Church Deed and Rules of Decorum

Baptist Church Deed from Benjamin Page
This Indinture made the 19th November 1842 between Benjamin Page of the county of Tippah
in Mississippi of the one part and the Baptist Church to at Pleasant Hill in said county situated
on the front most quarter of Section 29 in Township of Range 4 East of the other part witnesseth
that the said Page hath given and granted and by these presents doth give and grant unto the said
Baptist Church 5 acres of land in said quarter Section to be laid off so as to include the House
now built for the use of said Church so that the House as it now stands shall be about the North
boundary of said 5 acres said 5 acres to be laid of in a Square and it is further understood that
said 5 acres may be used as a graveyard to that the graveyard is not to extend any further toward
the Spring than where it is now commenced it is further understood that although the paid 5
acres will not take in the Spring yet the Church is to have the use and benefit of the Spring and it
is further understood that this gift is to said so long as the society or church is up at said place
and whenever that may cease said land is again to be the property of the said Page and his heir
and in fact said property is only given for the use of said church graveyard and whenever
abandoned for that purpose the writing is of no effect witness any hand and seal
Witness Hardy W. Stricklin Benjamin Page

The State of Mississippi
Tippah County
Personally appeared before me Daniel Hunt clerk of probate court of said county, Hardy W.
Stricklin the subsigner witness to the foresaid deed who after (unreadable) and said that he saw
the witness named Benjamin Page whose name is subscribed to the foregoing deed sign, seal,
and deliver the same on the day and year, the day and year therein mentioned, that he this
(deportment?) signed in name as a witness thereto in the presence of the said Page and in the
presence of each other on the day and year aforesaid
Given under my hand and the seal of said Court at office the 6th day of July 1847
Daniel Hunt Clerk
The foregoing deed filed for Record the 21st April 1856 and was recorded the 6th of May 1856
Daniel Hunt Clerk
By Eld. Hunt SC

Page 199 Tippah County Deed Book, Book P Page 198 & 199

Rules of Decorum
First each conference shall be opened by prayer by the Moderator
2. A Moderator and clerk shall be chosen at the discretion of the church
3. It shall be the duty of the moderator the keep good order and to enquire for peace and if peace abound in the church invite visiting brethren to seats and open a door for the reception of members and to call for reference he may also use the liberty of speech in debate provided he first call some brother to the chair but shall vote in no case unless the church be equally divided
4. It shall be the duty of the clerk to keep a faithful record of all acts of the church and read the
same when called on to do so
5. But one person shall speak at a time & he shall rise to his feet & address the moderator
6. No member shall be interrupted while speaking unless he departs from the subject or use
personal reflections
7. Every motion made & seconded shall come under consideration unless withdrawn by the
mover & each motion shall be disposed of before is put forward
8. When a question is put those in the affirmation shall signify by holding up their right hands
the affirmation shall be first put & all matters governed by majority unless it is the exception or
dismission of a member which shall be by a unanimous vote of the members present to one
position unless by leave from the moderator & the affiliation of brother and sister shall be used
at all times
9. No members shall speak more than once on a proposition unless buy leave from the moderator
and the appellation of brother and sister shalled be used at all times.(missed)
10. these rules may be altered or ammended at any time when a majority of the church thinks proper to do so
11. Any member deviating from Wise rules in time of conference shall be called to by moderator
& reproved by the church if deemed necessary
12. any member absenting themselves more than three times in succession it shall be the duty of the church to call upon such to give the cause of their absence & the church may act as the case may require

Abstract of principle
1 · We believe in our true and Living God The Father word and holy ghost
2. We believe that the Scriptures of the old and new Testament are the word of god and is the only rule of faith and practice
3. We believe in the doctrine of Election and that god chose his people in Christ before the world began
4. We believe in the doctrine of original Sin
5. We believe in mans incapacity to save himself from the fallen state he is in by nature by his own free will and ability
6. We believe that Sinners are Justified in the sight of god only by the imputed right of Christ
7. We believe that gods elect shall be called converted regineration and sanctified by the holy Spirit.
8. We believe that the Saints shall perserve in grace and never fall finally away
9. We believe that Baptism and the Lordís supper are ordenances of Jesus Christ that true believers are the only subjects to receive it and be we believe the true mode of Baptism is by Immersion
10. We believe in the Resurrection of the dead in general Judgement
11. We believe the punishment of the wicked and joys of the righteous are eternal
12. We believe that no ministers have a right to administer the ordinance of Baptism of such as
have been regularly Baptised called and comes under the impostion of hands by Presbytery
13. We believe that none but regular Baptised members have a right to commune at the Lords Table
14. We believe from Experiences that the missionary society Bible Society Temperance society
Masonic society Sunday School union and Theological Seminaries to make preachers for the
Lord are destructive to the peace and fellowship of the Baptist Churches therefore we will not
fellowship any members in our churches in membership in any of the above named societys(but
all alms deeds any member is at Liberty to give their money provided his does not let his right
hand know what his left hand doeth)
The latter part of the 14th was rejected by an act of the Church
T.J. Cotton
This article was also amended by order of the Church at June
term 1855
see Page 20

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