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Pleasant Ridge School

Shortly after the Civil War, a schoolhouse was built near Old Hebron Methodist Church.  This was a subscription school, and the first teacher was Colonel Word.  The house was first built on the hill above Hebron Spring, and then moved nearer to the spring where it stayed until it fell down.  The last school taught in this building was by Mr. Vergis about 1874.


In 1875, a new house was built on the road between J. F. Yowʼs and the McNutt place.  The first teacher was Norris.  About 1880, the house burned and the term was finished in Bob Glennʼs blacksmith shop.  Dave Glenn was the teacher at that time.


Then a house was built near the site where the burnt schoolhouse stood, and the first teacher who taught there was Joe Gurley.  Several terms were taught in this house.  Then the school divided, part being called the Glenn School, and the other part being established near Mt. Gilead Church where a house was built.  The first teacher who taught in the Mt. Gilead School was Miss Nina Akers.  This was a one-teacher school until about 1922 when it became a two-teacher school.  Howard Philips and Miss Maud Odoms were the teachers that year.


In 1925, Mt. Gilead, Glenn, Hazard, Walker Switch, and part of Oak Ridge were all consolidated into the Pleasant Ridge consolidated School and located near the old Mt. Gilead School.  The first year this school had four teachers:  Zeke Yow was principal, Miss Augusta Morman, Mrs. Fannie Bonds, and Mrs. Ruth Robinson were assistants.  One year of high school work was taught the first year, and one year was added each year until it became a three-year high school.  Then the high school was moved to Iuka for a few years, then to Burnsville.


About 1933, this school together with four other consolidated schools was centralized into what is now the Burnsville Special District.  The high school was sent to Burnsville each year.  There were five buses and one high school bus.  During the 1938-39 school term, there were four teachers:  J. J. Robinson, principal, Cleston Scruggs, Mrs. Lena Harwell, and Miss Amy Moore, assistants.  The enrollment was usually between 170 and 180 pupils.


Source:  Nabors, S. M.  History of Old Tishomingo County 1832-1940.


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