Quinn - Ball Family Bible

Submitted by Linda Gray on August 12, 2003
Linda Gray is the great grand daughter of John Henry Quinn and great great grand daughter of  Willis J. Ball.

Marriage Records

Henry H. Quinn b. 7-14-1837 and Mary A. Wells b. 1-5-1837
                            married 11-25-1853

C. W. Quinn 11-2-1854 and L.A. Bennett 1-27-1860
                         married 3-28-1876

John Henry Quinn 3-7-1880 and Altie Lou Ball 5-26-1876
                         married 11-7-1900

                       Holy Matrimony
Mr. C. W. Quinn of Union Co. Ms. and L.A. Bennett of Union Co. Ms. on March 28th 1876
at her home by Rev. Isine Smith

            Witness:  Bass Carlile
                           Mintie Coker

Ball Bible Births

Will J. Ball was born Nov 15 1851
Hattie E. Edwards was born Nov the 30,1853
Bennie Lewis Ball was born Sept. 14, 1874
Altie Lou Ball was born May 26, 1876
Lizzie Delia Ball was born Aug 26, 1877
Mattie Lee Ball was born Aug. 31 1886


Bennie Lewis Ball died 2-13-1876
Mattie L. Ball (Goode) died Oct 9- 1911
W. J. Ball died Aug 23 1912

These two Bible where my great grandfather John Henry Quinn and great great grandfather Willis J. Ball.  Willis Ball's was a ordained into the Baptist Ministry in 1892 I have a copy of this paper.  And I remember as a child the Bible sitting on the table at my great grandfathers house so this one holds a special space in my heart.  John Quinn lived his entire life as a farmer  in Union Co. Ms. I  display my 100 and  123 yr. old tattered Bibles proudly.

Thanks,  Linda Gray

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