Mississippi, Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedia Form,  Dunbar, Rowland, LL D, Vol. III  copyright 1907

Tate, James E., of New Albany, is the able and popular sheriff of Union county, where his entire life has been passed.  He was born on his father's plantation, in this county, in the year 1860, being a son of John H. S. Tate, who was born and reared in South Carolina, from which State he removed to Union county, Miss., in 1857, becoming one of the successful planters of this section of the State and here continuing to reside until his death, in 1901.  He served as a valiant soldier of the Confederacy during the war between the States, having been in the command of General Forrest.  His wife, whose maiden name was Amanda Ticer, survives him.  She is a daughter of James Ticer, who was one of the first white settlers in Union county, where he became an extensive planter and influential citizen, having served many years as justice of the peace and having been active in local politics.  The paternal grandfather of Sheriff Tate likewise passed the closing years of his life in Union county, having removed hither from South Carolina.  Mr. Tate has two brothers -- Elbert C., who is a merchant of Keownville, and William E., who is a representative planter of this county.  Sheriff Tate was reared and educated in this county, and he has been identified with plantation interest from his youth to the present.  For ten years he was engaged in the general merchandise business in Keownville, thus continuing until his election of the office of sheriff, in the autumn of 1903.  He assumed the duties of his office Jan. 4, 1904, and has given a most efficient and satisfactory administration.  He is unwavering in his allegiance to the Democratic party, and has been an active worker in its cause.  In 1889 Mr. Tate was united in marriage to Miss Mary B. Witte, who was born in Pontotoc county, Miss., in 1870, and they became the parents of the following children: Beulah Vance, who was born Oct. 1, 1891, and who died Nov. 1, 1906; an infant son, born in March, 1900, died April 4, 1900, and Jamie Witt, who was born July 20, 1906.  

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