Gullett Family Bible Records


Father's Father:  John H. Gullett, no birth or death dates given.
Father's Mother: Elizabeth Vandiver, no birth or death dates given.
Mother's Father:   Joseph Ellic Williamson,
Mother's Mother: Nanny Prentiss.


 Father:  John Allen Reese Gullett,  b. 29 Oct.,1871, Tippah Co., d. March 15, 1931, Tupelo.
 Mother: Mattie Elizabeth Williamson Gullett, b.09 Jan., 1873,  Tippah, d. May 15, 1941, Baldwyn, MS.
 Marriage date:  10 Dec., 1891 at S.D. Prentice's by Gabrell Landers.


Cora Elizabeth Gullett, b. 16 Oct., 1892, Tippah Co., d. ? (no date), m. Sumter Gamble, August (no further date info given)
Emma Gullett, b. 20 May, 1895, d. 24 Feb., 1958, m. Tommie  Stanford, December (no further date info
There's also another name written in just above Emma's, with no further information: "Florence Lau -"  ?
Hughie Lafaette Gullett, b.29 Jun 1898, Union Co., d. November 1961, m. Annie Jones, June 15/17.  No year date given.
Maudia Viola Gullett, b. 30 Mar, 1900, Prentiss Co., d. (no date given), m. Will Lee Wallis.
Rosie Lee Gullett, b. 05 May 1902, Prentiss Co., d. (no date), m. Bon Outlaw.
Ella Mable Gullett, b. 29 Mar 1904, Prentiss Co., d. 14 Oct., 1922, m. Theron Lessel.
Sylva Clitee Gullett, b. 30 Jan., 1906, Prentiss Co., d. 23 Feb., 1969, m. Marvin Stanford on 07 Feb., 1925.
Alma Virginia Gullett, b. 11 Oct., 1908, Prentiss Co., d. 1940, m. Smallwood Clark.
Elvira Gullett, b. 20 Dec., 1910 Prentiss Co., d. (no date given), m. Alfred Walters in 1925.
Hazel Keron Gullett, b. 26 Jan, 1912, Prentiss Co., d. (no date given),  m. Pascal Boatner.

The death date for my grandmother, Hazel Gullett was May 1980, Lee Co.,Tupelo, MS.
Marriage date for Hazel and John Pascal "JP" Boatner is 19 October,1930, Union Co.,MS.

These Family Bible records were donated by:
M. Leigh Boatner Dillard
620 Highland Circle
Tupelo, MS 38801

Special Notes by the submitter:
My grandfather, John Pascal Boatner, husband of  Hazel Keron Gullett,
recently handed down an old, large bible to me advising that it was my
grandmother's father's bible.  He was a preacher.  I have not officially verified
any of these dates.  The bible is Wilmore's New Analytical Reference
Bible, printed New York, 1907, by J. A. Wilmore and Co., Henry F. Giere,
It contains "Four Individual Aids to the Proper Study of the Word of
God:  The Holy Bible, with marginal notes and anlytical references, the
Comprehensive Bible Helps, arranged in alphabetical order, The Whole
Bible Arranged In Subjects, and Cruden's Concordance to the Bible.  It
is illustrated with maps and engravings, leather bound with gold
printing on the binding.


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