1/20  first lambs come of our young sheep.

1/21  coldest day this winter  Clear

2/1  I & Charles started to Memphis got there Saturday 4th of Feb purchased some evergreens & Fruit trees got home 7th & planted the shrubery the same day Tuesday

2/13  began my school at the school house  1854 near home  Monday

3/13   Gordon Williams and Sallie Terry   Annie Williams & James Terry went to Mr. Ritchmans'  Mill fishing

Friday, March 17 1854  quit my school

3/31 Sallie Terry   Annie Williams & James Terry went to a dinner given by the scholars of  the Male & Female Academys in Salem in a buggy   Annie rode in the  middle.

Wednesday Feb 22   In the evening here Sunday March 12th 1854 consumation there

4/1 at night at home  Annie Williams spent the night with us

April 5th 1854  began  to plant corn

4/6  at night was siting in the portica after Supper    Mrs. Brown and myself  that we heard  the first Whipporwill

4/15   Gordon Williams & Sallie  Terry Williams & myself went to Ham's Creek fishing  a bad day caught 50 fish

4/16   It snowed & sleeted verry hard

4/17   a white frost this night 1854 Monday 17th a night at I.M. Redus'

4/21   Friday & Saturday  Gordon  John  Alexander Williams  John Robinson & myself went  & 22 deer hunting on the other side Tippah killed four got none camped out

4/24 Annie, John, Nancy, Ma & myself went to Salem trading

4/26 finished planting corn 1854 at this time planted water mellons Peas, Beans  went to  Tippah put in a fish trap camped out one night

5/1  began to planting my cotton   finished Thursday 4th May

5/5 sheared our flock sheep

5/13    Most Awful rain that ever fell water devastation & ruin every where  washed half of  my corn away

5/17 planted over some of my corn that the rain washed out

5/10 John Alex  Gordon William & myself went over Tippah to Murry's hunting   camped at  the fish trap caught some fish at night with hooks made the broom town drive the next  morning

5/11 (my birth day)  went home about 3 o'clock P.M.  Mrs. Brown was at our house

5/7 Annie W  Mary M  Sallie T & myself went from J.H. Machen's in his family carriage to  Bethlehem Preaching by Boswell & Murry   took dinner at Mr Jos Hix's  back to Machin's  2 hours by sun then Annie   Sallie  & myself in buggy with Polk went though Salem  home by half hour by sun Ed R was there when we got there.  Annie stayed all night  with us

5/22 Set out the first drawing of Potatoes slips

5/30 began to hoe my cotton to a stand   it has from 4 to 6 leaves on it

6/17 was at a managerie & Circus Show held in Salem   we all went

6/20 A very heavy reain fall this evening  very warm

6/19 began to lay by corn   Mr. Mill's school was out last Friday  Charlie & Billy are helping  me

7/5 finished laying by super in which I sowed Peas in the drill

7/6 First cotton bloom  formed today in my cotton heard of bloom the 1st of July

7/9 Ma & I went to preaching to Mr. Elliott's Church Pre

7/10  went a hunting over Tippah stayed all night  came home next day by noon

7/3 Set out the last Potaoes slips

7/16 Sallie  Eliza & myself went to J.H. Machen's stayed there last night  Miss A. Williams  was there we went to preaching to Jim Mcd's church  Ann, Eliza & Sallie rode in the carriage with Wit Berry   Mary with me in a buggy 1 hour by sun we came home  Ann   Ed & Wit came with us

7/18 began to Thrash wheat finished

7/21 made 28 bushels toll and all made an entire failure of wheat this year

7/8 Eat the first roasting ear of corn

7/21 Two weeks dry weather up to this   Very dry & warm

7/23    bro Charles & I went to preaching at Piny Grove  Bob B, Newt, Hix Wm Casey John  Gordon were at Mrs. Terry's today

7/25?? A lone star was visible at 1:00 PM the day being a bright clear sunshiney day

7/27 Mr. Pollok & Mys Gloria Cleborne were married today    I did not go

7/28 Went running to Tippah today

8/9 A company went to Aunt Rachels Mayhon's visiting consisting of Bro. John & family.   Ann Williams & sister Sally in two buggys.

7/24 began to get timbers for a stable

8/15 A drouth began

8/10 beautiful moonshine about this time went to preaching last night to Salem  Sister Sally   Eliza  Billy & myself

9/9 first Preaching at the new church by Mr. Lax   I was there

9/16 A quarterly conference meeting began at Mr. Nabor's Church  a great many there   I was not There all that I could name were there

9/14 I was taken sick with fever but got well enough to walk the 4th day

9/21 Started to Ark.. in com. with Mr. Williams & Mr. Shiven.

9/24 Arrived at the Shivers' in Jackson  Co. Ark. 12 miles south of Augusta on white river

10/5 Arrived at Uncle Wm Terry's  9:00 in The morn.

10/16 Left Mr. Shivers' for home with Mr. Williams in a buggy

10/19 Landed at home after having a severe chill on the road at Mrs. Nevel's at night

11/14 Uncle Nimrod Nabors & family arrived at our house

11/25 Sowed the first wheat in the uper valley

11/29 finished sowing the last sowing wheat in the field next to Becks also soed some winter oats there at the same time

12/15 I went to D. Nesbitt's in Co. with Uncle N. Nabors & sist Eliza curious meeting at the  gate   I got the accquaintance of Mr. Talley at night had sweet music by Myses Sue & Cora

12/16 in the morning we went to Tho. Nesbitts  Mys Cora N. accompaning us.  I spent the day.   Near sun-down.  Mys Cora, Eliza & myself by buggy back to D.  Nesbitts  charming  Songs vocal & instrumental music the most affecting I ever heard by the Myses Nesbitts

12/17 We with Mr. D. Nesbitts family went to a sunday-school near by at a Presbyterian  Church came back & went Mr. N. Nesbitts for dinner.  Miss Cora went with us   Near  night  Misses Mary & Lou & John Nesbitt  A. Arnold came & spent the evening with us   Dr. Boyce  D. Nesbitts & wife were also there at night

12/18 Gordon Williams married today  We went early to Mr. Jim Boyce's  saw his sweet Cady  & two beautiful children then to D. Nesbitts & took dinner.  more sweet Music & we left  the enticingly sweet Miss Nesbitts for  A. Arnold's we stayed till night with them then  we went to Mr Owen's  Near Byhalia Mys Marshal Co & spent the night very pleasant.

12/19 Started home this a cold windy bleak day   very cold we stoped at some fires at a  school house 7 miles west of Holly Springs on the Pigeon-roost road to warm we  got home after dark nearly froze

12/14 Set out some fruit trees sent from Dayton Ohio consisting of Apples  Pear  Cherry Currant & Gooseberrys

12/24 This has been a cloudy day with some indications of rain.  I have been in the house all day almost, there has been some. doz young men and boys here this evening, talking of  Christmas & what shal be done, & how they expect to  spend it, poor fellows!  they are in a great way about all the girls, I have read a great deal today by myself.  Charles went Mr Spence's this evening for the first time.  Sallie is at bro John's with Miss Ann Williams.  The negros a coming in from their place of hiring.  Christmas is a time of sorrow as well as fun  Yes of sorrow.  last week Mr. James Spencer died & was burried & forgotton by most of the world, how soon we pass into  forgetfulnmess & oblivion  how short our stay for truly we are creatures of a moment. Time flies swiftly  another year wil soon be gone & it seems but yesterday since I was sweet sixteen.  I  am growing older but my Spirits are boyyant & my Hope (Sweet word) is strong & my  ambition says I must make a mark in the world.  Let me see then where I will be &  what I shall have done next eve of Christmas  the night is geting older too & I must stop  my scribbling, the wind is howling in at the broken pane, the crickets crying lonely in  the other old room  my candle is flickering noislessly as if trying say I will soon be done burning & shall have acted my part in the worlds great Drama.  well Christmas-eve- scribbling good-night
 Jimmie S. Terry

12/26 A little party at our house was given    Miss Ann Williams & Ed Rieves met & ranaway  from here tonight to marry

12/30  We went to a quilting given at Mr. L Nabors'  Spent the day pleasently  Mr. Rieves &    Lady came late in the evening went home with us & spent the night with us for the first  time after marrying.    After  Supper John Naber's (bro) Charles & myself went to Miss. M   J. Nooner's  Mr Newton Hix Orrin Beck's.  Miss P.A. & Darthula Beck's were there to me time flew fast and sweet while there   Short but sweet was our stay  came home 11  ocl P.M.  Silvery moonshine to night the most beautiful night I ever seen   (happy)

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