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Jurors for April Term 1844

Old Tish. Co., MS Circuit Court page 422

The State of Mississippi of Tishomingo County

This day came we A.H. Weir and Stephen Gibbs, Sheriff and John Reeves, Clerk of the Circuit Court of said County and in open court proceeded to draw the following names of Jurors for the April term of the Circuit Court of said County this 5th day of February 1844.

  1. James Knight                                  32. Eli Hutchens

  2. S.M. Jopling                                   33. James McNeal

  3. Wilson Winn                                    34. John Donaldson

  4. A.T. Rutledge                                  35. Malcomb McDonel

  5. George W. Clark                              36. John Lewis

  6. T.J. Tolison                                     The above jurors were drawn

  7. Blake Malding                                   in my presence.

  8. George W.? Harrison                         A. Weir, Probate Judge

  9. Timothy Swinney

  10. Gilford Stocks

  11. Enoch Autry

  12. Jessee H.? Miller

  13. John McDougle

  14. Scally Scaggs/Scuggs

  15. James Long

  16. Henry Collier

  17. John R. Wood

  18. Caleb Lindsey

  19. Samuel McCoy

  20. John Shepherd

  21. Burgis Ighams (should be Burgess Ijams)

  22. Philomon Wright

  23. James Harvell

  24. William Rousey

  25. Alford N. Carroll

  26. Green B. Babb

  27. Andrew Furgerson

  28. Bartlet Yancy

  29. W.F. Young

  30. Preston Ward

  31. William Dowdy

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