Captain John Bobb




Captain John Bobb was born in Kentucky in 1794, moved to Natchez in 1820  and then moved to Warrenton in 1823. 

In 1826 he bought property from the Vick family and moved to the newly platted city of Vicksburg.  He later purchased

Lot 243 of Square 41 and on this property he built the Balfour House and a structure that was later Pemberton's

Headquarters during the siege of Vicksburg.  He was a machinist, builder, riverboat pilot, and brick maker.  He built

the Vicksburg Marine Hospital  and was appointed by President Franklin Pierce to be Superintendent of that facility in



Captain Bobb was appointed by President James Buchanan to be the Collector of Customs for the District of Vicksburg

in 1860.  He was a friend and political supporter of Jefferson Davis and his son, John Bobb, Jr., served under Davis in

the 1st. Mississippi Regiment in the Mexican War and his son Seymour was a Lieutenant in the Hill City Cadets

(Co F, 10th Infantry) during the Civil War.  A cousin named John H. Bobb, purchased McRaven in 1849.  He built the

Third Section of the house with Captain John Bobb's help in the early 1850's. 


John H. Bobb was murdered by Union troops in 1864 when he threw a brickbat at them for trampling his newly planted

garden. The Bobb family and the Barfields and Ferguson all intermarried and most lived in the Porters Chapel area. 

Captain John Bobb died on April 13, 1863 in Vicksburg and is buried in Cedar Hill cemetery.


Information furnished by Bill Bobbs