Mr. Smith Butler's Class at Walnut

circa 1913

Students in Mr. Smith Bultler's class at the Walnut School.  First row from left, Leroy Malone, ? Monlone , ? , Nellie Quinn and Lorene Butler.  2nd row, Van Bell, Newtry McCoy, Mr. Butler, ? , Annie Lee Luna, and Leroy Gunn.  3rd row, Lloyd Hopkins, Verner Luna, ? , Charlie Luna, Bertha Bell, Jessie Gunn and Gladys Gunn.  If you can identify any of the question marks, send me an email and I will gladly include their name.

This picture was taken from the Southern Sentinel edition that was published
on Thursday December 22, 1977.  Pictured in the background is the old Walnut School that burned in the 1930's.
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Melissa McCoy-Bell