The Malone Family Bible

These records were submitted by:  Christi Malone
All that remains of this Bible are the personal history pages which appear below.

This Certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
Robert Malone of Walnut, Miss. and Josephine Stanley of Walnut, Miss.
On Jan. 13, 1898 at  her home, By Rev. E.J. Eubanks
Witness: Jess Hollis   Witness: Maggie Jeffries


Bob (Robert) Malone born March 16, 1875
Josephine (Stanley) Malone born Jan. 11, 1880
Davie (David) Elliott Malone born Dec. 3, 1898
F.C. (Fannie Catherine) Malone born Oct. 25, 1902
D.M.M. (Della Madeline) Malone born Oct. 15, 1905
Jobe (Jobie) Noel Malone born March 7, 1909
The little twins were born Jan the 6th of 1912
The little twins Ora Lee and Homer Lee were born Sept. 1, 1915


The little twins died Jan the 7 of 1912
Ora Lee Malone died Oct. 29, 1920, diphtheria
Homer died May 4th 1940, aged 24 years, 8 mos, 4 days.
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