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Deed book F dated 1841-1843 pages 67-68

Holder W. Prout deeds to Micajah Farmer and Clark T. Barton
Dated Sept. 12, 1840 between Holder W. Prout of the first part and Micajah Farmer and Clark T. Barton of the second part...sum of 5.00 to him in hand paid...for the following slaves and other property that is to say Frank, a man aged 40 years, Henry a man aged 23, Ben a man aged 36, Lunsford, a man aged 26, Lige a boy aged 17, Demps, aged 14, the undivided half of Lewis, a boy aged 14, Jinny, a wench aged 30, Stephen a boy aged 9, Elvgro?, a girl aged 3 and Jinny's youngest child aged about 2 years also one horse waggon, one ox waggon, 5 mules, ? yoke of oxen to have and to hold the above described negroes and their future increase...firm of P.H. and H.W. Prout pay to the said Micajah Farmer the sum of 1250.00 on or before the 20th day of July 1841 and the further sum of 1250.00 on or before Jan. 20, 1842 with interest...and also shall pay to the said Clark T. Barton the sum of 1600.00 according to two promissory notes...

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