Hubbard Family Bible
submitted by:  Geneva (Holly) Lewis

This bible belong to my Grandmother Geneva Georgia Ellen Josephine Haney.  Her first husband was W.H. Heathcock married January 1, 1927. She was born April 5,1909. They  had one child Earnest Alvin Heathcock born March 20,1930. W. H. Heathcock, he died  December 9,1930 of a heartattack.She then married my grandfather Lindsey Jessie Henry Robert Hubbard on Sept 10, 1934. They lived at Drycreek the Prentiss and Tippah line.  All their children was born in Tippah County but one as to what is in her records.

Their children are:

Henry Elton Hubbard
Flora Ellen Hubbard born May 211937 died Jan 24,2004
Verda May Hubbard
 Mary Ruth Hubbard born June 5 1940 died July 8 1941
 Martha Fay Hubbard
 James Arther Hubbard
 Robert Lee Hubbard
Lindsey J.H.R. Hubbard died Dec 14 1949
John Lee Hubbard  died Dec 12 1949  ( Lindsey's 1/2 Brother)
Jessie Curtis died March 30 1964 ( Geneva's baby sister)
Billy Ray Putt died June 1988 ( Flora's husband)
Annie Hubbard born sept 20 1888 died may 20 1960( Lindsey's sister)
William warren Hubbard born march 8 1855 died may 18 1940

Henry Elton Hubbard married June E Powers Aug 30 1955
Martha Fay Hubbard married Troy Hardy Holley Nov 6 1959
James Arther Hubbard married Mary Fay Wilson April 1 1964
Earnest Alvin Heathcock married Gladie Robbins Dec 10 1949
Flora Ellen Hubbard married J.M.Taylor Jan 2 1954
Verda May Hubbard married Ezra Smith March 2 1954
Geneva Haney married for the 3rd time after the death of her 2nd husband to Oscar Wilson born Oct 1 1901 married on March 29 1952

Other records in the bible are Geneva Haney Father was Joseph Alexsandor Haney Mother was Lou Fanther Her Father's mother was Ellen Moore and her mother's mother was Georgia Oliver Lindsey Hubbard's father was William Warren Hubbard and mother was Sarah Susan (SALLEY) Lane William Warren Hubbard's father was Warren Hubbard and mother was Annie Moore.

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