Below is a letter written by Elizabeth J. Renfroe Beach of New Albany, Mississippi to her parents in Georgia. The letter concerns the actions of the Yankees as they passed through New Albany during a period of the Civil War.

The Letter (Version 1)

The Letter (Version 2)

 This letter raises many questions concerning New Albany's history. The first that arises is exactly where was Elizabeth's house located? Was it inside the city limits or out? I would make an "educated" guess that it was probably along the "Ripley Pontotoc Road" now known as "Old Highway 15" and probably not far from the Tallahatchie River. I have no idea of exactly where this road originally crossed the river, but I would like to find out. I also found it interesting that she hoped that the Yankees would bypass New Albany on their way to Ripley by "cutting the corner" at Ellistown. What road could this have been? And how did the Yankees march to Tupelo from New Albany? Along the "Wilson Trace"? If anyone has any old maps or information that might clear up some of these questions please let me know.

And a special thanks goes to Joe Mercer of Memphis, Tennessee, for sending me a copy of this letter. He welcomes e-mail queries concerning the history of Union and Tippah counties.

July 18, 1999

Melissa McCoy-Bell
Union County MSGenWeb Coordinator

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