The John Ira Hopkins Family Bible

John Ira and Maggie John Ira Hopkins Children

This Bible belonged to Margaret Emaline McIntyre Hopkins wife of John Ira Hopkins, the family lived in Walnut, MS on what is now Hopkins Road. 


John Ira Hopkins born 23 June 1872
Margaret Emaline McIntyre Hopkins born 11 July 1873
Annie Victoria Hopkins born 4 Jan 1895
William Nuteon Hopkins born 19 Nov 1896
Lillie May Hopkins born 18 May 1898
Mary Mac Hopkins born 9 Sept 1901
John Lee Hopkins born 15 July 1905
Samuel T. Hopkins born 13 April 1908
Sperrie Manning and Zilpha Maude Hopkins born 17 Sept 1910
Maggie Sue Hopkins born 26 Feb 1916
John Ira Hopkins to Maggie E. McIntrye Jan 26, 1893
Annie V. Hopkins to M. S. Ray Aug 18, 1915
Lillie May Hopkins to G. W. Groves July 8, 1925
John Lee Hopkins to Bamma Hearrel Sept 18, 1927
Mary Mac Hopkins to Claude Smith Dec. 22, 1929
Sam Hopkins to Naomi Mohundro Nov 30, 1933
Sperrie Hopkins to Ada Little Dec 21, 1935
Zilpha Hopkins to S. D. Orman Aug 1, 1936
Maggie Sue Hopkins to Rex Brower April 1, 1939
Ellen Orman to Bill Martin Jan 6, 1962
Don Orman to Tish Mann June 6, 1970
(The previous two were added by Zilpha Hopkins Orman.)
William Nuteon Hopkins died April 24, 1897
Annie V. Hopkins Ray died Nov 17, 1926
Mary Mac Hopkins Smith died Jan 28, 1931
Jess Peeler McIntyre died Aug. 12, 1947 (*He was Maggie's brother.)
John Ira Hopkins died June 17, 1948
Maggie M. Hopkins died Sept 14, 1960
John Lee Hopkins

This Bible Record was submitted by Ellen Martin, granddaughter of Maggie and Ira Hopkins.  Pictures provided by Melissa McCoy-Bell, great grandaughter of Maggie and Ira. 

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