hicks Powell, Mrs. Hall Ray, Mrs. H.P. Mathis.

DREWERY, WILLIAM M. dec (PR123) l. Petition for sale, Nov. 22, 1870. Drewery died 1863, leaving a widoow Julia P. Drewery, and children named Charlotte M., K.L., and W.J. Drewery, all of Alcorn Co., Miss. 2. Petition for letters of admin. by Julia P. Drewery, Dec. 21, 1869. Drewery died 1862. His children are Charlotte (age 16), Martha M. (age 14), Kezzia L. (age 12), Mahaly E. (age 10), Hannah E. (age 8) and William J. (age 7). Mahaly and Hannah are dead.

DREWERY, MRS. WOODIE (061825) died Friday, age 65/buried at Tiplersville.

DREWERY, WOODIE (033127-042127) died March 27, age 74/buried at Providence/born Feb. 27, 1853/married Sophronia Elizabeth Mace at age 20/she died on June 12, 1925/children are Mrs. Virdie Tomlinson, Mrs. Virgie Floyd, Mrs. Little Renfro, Mrs. Ara McCoy (Pensacola Fla), Mrs. Eula Stewart (Memphis), Mrs. Manning McDonald/was a brother to Dud, Charlie, M.C. (Oklahoma), Mrs. Ike Meeks, Mrs. George Hopper.

DREWERY, V.B. (012727) died July, 1926, age 2/son of Charlie/leaves parents, 3 brothers, 1 sister.

DRUMMONS, MRS. MARTHA ALICE (041625) died at Lindsey, Oklohoma, on April 5, age 68/wife of John W. Drummonds/mother of Bessie and Jesse and Fred A. Drummonds of Tippah/sister to Bud Sanford, Julius Sanford, Mrs. Margaret Sanford of Okla., and of Carroll Sanford, Mrs. Jane Cox, and Mrs. Julie Daniel of New Albany.

DUNCAN FAMILY (ment. 102236) Elcana Duncan came from Tennessee. Was married to Sarah Anne Braddock, who came to Tippah County from South Carolina with her uncle. Their children were Mrs. Lucy Wilbanks, Mrs. Mellie Nabors (dec), Mrs. Mattie Elliott, Frank Duncan (dec), Allen Duncan (dec), Cora Duncan (dec), Fate Duncan (dec), and Bob Duncan (dec).

DUNCAN, MISS ALICE (051635) died Sat., age 68/buried at Providence/sister to Mrs. W.B. Tomlinson, Mrs. T. Wilbanks, Linnie Duncan.

DUNCAN, MRS. BENNIE (032432) died April 18, 1931/buried at Liberty Cem./wife of Edgar L. Duncan of Michigan City/married on Dec. 17, 1893/children are Avice, Johnnie, George of Memphis, Earl, Mrs. Ralph McGill, Freeman of Ashland.

DUNCAN, BOB (091731) died Thursday/buried at Pleasant Hill/brother to P.L. and Allen Duncan and Mrs. Tom Wilbanks and Mrs. Mattie Elliott/father of Joe, Dewey, Mitchell, Owen, Nannie, and Mrs. Carrie Roebuck.

DUNCAN, J. FRANK (071730) died Sat., age 65/buried at Pleasant Hill/bro. to Fayette, Bob, Allen, Mrs. Mattie Elliott, Mrs. Lucy Wilbanks/father of Lonnie, Hughey, Talmadge, Herman, Jim, Mrs. Lester Cox, Mrs. Luther Jordan, Mrs. Luther Jordan, Mrs. Roy Clemmer.

DUNCAN, MRS. JANE (052428) died Sun., age 76/buried at Pleasant Hill/siser to Mrs. Mary Carry, who died 12 hours earlier/mother of W.M. Duncan, Finnes Duncan, and Mrs. Addie Sanford (Okla).

DUNCAN, JESSE LEE (060618) died Thurs. age 28/unmarried/buried at Pleasant Hill/son of Frank Duncan.

DUNCAN, JOHN F. (060232) died May 27 at Little Rock Ark., age 65/husbund of Lillie Cossitt/father of Modene Duncan/native of Tippah/wife is a daughter, of E.W. Cossitt and is a sister to Mrs. J.H. Nance of Ripley/buried Mullens Chapel Cem. on the Walnut Grove Road.

DUNCAN, JOHNNIE LEON (O22625)died Feb. 16/buried at State Line Cem./ daughter of John Duncan.

DUNCAN, MARSHALL DEC (unnumbered PR) 1. Citation Oct. 22, 1866, to Mary E. Garrett and her husband, Joseph Garrett, R.A. Duncan, J.B. Duncan, S.J. Duncan, N.M. Duncan. Cynthia Duncan, admin.

DUNCAN, MRS. MOLLIE COX (091521) died Sept. 18, age 47/buried at Pleasant Hill/wife of G.F. Duncan/children are Lillian, Lowrey, and Ernest Duncan.

DUNCAN, NOAH DEC (PR539) 1. Petition Jan. 3, 1881. Duncan died Oct., 1877. Widow: Elizabeth Duncan. Children are A. Jeff Duncan, Martha Duncan, John Duncan, Mattie Duncan.

DUNCAN, ONETA (071818) died Fri., age 15/buried at Rucker/third child of M.C. Duncan to die.

DUNCAN, ORAN (110718) died in France on Sept. 28/son of James and Anny Duncan.

DUNCAN, MRS. REBECCA (122320) died Oct. 12 age 84/buried at Providence.

DUNCAN, MRS. W.H. (090424) died Monday/buried at New Hope/nee Lucy Wier/widow.

DUNCAN, WILLIAM ORAN (052020-061020)SEE ORAN DUNCAN ABOVE. killed in France while serving in the Army, Sept., 1918/buried in National Cemetery at Corinth, Miss./ has brothers and sisters in Oklahoma/son of James Duncan of Ripley.

DUNNAM, MRS. ANN (062922) died Sat. at the home of her son-in-law, W.A. Benefield/buried at Prospect/wife of J.T. Dunnam.

DUNNAM, EDNA (010329) died Sunday, age 18/buried at Fellowship/daughter of Ellis Dunnam and grandchild of F.L. Dunnam.

DUNNAM, FRANK L. (030536) died Sunday at Blue Mountain, age 79/married Katie Carter 50 years ago/children are Mrs. Hugh Smith, Mrs. Smith Daniel of New Albany, Mrs. Lee Dansby of New Albany, Mrs. Clarence Box of Bethany, Mo., Mrs. Maude Williams, Mrs. J.C. Dixon, Ellis Dunnam, Jesse Dunnam of Bethany, Mo., James Dunnam of Oklahoma, and Luther Dunnam of Oklahoma.

DUNNAM, JIM (010230) died Dec. 19, age 82/buried at New Prospect/uncle of Frank L. Dunnam/father of Lee (Chickasha, Okla), Tom, Mrs. Will Benefield/daughter, Mrs. Will Smith, is dead.

DUNNAM, MURRY (020718) died Fri., age 2/buried at Prospect/son of Tom.

DURHAM, FAY HOLMES (092833) suicide at Memphis Wednesday, age 38/was married to May, daughter of J.L. Street.

DURHAM, MRS. STANLEY (121317) died last night at Blue Mountain.

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