Elijah Miears was born March 18, 1776 in MD. He died on December 25, 1852 in that part of old Pontotoc County, MS which later became part of Union County, MS. About 1802, he was married to Mary, maiden name not known. Mary 'Molly' Miears was born August 29, 1783 in MD. She died on September 4, 1862 and also was buried with her husband in the Miears family cemetery.

The couple migrated to the state of GA where four known children were born, the first being born in 1802. They moved to Alabama where their other children were born, the first of which we have a record being born in 1819. They later lived in old Pontotoc County and on February 5, 1847 Elijah bought from Jacob Bardin and wife, Margaret Ann Bardin for the sum of $325 land located south of Locust Grove community. It was on the west side of this farm that Elijah was buried and the plot became the Miears family cemetery. Their grandson's wife, Mrs. Jennie Coker is buried there also.

Their children were: Jarred Miears, Sarah Miears, John Porter Miears, Nancy Miears, Lucinda Miears, Mary 'Polly' Henry Miears, Matilda Miears, Peyton Bibb Miears and Britannia (or Britan Ann) Miears.

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