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Jurors for 1852

Jurors 1852 Old Tish. Co. MS

By: Vicki Burress Roach

Wednesday, March 24th, 1852, court met on this day the clerk and Sheriff provided in open court to draw a jury for the next term when the following persons were drawn to serve for the first week of said term to wit:

Seaborn Bearden

Joseph Young

John H. Hughes

A. Collier

Wm. M. Stephenson

James Little

R.D. Bell

Jas. C. Chasteen

Mark Castleberry

Peter Helton

Spencer Randal

Levi Williams

Moses Curtis

George Washington

Joshua Burisson? (written over and difficult to read)

John Washburn

W.W. Graham

Wm. Lee

Wm. Taylor

Saml K. Wiley

Jere. H. Davis

Nathan Akers

Saml W. Carpenter

Mathias Richardson

Ephraim Barnett

John Sawyer

S.D. Manuel

Isaac Ezell

John Doane

G.F. Hubbard

Wm. Morton

Reuben Rorie

J. Harrison

Uriah Aldridge

?J. Gentry

W.H. Riddle

A. Vawter

John Wine?gear

A.J. Higgins

J.C. Carter

Elisha Farris

John Hamilton

J.G. Lowry

Saml. A. Patton

And the following persons were drawn to serve for the second week of said term to wit:

Isaiah Trotter

Chas.? Coursey

Robt. Saunders

Kenneth McRae

Ranson? Hill

Robert Beene

Jas. Henderson

Jas. A. Mahan

?. Stott

Isaac Gray

?.M. Brunts?

J.?. Robinson

Jas. Martin

Preston Ward

Wm. Embrey

J.M. Shackleford

Wm. Suiter

Theo. Pearce

P.H. Wingo

T.L. Rush

Daniel Dexter

J.F. Cantrell

R.J. Martin

Wm. Richardson

Thos. H. Hutchins

R.C. Buford

Jas.? Odom

Jas. M. Jones

Wm. Carpenter

James Payne

Hugh M. Bingham

Gideon Butler

Woodson Kitchens

It is ordered by the court that a wit of venice facias ? commanding the Sheriff to summon said persons to serve accordingly.

It is ordered by the court that Thursday of the first week of the next term be set for the trial of state cases.

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