Union County, MS
Located south of Hwy 30 on C.R. 126, 2-3 miles 
east of New Albany
Contributed by: Mike Deere, August 9, 1997
This is a small family type cemetery. There were several unreadable markers. And one stone was omitted since it appeared that the individual may still be living. The area  is meticulously kept clean and neat.
ASHBY, SANFORD H., Mississippi CPL, 114 Engineers, WW I, Jan 25 1896, Aug 19 1950, 
SNIDER, CARRIE  FRANCIS,  July 15 1889, May 28 1960, wife of Thomas M. Snider
SNIDER, THOMAS MARTIN, June 12 1887, Dec 6 1952, (Note Snyder/Snider spelling)
SNYDER, ANDREW J, PVT 33 Miss Inf C S A, August 30 1914
SNYDER, BETTY, Dec 25 1875, Feb 23 1958, wife of Cary Snyder
SNYDER, CARY, June 27 1869,Nov 11 1927, hus of Betty Snyder
SNYDER, "INFANT DAUGHTER"1903, dau. of Betty and Cary Snyder, Gone Too Soon
SNYDER, "INFANT SON", 1901, son of Betty and Cary Snyder, Gone Too Soon
SNYDER, MAUDIE, Mar 7 1897, Nov 16 1902, dau. of Cary & Betty Snyder
THOMAS, ANDREW J., Mississippi PVT US Army WW II, Aug 9 1901, Oct 17 1973
WORTHY, HENRY, PFC US Army WW II, Mar 12 1912, Dec 7 1966

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