Tishomingo County banner showing old citizen and old courthouse

Proceeding of the Board of Supervisors for Term of February, 1954 General County:
The Vidette, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, February 1954
Transcribed by Christina Goss.

Supervisors salary 2,000.00; Pugh Duckett, janitor, 50.00; J.D. Finch, County attorney, 125.00; Ruth McKnight, veterans service, 50.00; Billy G. Grisham, tax assessor, 187.50; C.L. Sumners, County auditor, 166.66; Mrs. Ruby Dean, circuit court reporter, 47.06. J.O. Clark, atty. Board of Supervisors, 75.00; John H. Patterson, chancery court reporter, 40.00; Circuit Clerk Account, circuit court expense, 695.00; Sheriff Account, sheriff and deputy attendance upon Circuit Court, 831.00; Chancery Clerk, postage for January, 7.49; Elmer Gravette, materials, labor, etc., courthouse, 50.00. Agricultural Extension Service, 2 retirement, 7.92; Owen Moore, 12 hours work at jail, 12.00; L.B. Curtis, 16 hours work at jail, 24.00; G.W. Cutshall, glass, paint, etc. 10.75; Dement Printing Co., deed record, staples and license, 175.20. State Highway Department, county maps for school purposes, 5.00; Iuka Building Supply Co., 1 window for county home, 4.76; Dean Insurance Agency, 1/5 on Bond T.O. Mabry, County engineer, 10.00; Henderman Bro., recording leaves {stet}, 10.59; Tom L. Ketchings Co., marriage license wallets, 85.85; Cutshall Funeral Home, casket for Roy White and ambulance to and from Clinic, $38.00. Tishomingo County Electric Power, courthouse and jail, 70.05; Dement Printing Co., staples, envelopes and folders, 19.86; Geo. W. Stricklin, postage for supt’s office, 7.00; W.T. Dexter, feeding prisoners, 143.00; T.L. Brown & Co., 20 yards of sheeting, 7.34; W.T. Dexter, postage, freight and transportation to Miss. Industrial training school, 85.66. W.T. Dexter apprehending criminals, 41.66; Alver Belue, postage, 8.25; Alver Belue, county registrar and corrupt practice, 500.00; Phillips Hardware Co., bulbs and brooms, jail, 11.90; Phillips Hardware Co., 2 brooms, county home, 2.70. Southern Bell Tel. and Tel. Co., telephone, courthouse and jail 74.15; Dorris Lee Rhodes, deputy <Rest of column text is missing><text is missing> Unit, salaries and expense, 00.

County Home: Southern Bell Tel. and Tel. Co., county home service, 9.05; Sou. Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. and or State Welfare Dept. welfare office telephone, 7.25; Tishomingo County Electric Power, electrical service, 11.44; C.K. Phifer, supt. of county home, 280.00.

1st District Road: Alford Comer, 3 days road work, 12.00; John Daniel, 2 days road work, 8.00; S.C. Kirk, 1 days road work, 6.00; Howard Walker, 1 days road work, 6.00; O. L. Robinson, 2 days road work, 10.00; H.J. Counts, 3 days road work, 12.00; Hershal South, 7 days road work, 30.00; Gerald Walker, 1 month blade operator, 135.00; Hugh Osborn, 1 month dozer operator, 135.00; B.B. Lambert, 18 days road work, 72.00; J.R. Carson, 18 days road work, 72.00; J.A. Reece, 2 days road work, 8.00.Moser Service Station, parts 117.42, oil 2.80, 120.22; Lisco Co., creosote oil, 113.19; E.E. Murrah, gas, diesel and oil, 202.70; Dixie Culvert & Supply Co., galvanized pipe, 597.79; Mrs. D.R. Bugg, 408 yards of gravel, 20.40; Borden’s Welding Shop, labor on truck and machines, 35.00. Fell’s Garage, labor on machines and trucks, 43.00; Jourdan Motor Co., parts, 69.78 and labor 29.50, 99.28; Standard Service Station, supplies and labor, 19.75; Kell Milligan, concrete tiles, 52.30; J.C. Jourdan Co., lumber and nails, 29.85; B.F. Goodrich Co., truck tire, 127.46.

2nd District Road: O.L. Curtis, 1 month salary, 160.00; T.L. Skinner, 1 month salary, 145.00; J.A. Coker, 16 days, 82.50; Odell Weathers, 9 days road work, 45.00; Tom Odom, 9 days road work, 45.00; Houston Gann, 1 day road work, 5.00; G.T. Waddell, 4 days road work, 22.50; L.E. Busby, 17 days road work, 72.50; Milford Morris, 11 days road work, 55.00; W.E. Cresap, 11 days road work, 55.00; Dudley Ligon, 1 day road work, 5.00; Auto Supply Co., 3 regulators, 20.69; Hudson & Smith Garage, 28 gal. gasoline, 9.12; O.B. Lamb, 6,941 feet bridge lumber, 277.64;Gulf Refining Co., fuel, gas, and oil, 514.10; B.F. Goodrich Co., 4 tires, 262.98; J.C. Jourdan Co., 3 shovels, 8.25; Phillips Hardware Co., cable and clamps, 4.20; Jourdan Motor Co., truck repairs, 66.45; Corinth Motor & Machine Works, angle and round iron, 13.07; Iuka Truck & Implement Co., small repair, 10.14. Alcorn Tractor & Imp. Co., repair parts for trucks, 542.74; W.N. Deaton, gasoline, 12.07; Standard Welders Supply Co., 1 cylinder acetylene, 6.53; GMC Truck and Coach Division, small repair parts, 4.16; Taylor Machinery Co., 3 springs, 2.79; Lon Morris, 421 yards of gravel, 21.05; J.D. Biggers, 2 cases dynamite, 33.50. 

3rd District Road: Counce Motor Co., parts, 21.44; Leonard Roy, labor on truck, <text is missing> <text is missing> Williams, labor 2 days @ 4.00, 8.00; Crawford’s Garage, labor on trucks, 12.00; Fells Garage, labor on trucks and trucks and tractors, 51.00. V.M. Box Motor Co., radiator, 37.50; Iuka Truck & Implement Co., parts and labor, 29.18; E.E. Murrah, gasoline and diesel fuel, 135.73; Motor Parts Co., parts and supplies, 25.12; Moser Service Station, parts, 67.95; Bordens Welding Shop, shop labor welding, 6.00; B&B Supply Co., wood preservative, 110.40. B.F. Goodrich Tire Co., tires and tubes, 199.47; A.D. Wileman, handle, clamps, patch, 7.00; Virgil Durham, 800 yards gravel @ 5c, 40.00; Grover Glenn, 740 yards of gravel @ 5c, 37.00; G.L. Yow, gasoline and oil, 141.93; M.B. Phifer, 15 days truck driver, 77.50; J.V. Grimes, 20 days tractor operator, 100.00. James A. McAnally, 16 days truck driver, 80.00; Clyde Johnson, 16 days truck driver, 80.00; W.L. Parsons, 17 days tractor operator, 85.00; Clinton Wood, 14 days truck operator, 72.50; W.L. Seago, 11 days truck driver, 55.00; Clarence Bruce Rutledge, Jr., 12 days truck driver, 62.50; Herman Stringer, 5 days tractor operator, 25.00. Olen Belue, 6 days work on road, 32.50; James E. Bishop, salary, month of January, 125.00; Corinth Aramature Works, labor and parts, 23.65; Western Auto Associate Store, supplies, 8.06; Lead Clad Culvert Supply Co., culverts, pipes and cable, 92.49; Iuka Motor Co., parts and labor, 110.64; E.E. Murrah, tires and tubes, 101.87.

4th District Road:Trims Service Station, truck parts and labor, 69.22; Standard Service Station, gasoline, 3.90; H.B. Southward, truck parts and labor, 16.13; R.J. Henry, 18 days road work, 40.00; C.R. Butler, 15 days road work, 60.00.J.G. Sappington, 15 days road <text is missing> <text is missing> C.D. Wilson, tractor operator, 130.00; C.H. Hodgin, patrol operator, 130.00. Iuka Motor Co., wrecker service, 10.00; Lead Clad Culvert Supply Co., metal culverts and freight, 139.58; The Texas Co., gasoline and diesel, 172.60; Clayton Oil and Supply Co., wood preserver 203.50, oil, grease, filters, etc., 144.23, 346.73; Coleman Machinery Co., culvert pipes 143.40; The B.F. Goodrich Co., tires and tubes, 104.85.

 5th District Road: Paul Murrah Auto Parts Co., parts 141.77, shop labor 26.00, 167.77; Road Builders Equipment Co., parts and labor, 32.06; Dalrymple Equipment Co., parts 404.25, rent on mixer 100, 504.25; T.O. Mabry, Jr., County Engineer, 294.40; B.F. Goodrich Co., 4 10-ply tires, 276.49; Corinth Motor and Machine Works, labor and materials, 38.90. Iuka Motor Co., 2 truck door glasses, 10.98; Griffin Service Station, grease 3.00, labor 2.50, tire for motor grader 77.87, 83.35; L.P. Allen Sons Hdwe. Co., small hardware parts, 30.02: Alcorn <text is missing>  


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