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The Burnsville Fire of 1926

The business section of Burnsville was destroyed by fire Thursday morning about four o'clock. The Methodist Church located in business section was also destroyed, as well as was the residence of W.C. Faust and the telephone exchange.
The buildings, with the exception of one owned and occupied by the Burnsville Mercantile Company, were frame and burned rapidly. A part of the stocks were saved by some of the merchants, while others lost everything. The only store building left standing was the Epperson Mercantile Company, over which was the Masonic Hall.
Other buildings destroyed were: the post office, the stores of R.L. Smith, G.R. Whitaker, J.J. Patrick and C.L. Blakely; the office of Dr. Haynie, where he also kept a supply of drugs; and the store of Miss Mary Walker. It is thought the fire was of incendiary origin as one of the stores was saturated with kerosene. There was very little insurance on any of the buildings though some carried it on their stocks of merchandise. This was a heavy blow to Burnsville and to the county, but most of the merchants rebuilt soon.

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