Gambrell Family Bible
This information was provided by  by Doug Gambrell

Brief History:

My ancestors are George Vaughn and Sarah A. (Williams) Gambrell, who migrated to Tippah County from Anderson County, South Carolina in between 1842-1845 or so. They were accompanied by George's brother, John Bruton Gambrell and his family. No one knows why they pulled up stakes and left, let alone together as a group, but they did.

My great grandpa, the Rev. David E. M. Gambrell, was the fourth child out of five, and the only son, of George and Sarah. The last four children were all born in Tippah. I am looking for information on these children, but in the meantime, I have a small amount of information I would like to share.

The Rev. DEM grew up and married a Miss Zollie Morgan, born 10 December 1861 near New Albany, Mississippi. They were married sometime around 1890 or so. They lived together until 1943.

One of the Rev. DEM's sons, Leon Mason Gambrell, was my grandfather. He was born in Fordyce, Arkansas, on 3 January 1891. I have his old Bible. In it, there are factual details, as well as notes of first names and dates that are either birth dates, marriage anniversaries, or such, but I do not know which.

The Bible itself is an interesting old volume, with introductory chapters on the history and derivation of names, terms and events in the passages, scriptures, and also old maps and photographs of the Holy Land. It is not in great shape, with evident water damage and split from use and age, but it is a treasure nevertheless.

It is called, "The New Indexed Bible," which "alphabetically indexes and combines the studies of Biblical Biography, Geography, History, Theology, the Cardinal Virtues, Moral Philosophy, and Character Building." It is further "illustrated with a large number of photographs of places of Biblical events as they appear to-day; making a Sacred Album for every home."

It was published in 1909 & 1913 by the John A. Dickson Publishing Company, of Chicago, Illinois.

It begins with an inscription by my grandfather,

"This Bible was given me
by my preacher father at
my ordination in
Tahlequah, Oklahoma,
September, 1913.
(I was licensed to
preach by the Heber
Springs, Arkansas,
Baptist Church, in
December 1908.)

It continues with a detailed drawing of a large cabinet labeled "Chart No. 1 The Divine Library" over a crucifix and the date, "B.C. 400 A.D." and the following labels on the shelves of the cabinet:

Old Testament-
Historical Books
Poetical Books
The Prophets

New Testament-
History & law
Law Executed
The Epistles
(Tells of the Home, of the Soul)

Following Chapter 4 of the Book of Malachi, there is an insert section containing a marriage certification for Leon Mason Gambrell and Beatterice Brown, married in Shawnee Oklahoma on the 6th day of August, in 1917. Witnesses were the Mother of the Bride: Mrs. Anna M. Brown, a Mr. George E. McKinnis, a Mrs. J. H. Fisher, and my great grandfather, D. E. Gambrell.

At the bottom of the page is the notation: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh." Gen. 11.24

In the following pages is a brief family history, which for many years is all I had, until recently. This contains the names of the Bride and Groom, their parents, and their parents' parents. It reads as follows, starting with the grandfather of the Groom:

Groom's Father's Parents:
George Gambrell
born 14 Nov 1813 - Columbia, South Carolina
died 18 Feb 1862 - Ripley, Mississippi
Sarah A. Williams
born 12 Sept 1817 - Anderson, South Carolina
died 14 July1877 - Ripley, Mississippi

Groom's Mother's Parents:
Thomas Paton Morgan
born 1808 - Sulphur Springs, Texas
died 1873 - Holly Springs, Mississippi
Susan Jeannette Ferguson
born 15 Dec 1824 - Virginia
died  Feb 1890 - Camden, Arkansas

Bride's Father's Parents:
Thomas Lytle Brown
born 14 April 1833 - Georgia
died 20 Oct 1903 - Lamar, Missouri
Louisa Cecelia Stephens
born 8 Dec 1836 - Munro County, Tennessee
died 15 July 1915 - Lockwood, Missouri

Bride's Mother's Parents:
Maxville Mitchell
born 6 Jan 1824 - Warren County, Tennessee
died 30 Jan 1863 - Forsythe, Arkansas
Rachel Foster
born 4 Sept 1824 - Warren County, Tennessee
died 9 Dec 1913 - Greenfield, Missouri

Groom's Parents:
Rev. D.E. Gambrell
born 5 Feb 1851 - near Ripley, Mississippi
died 6 Feb 1943 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Miss Zollie Morgan
born 10 Dec 1861 - near New Albany, Mississippi
died 21 Jan 1943 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bride's Parents:
Thomas L. Brown
born 5 April 1862 - Tennessee
died 25 Feb 1916 - Wetumka, Oklahoma
to Miss Anna Mitchell
born 13 Sept 1862 - Dade County, Missouri
died Dec 1956 - Guthrie, Oklahoma

Bride and Groom:
Leon M. Gambrell
born 3 Jan 1891 - Fordyce, Arkansas
died 1973 - Tampa, Florida
Beatterice Brown
born 12 April 1892 - Lockwood, Missouri
died 28 April 1939 - Shawnee, Oklahoma

Beatterice and Leon had two children:

Thomas Leon
born 28 April 1918 in Muskogee, OK


David Edwin Gambrell (my father)
born 18 Oct 1923 - Stamford, TX
died 23 May 2001 - Kansas City, MO

In addition to this factual information, there is a blank page with Leon's writing which lists several names of (I believe) his siblings and their birth dates, plus additional names and scattered dates I cannot identify:

Jan. 3 - Leon
Feb. 5 - Papa
Feb 26 - Vonnie G.
March 3 - Earl
March 12 - Carl
Sept 9 - Dee
Sept 19 - Grady
Dec 10 - Mamma
Dec 14 - Guy


Anna - July 5 (Beatterice's mother)
Mabel - June 4
Guy - Nov
Margaret - Oct
Pearl - July
Fern - April
Violet- April
Douglas - June 12


Clyde - May 11 (Beatterice's brother)
Bertha - Aug 14
Clyde Thomas - Mar 14


That's all of the family information. Finally, Leon left behind several of his sermons in the back of the old book, ranging from "Christmas is personal," to "Caleb the conqueror" to "Love's waste" to "Why men are saved" and "Equipped for service."

One line is especially beautiful:
"They tell me the story of Jesus is old and they ask that we pr something new, . . . Yes the story is old as the sunlight is old But its new evry morn just the same As it floods the whole world with its glad & light Kindling far away stars with its flame."

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