(Located North of Hwy 348 on CR 124
3-4 Miles East of New Albany)
September 15, 1997

     This cemetery is the first that I've run across that has truly been abandoned.  The 
above stone is the only one left of 7 that were there at one time, and it is broken and
laying on the ground.  The area is covered with briars and undergrowth making it
difficult to find the other stones.  I plan to return this winter and look again.  The 
story behind the cemetery dates to the 1870's.  The family buried here was supposedly
stricken by a polio epidemic which wiped out the whole family.  I was told that two 
of the stones marked Confederate soldiers' graves.  The cemetery was apparently
in bad shape 50 years ago, and in even worse shape today.  A special thanks goes
to Lance Howell for showing me the site. 

Mrs Jennie
Wife Of
E M Coker
Dec 15, 1826
Oct 7 1871
She Is Not Dead
But Sleepeth