W. L. Bryant 
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W. L. Bryant

 Mr. W.L. Bryant, Marshall of Blue Springs, who was wounded by gunshot in  stopping the escape of the three bandits on their way in high powered machine from  Tupelo to Memphis.   As shown in photo Mr. Bryant is a life-time cripple and has  lost in this transaction everything he had.  However, he saved his honor in doing his  sworn duty.   Thanks for whatever you wish to contribute to him -- "Lets Go" Give  to the man who gave his blood to uphold the law that protects us all. 

W. L. BRYANT and Mariette BRYANT
These is a photo of them and their kids about the time the father was wounded.

We have no idea who the ones in the frames are, but from my readings about Victorian photography, they may have either been dead or away from home when the formal portrait was made. I liked the touch of the fancy lamp on the front porch, and the guitar, indicating the musical nature of the family.

One of these children is my husband's grandfather, now deceased (we didn't find the photo until my husband's grandmother died--it was behind a formal portrait of the g-parents! So we have no idea who is whom.

Contributed by Janice Bryant 

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