Submitted by:  Jack D. Fryar, 1309 East County Road 145, Midland,  TX  79706;
e-mail: The John and Sarah Fryar Bible is in the
possession of Robert Clay Fryar, P.O. Box 38, Neches,  TX , in 1998.


John Fryar was born the 21st day of March - 1829
Sarah Ann Fryar was born the 25th day of October 1833
William C. Fryar was born the 26th day of August 1851
Harry Francis was Born the 9th of September 1853
Thomas J. Fryar was born August the 26th 1854
John D. Fryar was born June the 23rd A.D. 1856
Amanda R. Fryar was born the 18th Febry A.D. 1859
Sarah E. Fryar was born the 19teenth day of April A.D. 1861
Milliard L. Fryar was born Oct. 6th 1877
Virginia Fryar was born Jan. 6th 1880
Ugenia Fryar was Born Dec. 20th 1881
John W. Fryar was Born Feb 5 - 1878
Jesse O Fryar was Born Mch 18 - 1879
J. Harvy Fryar was Born Oct 20 - 1880
Fronie J. Fryar was Born Nov. 29, 1882
Thomas D. Fryar was Born Oct 23, 1889
Obadiah Fryar was Born April 7, 1892
Cecil D. Fryar was Born April 20, 1897
Clarence D. Fryar was Born Nov - 13- 1899
James D. Fryar was Born Oct 24 1901
Clarence D. Fryar, Jr. was born May 12, 1924, Monday at 2:30

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