Knox Family Bible Records
provided by Richard W. Hawkins

The bible inscriptions presented below are from the Knox Family bible which was given to Tennessee C (Wheeler) Knox as gift, by her husband, Samuel Andrew Knox in January 1865.   Sam Knox was a merchant in New Albany for several years and served as a Sergeant in the New Albany Grays during the war later he surveyed the road that ran from New Albany to Myrtle, MS (Knox Deaton Road).  Sam’s father, William Knox, is buried in Ripley, Mississippi.  My Great Grandfather James Frederick Hawkins married S. E.  Knox, daughter of Sam Knox, on December 31, 1876 and lived in New Albany on Main Street, apparently there were no other houses & later they moved to Washington County (two ghost towns Pinafore and Deer Creek).  James Frederick Hawkins was a practicing and licensed physician in Union County per an article in the New Albany Gazette.   S. E. (Knox) Hawkins was given the family Bible and it journeyed west with her when the Hawkins family moved to Marysville, WA in approx. 1890 using a covered wagon as the vehicle for the move.   Dr. Hawkins was the city physician for the city of Marysville, WA. and established a pharmacy in that municipality around 1892 he died in 1895.


S. A. Knox was born December 11, 1832 (Samuel Andrew Knox)
T. C. Wheeler was born February 13, 1840 (Tennessee C (Wheeler) Knox)
W.W. Wheeler was born September 11, 1844
E.P. Knox was born September 5, 1858 (Elizabeth, Lizzie, (Knox) Norvell)
W.A. Knox was born November 5,1859 (William Andrew Knox)
S.E. Knox was born August 2, 1861 (Sam Ellen (Knox) Hawkins)
M. S. Knox was born Nov 8, 1864 (Mattie Seralvo Knox)
Tabbie Knox was born March 6, 1874
James Knox Hawkins was born June 22,1878 (my grandfather) in Deer Creek, Mississippi
Daisy Devers Hawkins was born June 11, 1880 in Pinafore, Mississippi
Winston West Hawkins was born in Deer Creek, Mississippi July 8, 1883 (may have been
originally named Vince West Hawkins)
Lizzie Knox was born November 1, 1884
Hallie Anna (Amy) Phyfer was born February 20, 1887
Mumford Stokes Phyfer was born May 29, 1889
Mattie Knox Phyfer was born May 5, 1892
Ruth R Norvell was born December 25, 1876
Benjamin Harrison Hawkins was born February 14, 1889

Samuel Andrew Knox and Tennessee Ceralvo Wheeler were married December 2, 1857
James Frederick Hawkins & S. E. Knox were married December 31, 1876
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Knox married M. G. Norvell December 14, 1875
William Andrew Knox married Lizzie Golding December 14, 1883
William Andrew Knox married Frannie Rains March 30, 1886
Hallie Harris Phyfer married Mattie Knox were married March 31, 1889
Daisy D Hawkins married C C Cole October 18, 1895
S W Sisco married S E (Knox) Hawkins, November 16, 1895 after the death
of  Doctor James Frederick Hawkins

Lizzie (Golding) Knox November 11, 1884
Tennessee C (Wheeler) Knox died July 23, 1889
Samuel A Knox died June 16, 1893
James Frederick Hawkins died February 11, 1895

For additional infomation on this family, please contact Richard W. Hawkins.

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