These are early deeds of Union Co, MS which are not listed in the direct
or reverse deed record index.

Grantor(s) to Grantee(s) Dated Page
Dalton, J.H. Trustee to Edward Wilder & Co. Sale of land of J.D. Brown 7-29-78 153
Dalton, J.H., et ux, M.E., to Jas. Gregory 12-31-79 481
Dandridge, C.M. to T.B. McNutt 7-28-74 12-13-78 360
Dandridge, C.M., Thos. R., P.B., S.A. Fontaine, W.P. Orne, et ux, E.B., P.F. Dandridge to J.W. Rogers 3-1-77 196
Dandridge, Miss C.M. to Mrs. C.M. Dandridge 12-3-75 194
Daniel, J.C., et ux, M.E. to R.M. Coker 12-9-78 317
Dansby, Jno. C. to Joel A. Hearne 12-9-69 7/-/77 75
Dansby, T.S., Tr. (for Jacob Bardin) to J.L. Young 3-25-78 186
Darden, S.C., Comr. In Chan. To C.B. Pritchard Sale under decree in suit O.P. Major vs. John Johnson et al 2-19-77 394
Davis, J.C., et ux, C.W. to T.J. Moore 3-19-78 285
Davis, Orlando to J.R. Dover 1-1-78 235
Denton, J.N. and N.E. to W.A. Denton 1/-/77 269
Dickerson, J.N. to W.H.H. Dickerson 8-10-77 54
Dickson, J.C. to M.A. Leathers 1-29-78 22
Dickson, J.C. to M.A. Leathers 12-4-78 23
Dickson, V.B. to E.Y. Reaves 5-29-77 444
Douglas, J.W. to M.F. Rogers Ack: Tarrant Co, TX 11-15-76 103
Duff, J.P., et ux, M.E. to J.T. Shelton 9-5-78 323
Duke, J.S., et ux, L.A. to Sarah E. Langley 12-22-75 175
Elliott, L.H. to Mrs. S.M. Embrey 3-1-79 300
Elliott, L.H., et ux, N.S. to A.B. Leanhard 12-26-76 169
Evans, Benj. F., et ux, M.V.A. to C.B. Mitchell & J.D. Fontaine Ack: Clarke Co, MS 11-20-75 123
Fairfield, S.S., Register of U.S. Dist Ct. No. Dist. Miss. To G.W. Gill, assignee of bankrupts Est., Est of Wm. H. Gammell 12-9-78 294
Fairfield, S.S., Register of U.S. Dist. Ct. No. Dist. Miss. To G.W. Gill, Assignee in Bankruptcy Lee B. Hall 3-20-77 350
Falkner, Jno. W.T., Tr. (for M.F. Rogers) to T.M. Coker 4-28-77 334
Ferrell, J.W., et ux, P.E. to Henry Bissinger 2-14-79 242
Ferrell, J.W., et ux, P.E. to J.F. Ferrell 2-22-78 183
Ferrell, J.W., Tr. (for Jno. Williams, et ux, Margaret E.) to A.M. Mann 3-12-77 76
Fitzpatrick, N. to Jas. A. Plummer 8-26-78 19
Fitzpatrick, N., et ux, T.A., to W.J. Grant 10-4-77 267
Fleming, P.J. to W.E. Bullock 7-10-78 154
Flournoy, R.W. to C. Cullens 7-17-76 93
Floyd, Martha J. to D.A. Floyd 2-12-77 135
Fontaine, Jno. D. & Chas. B. Mitchell to Edward McGhee & Wm. T. McGhee, Exrs. Of last will and testament of Jno. S. McGhee 11-3-77 368
Fontaine, S.A. to Wm. & D.A. McNutt 2-19-74 12-13-78 324
Ford, J.P. to Jas. H. Wells 12-20-77 1-10-80 504
Forrester, A.J., et ux, M.B. to J.M. Mars 11-24-69 1-17-78 409
Foster, Booker to C.T. Bond 2-16-61 4-4-79 277
Franklin, J.W. to Emiline Franklin 12-28-78 270
Franklin, S.A. to W.D. Moody 11-19-72 4-17-78 28
Frazier, T.M. to Wm. Hancock, et ux, Tempy; Jerry Dean; Stephen Gammell, et ux, M.J.; J. A. Henderson, et ux, Nancy; Alvis Clark, et ux, Mary; R.F. Burke & Thos. B. Irby 2-7-78 20
Freeman, G.W. to N.A. Wilkins 12-4-79 219
Freeman, Hudson to J.B. Hicks 1-24-77 381
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