Descendants of Silas and Nancy Gilliam:



(The research for this report was done by: Brenda Lee Gilliam Minser)
(Contributed by: Mike Deere July 20,1997)

1. Silas1 GILLIAM , born 1808 in SC, USA; deceased Jan 1870 in Tippah County, MS,USA. He married (1) Nancy , born 1813 in GA, USA.

Notes for Silas Gilliam
Information about Silas is sketchy. We know he was born in SC, and that he was living in AL in 1838. (W.T was born in AL in 1838). He was living in Tippah County by 1843. We do not know where he was buried.

Notes for Nancy
We do not know Nancy's maiden name, when she died, or where she was buried. Her Marriage details are also unknown.

Children of Silas1 Gilliam and Nancy were as follows:
2 i William T.2
ii John L.2 , born 20 Aug 1842 in MS, USA; deceased 21 Oct 1919 in Union County, MS, USA.
iii Sarah C.2 , born 1846 in MS, USA.
iv Andrew J.2 , born 1848 in MS, USA.
v Frances2 , born 1851 in MS, USA.

Generation 2

2. William T.2 GILLIAM (Silas1), born 31 Jan 1837 in AL, USA; deceased in Keownville area, Union County, MS. He married (2) on 22 Jan 1866 in Tippah County, MS M. A .THORINGTON , born 1846; deceased 17 Nov 1891. He married (3) on 14 Mar 1896, Della B. WHITLOCK , born 15 Jan 1875; deceased 15 Feb 1948.

Notes for William T. Gilliam
W.T.was a Civil War Veteran. He served with the 23rd Miss Inf. He and his wife, Pus, are buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cemetery near Keownville, Union County, MS

Notes for M. A .Thorington
We are not 100% sure that M.A. and Pus are one and the same...The marriage certificate is the only reference to a M.A.Thorington

Notes for Della B. Whitlock
Della is buried at Glenfield Cemetary in New Albany, MS

Children of William T.2 Gilliam and M. A .Thorington were as follows:
3 i James Henry3
ii Bob3 , born 1875 in Union County, MS, USA; deceased in Unknown. Bob never married. He spent 10/25/00 thru 7/3/01 in the State Mental Hospital. Very little is known or remembered about him except that he died young, with a history of mental problems...

4 iii Cassie Ophelia3

Children of William T.2 Gilliam and Della B. Whitlock were as follows:
5 i Silas3
ii Lola3 , born 1903; deceased 20 Mar 1920.
iii Dessie3 , born 1905.

Generation 3

3. James Henry3 GILLIAM (William T.2, Silas1), born 21 Jul 1869; deceased 14 Apr 1956 in Union County, MS, USA. He married (2) on 6 Mar 1888 in Union County, MS, USA, Susan Lavarnia FORTUNE , born 5 Nov 1872; deceased 20 Feb 1935.

Notes for James Henry Gilliam
Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary Union County, MS. He spent his later years living with Suzie.

Children of James Henry3 Gilliam and Susan Lavarnia Fortune were as follows:
6 i Ida Tera4
ii Earl4 , born 5 Jun 1894; deceased 2 Dec 1902 in Union County, MS, USA. Earl was only 6 when he died. He is buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist Cemetary in Union County, MS.

7 iii John Luther4
iv James McLaurin4 , born 4 Sep 1909; deceased 16 Sep 1910. James died at just over 1 year old. He is buried at Mt Olivet Methodist Church in Union County, MS

8 v Suzie4

4. Cassie Ophelia3 GILLIAM (William T.2, Silas1), born 17 Aug 1881; deceased 1 Aug 1948 in Union County, MS, USA. She married (1) John FORTUNE , born 16 Apr 1881; deceased 20 Apr 1954.

Notes for Cassie Ophelia Gilliam
Cassie married her brother's wife's brother. She is buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cemetary in Union County, MS.

Children of Cassie Ophelia3 Gilliam and John Fortune were as follows:
iii Eula4 FRANCES
iv Lillie4 MAY , born 30 Oct 1905; deceased 16 Sep 1915.

5. Silas3 GILLIAM (William T.2, Silas1), born Jan 1897. He married (1) on 31 Aug 1914 Maggie TIDWELL , deceased 20 Mar 1920. He married (2) on 27 May 1922, Bertha WELCH.

Notes for Silas Gilliam
Silas had 3 marriages, but we don't know who he married on his 3rd time. Silas is buried in Glenfield Cemetary, New Albany, MS. His headstone is undated...

Notes for Maggie Tidwell
Maggie was Estell Tidwell Gilliam's 1st cousin.

Children of Silas3 Gilliam and Maggie Tidwell were as follows:

i Jettie4

Generation 4

6. Ida Tera4 GILLIAM (James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1), born Sep 1889; deceased 31 Aug 1968. She married (1) Henry FRAZIER . She married (3) on 8 Nov 1907, George THOMAS .

Notes for Ida Tera Gilliam
Tera is buried in Mt Olivet Methodist Church Cemetary, Union County,MS. Albert and Elbert were twins.

Children of Ida Tera4 Gilliam and Henry Frazier were as follows:
i Halbert5
ii Slyvia5 GENE

Children of Ida Tera4 Gilliam and George Thomas were as follows:
ii Albert5
iii Elbert5
iv Hester5 VIRGINIA
v Henry5 LAVON

7. John Luther4 GILLIAM (James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1), born Sep 1898 in Union County , MS; deceased Nov 1938 in Shands Hospital, New Albany, MS. He married on 18 Aug 1914 in Union County , MS, Estell TIDWELL , born 30 Dec 1900; deceased 16 Jan 1961 in Union County, MS, USA.

Notes for John Luther Gilliam
Johnny has also been spelled Johnie and Johny on various records...Johnny was attacked and robbed one night. After being left for dead on the road he was accidently run over by a black man named Green. Johnny died the next day in the Shands Hospital.

Notes for Estell Tidwell
Estell is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Union County, MS. Her and Johnny had 10 kids. Johnny left her a widow and she never remarried.

Children of John Luther4 Gilliam and Estell Tidwell were as follows:
i Cleburn5
9 ii Ione5
10 iii Ernestine5
iv Betty5
v Maxine5
vi Billy5
vii Kevin5
11 viii James Hoyt5
12 ix Etoy5
13 x Lee Earl5

8. Suzie4 GILLIAM (James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1), born 13 Jun 1912; deceased 20 Nov 1991 in Union County, MS, USA. She married Lawrence FRAZIER .

Notes for Suzie Gilliam
Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Union County, MS. Suzie married her sister Tera's stepson...

Children of Suzie4 Gilliam and Lawrence Frazier were as follows:
i Gilbert5
ii Curtis Lee5
iii David5
iv Mary Sue5

Generation 5

9. Ione5 GILLIAM (John Luther4, James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1) married in Dec 1938, Erxell PANNELL .
Children of Ione5 Gilliam and Erxell Pannell were as follows:
i Larry Wayne6
ii Martha Jane6

10. Ernestine5 GILLIAM (John Luther4, James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1) married Lester BELL .
Children of Ernestine5 Gilliam and Lester Bell were as follows:
i Peggy6
ii Johnny6

11. James Hoyt5 GILLIAM (John Luther4, James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1), born 8 Dec 1921; deceased 23 Dec 1988. He married (1) Frances COOK . He married (2) Mattie Mae Liddell ROWLAND .

Notes for James Hoyt Gilliam
Worked at the Union County school bus shop for many years. Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Union County, MS

Children of James Hoyt5 Gilliam and Frances Cook were as follows:
i Jamie6
ii Jackie6
iii Robert6
iv Jimmy6

12. Etoy5 GILLIAM (John Luther4, James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1), born 5 Sep 1926 in Union County, MS, USA; deceased 27 Oct 1963 in New Albany, MS, USA. She married Jack HARDIN .

Notes for Etoy Gilliam
Etoy was killed in a car accident going home from church. She was thrown from the car after hitting a bridge. No one else in the car was even injured. She apparently was very highly thought of by family and friends.

Children of Etoy5 Gilliam and Jack Hardin were as follows:
i Barbara Ann6
ii Carolyn Faye6

13. Lee Earl5 GILLIAM (John Luther4, James Henry3, William T.2, Silas1), born 8 Jul 1928 in Union County, MS, USA; retired 1 Jan 1997 in New Albany, MS, USA . He married (2) (Divorced) Billie Quay HUFFSTATLER . He married (3) Mattie Lavern WOOLEY , born 15 Sep 1933 in Somerville, TN, USA, daughter of Price Andrew and Fannie (Austin) Wooley .

Children of Lee Earl5 Gilliam and Billie Quay Huffstatler were as follows:
i Glenda Kay6 , born 21 Sep 1950 in union County, MS, USA.
ii Kathy Lynn6 , born 16 Jan 1954 in Union County, MS, USA.

Children of Lee Earl5 Gilliam and Mattie Lavern Wooley were as follows:
i Terry6 RILEY , born 4 Mar 1956.
ii Patricia Ann6 , born 12 Jul 1958 in Ripley, MS, USA (Tippah County Hospital)
iii Brenda Lee6 , born 20 Oct 1964 in Ripley, MS, USA (Tippah County Hospital). Brenda was in charge of gathering all of this information about the Gilliam family. Brenda did all of the legwork, research, and she made all of the phone calls...Hats off to Brenda...(Started research in April of 1997)

Paragraph #
Nancy (1813-) 1
M. A (1846-1891) 2
Fannie (1911-) 13
Ernestine (GILLIAM) 10
Lester 10
Frances 11
Cassie Ophelia (GILLIAM) (1881-1948) 4
John (1881-1954) 4
Susan Lavarnia (1872-1935) 3
Curtis Lee
Henry 6
Ida Tera (GILLIAM) (1889-1968) 6
Lawrence 8
Mary Sue
Suzie (GILLIAM) (1912-1991) 8
Andrew J. (1848-)
Bertha (WELCH)
Billie Quay (HUFFSTATLER) 13
Bob (1875-)
Brenda Lee (1964-)
Cassie Ophelia (1881-1948) 4
Della B. (WHITLOCK) (1875-1948) 2
Dessie (1905-)
Earl (1894-1902)
Ernestine 10
Estell (TIDWELL) (1900-1961) 7
Etoy (1926-1963) 12
Frances (1851-)
Frances (COOK) 11
Glenda Kay (1950-)
Ida Tera (1889-1968) 6
Ione 9
James Henry (1869-1956) 3
James Hoyt (1921-1988) 11
James McLaurin (1909-1910)
John L. (1842-1919)
John Luther (1898-1938) 7
Kathy Lynn (1954-)
Lee Earl (1928-) 13
Lola (1903-1920)
M. A (.THORINGTON) (1846-1891) 2
Maggie (TIDWELL) (-1920) 5
Mattie Lavern (WOOLEY) (1933-) 13
Mattie Mae Liddell (ROWLAND)
Patricia Ann (1958-)
Sarah C. (1846-)
Silas (1808-1870) 1
Silas (1897-) 5
Susan Lavarnia (FORTUNE) (1872-1935) 3
Suzie (1912-1991) 8
William T. (1837-) 2
Barbara Ann
Carolyn Faye
Etoy (GILLIAM) (1926-1963) 12
Jack 12
Billie Quay 13
Lillie (1905-1915)
Erxell 9
Ione (GILLIAM) 9
Larry Wayne
Martha Jane
Terry (1956-)
Mattie Mae Liddell
George 6
Ida Tera (GILLIAM) (1889-1968) 6
Estell (1900-1961) 7
Maggie (-1920) 5
Della B. (1875-1948) 2
Fannie (Austin) (1911-) 13
Mattie Lavern (1933-) 13
Price Andrew (1899-) 13

---Tippah County Marriage Records 1879-1899
J.W. Gilliam and Hugh Park 1886

---Union County Marriage Records 1879-1886:
C. Foster and C.D. Gillliam Jan 20, 1879
J.B. Gilliam and Sarah M. Mitchel Nov. 1, 1880
N.D.C. Gilliam and M.A.Hood Jan. 11, 1881
J.J. Gilliam and M.N. Gilliam Oct 8, 1881
A.J. Gilliam and Mary Wilhite Feb. 16, 1882
T.H. Alexander and Modera Gilliam Jan. 3, 1884
I.B. Quinn(?) and Carrie Gilliam Jan 3., 1884
J.H. Roberts and Dollie Gilliam April 5, 1886

---Union County Marriage Records:

--Book #13:
Bette Gilliam and J.A. Patton Oct. 5, 1907
Lou Allie Gilliam and W.A. Gunter Nov. 6, 1907
Tera Gilliam and George Thomas Nov. 8, 1907
Luther Gilliam and Fairy Bennett
M.G. Gilliam and Mattie Bain

--Book #14:
Houston Gilliam
Jerry Gilliam

--Book #15
James Gilliam and Miss Donnie Lucket Feb. 7, 1911
Will Gilliam and Virgie Ruff Jan. 30, 1912
G.J. Gilliam and Velma Nelson Mar.21, 1913

--Book #16 (1913-1916)
Silas Gilliam and Maggie Tidwell Oct. 31, 1914

--Book #18 (1916-1919)
Luther Gilliam and Bessie Milam Feb. 9, 1917
Jesse Gilliam and Bounce Shelton Mar. 9, 1919
Chester Gilliam and Eunice Hale Aug. 12, 1919
J.R.Gilliam and Dalphon Nowlin Oct. 8, 1919

--Book # 19
Silas Gilliam and Bertha Welch May 27, 1922

--Book #25 (1930-1933)
John Gilliam and Miss Evelyn Owen Jan. 23, 1931

--Book #27 (1933-1937)
Neal Gilliam (age 20) and Mary Alice Johnson (age 20) Nov. 30, 1935
Joseph Leon Gilliam (age 23) and Mildred Inez Kitchens (age 24) Dec. 23,

--Other Marriage References:
Johnie Gilliam and Estell Tidwell Aug. 18, 1914 Tippah County
W.T. Gilliam and Dellar Whitlock March 18, 1896 Union County
J.H. Gilliam and Lavernia Fortune March 6, 1888
W.T. Gilliam and M.A. Thorington (believed to be Pus) Aug. 1865 Tippah

--Marriage Notes:
Dollie is the daughter of John L. Gilliam
James Gilliam's license was signed by Will Gilliam
Tera is the daughter of James H. Gilliam
Luther is the son of John L. Gilliam
Jesse Gilliam's license was signed by Parks Gilliam
Silas is the son of W.T. Gilliam
Neal Gilliam and Joseph Leon Gilliam had L.R. Gilliam listed as their
father on license, their grandfather would be John L. Gilliam.


Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cemetery---

James McLaurin Gilliam
Born: Sept. 4, 1909
Died: Sept. 16, 1910

Earl Gilliam
Son of J.H. Gilliam & S.L. Gilliam
Born: June 5, 1894
Died: Dec. 2, 1902

Wife of W.T. Gilliam
Born: 1846
Died: Nov. 17,1891

William T. Gilliam
Co. H
23 Miss Inf.
(no dates on headstone)

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery--

Sabrina Gilliam
Wife of John L. Gilliam
Dec. 4, 1849
Nov. 7, 1923

John L. Gillliam
Aug. 20, 1842
Oct. 21, 1919

Carrie Gilliam Folts
March 5, 1869
Dec. 28, 1948

Joseph Manley Folts
April 6, 1858
July 24, 1949

J.H. Gilliam
July 21, 1869
April 14, 1956

Lavernia Gillliam
Nov. 5, 1872
Feb. 20, 1935

Fairy B. Gillliam
Dec. 28, 1889
March 16, 1983

Luther R. Gilliam
Feb 6, 1877
Sept. 24, 1956

James H. Gilliam
Dec. 8, 1921
Dec. 23, 1988

Estell Gillliam
Wife of Johnny Gilliam
Dec. 30, 1900
Jan. 16, 1961

Suzie Gilliam Frazier
June 13, 1912
Nov. 20, 1991

Etoy Gilliam Hardin
Sept. 5, 1926
Oct. 27, 1963

Glenfield Cemetery---

Dellar Whitlock Gilliam
Wife of Bill Gilliam
Jan. 15, 1875
Feb. 15, 1948

Bertha P. Gilliam

Silas W. Gillliam

Carol Ann Gilliam
Oct. 10, 1941
April 16, 1971

J. Leon Gilliam
Pfc. U.S.Army WWII

Inez K. Gilliam
Jan. 12, 1912

New Albany Cemetery---

W.R. Gilliam
Jan. 29, 1878
Jan. 13, 1943

Mattie Gilliam
Oct. 22, 1878
April 14, 1967


1) Lavernia's full name was discovered to be Hattie Susan Lavernia Bell Gilliam.

2) Johny Gilliam's (Estell's husband, John Luther, who was killed in 1938) gravesite is unmarked. But, he is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, and he was believed to have been buried next to his parents' J.H. and Lavernia.

3) Cleburn's (John Luther's son) burial site is unknown. He is either buried at Pleasant Hill or at Mt. Olivet.

4) John Carlton (Cassie's son) was killed in battle during WWII and is buried somewhere in Italy.

5) Records: Marriage, Births, & Deaths 1816-1926 Tippah & Union Counties:
John Gilliam died Oct. 20, 1919
Lola Gilliam died March 28, 1920 (Sister of Silas Gilliam)
Maggie Gilliam died March 20, 1920 (Wife of Silas Gilliam)

6) Records: Tippah County Death Records 1837-1914
(1870 Mort.) Silas Gilliam- Family no. 81 R4 T6
Died: Jan. 1870 age 60 years* married
Born in Alabama**

(1850 Mort.) Margaret H. Gilliam
Died: Jan 1850 age 20 years married

(prior 1852) William N. Gilliam
Died: Dec (no further information)

7) MS 1850 Mortality Schedule:
Jane Gilliam--age 2, female, Born in MS, Died in Aug. of Whooping Cough in Holmes County
Margaret H. Gilliam--age 20, married, Born in TN, Died in Jan. of Consumption*** in Tippah County
William N. Gilliam--age 40, married, male, Born in NC, Died in Oct. from a Fall in Tippah County

8) From an Article in the New Albany Gazette (Thursday, Oct. 27, 1938 Edition)
Pleasant Hill----Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Frazier and Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Taylor visited the Mr. Johnie Gilliam family on Sunday.

9) East Mississippi State Hospital (Mental Hospital)---Bob Gilliam, 23 years old from Union County, admitted: Oct. 25, 1900 and discharged July 3, 1901 (Very little is known about Bob)

* Incorrect he was 62 years old
** Incorrect, he was born in SC
*** TB


---Confederate pension roll of Union County: Gilliam

W. T. Gilliam
Enlisted Tippah County Spring of 1861
Enlisted in 23rd Miss. Inf. Co. E.
Served under Col. Davidson and Capt. E. M. Wells
M.A. Thorington(Pus) married - in 1866 in Tippah County
Della Gilliam married - 1896 in Union County
Discharged Dec. 1861 because of bad health
Was serving with 11th Miss. Cav at surrender
Surrendered at Demopolis, Alabama

John L. Gillliam
Enlisted Tippah County Spring of 1861
Enlisted in 23rd Miss Inf. Co. H.
Served under Col. Davidson and Capt. E. M. Wells
Sabrina Gilliam Married 1867
June or July 1862 Transferred to Isor? Machine Shop at Columbus, Mississippi
Surrendered at Aberdeen, Mississippi

---Notes assembled from Mississippi State Archives:

W.T. enlisted at Molino (near Keownville) June 15, 1861. He was discharged
due to bad health at Hopkinsville, KY, on Jan. 15, 1862. W.T. reenlisted
at Iuka, MS on Sept. 22, 1862. He apparently served during the remainder
of the war and was Discharged on April 26, 1865.


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