Vick Family



William Vick (born in Lower Parish, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia) and Martha Boykin Vick had 9 children.

Two of their sons, Burwell Vick and Newit Hartwell Vick migrated to Mississippi in the early 1800’s. 

See the will of William Vick, Sr.


Major Burwell Vick – born May 14, 1761 and died about 1844.  He was buried on Nitta Yuma Plantation

which was owned by his son, Henry. Burwell served in the Revolutionary War and moved to the Vicksburg

area in 1812 acquiring vast land grants between Vicksburg and Memphis.  He was actually the first Vick

in Warren County.  Burwell married Sween Hobson and their 4 children were:


1. Major Willis B. Vick, died 1830. Served in the War of 1812 under the command of Colonel William


2. Gray Jenkins Vick died about 1848.

Martha Patience Vick married Colonel William Willis (served in the War of 1812) on May 22, 1816 and

they had one child,  John Willis.  William Willis served as a state senator and died in 1823 at Washington,

MS.  Martha and John moved to a home on Crawford Street and Burwell Vick later lived in the home

with them. John married Annie Ricks and they had a daughter, Frances Vick “Fanny” Willis born about

1855.  William and Martha’s wedding gifts included a house on Cherry Street and Panther Burn Plantation.

Fannie Vick Willis married Junius Ward Johnson and they had no children. 

4. Col. Henry William Vick, b. 1795, m. Sarah Pearce on February 14, 1832.  She was the daughter of James

Anderson and Ann Clark Pearce.


“In 1839, Colonel Henry W. Vick of Vicksburg, Mississippi, U.S., experimented with

various cotton seeds and in the 1840s developed “One Hundred Seed.” He was

described on page 122 of the 1868 book “Cotton Culture” by Joseph Lyman as

follows: “the most persevering and the most successful of all the Mississippi planters

in the art of perfecting cotton.”


From the website:  Vick One-Name Study


Henry W. and Sarah Vick’s daughter, Mary Bullock Vick married Alonzo Jefferson Phelps, M.D., B.A. on

October 18, 1865 in Louisville, KY.   They moved to Nitta Yuma Plantation in 1877.  He died there on

September 28, 1897 and Mary died on February 5, 1901.  At Mary’s death he was exhumed and both

buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY.  Their children were Nannie W. Phelps who married Peter

George of Dunformline, Scotland, Henry Vick Phelps, Mary Pearce Phelps who married Count Renato

Piola-Caselli, of Rome, Italy, and Ellen Bodley Vick Phelps who married Dr. Robert Poe Crump of Nitta



From: Mississippi: Contemporary biography edited by Dunbar Rowland:


Rev. Newit Hartwell Vick – born March 17, 1766 in Southampton County, VA and died August 5, 1819 in Open

Woods, Warren County, MS.  He married Elizabeth Clark (born April 16, 1772 in Virginia) in 1791 in Virginia.

They settled in Warren County in 1814, bought 1,180 acres of land where the old downtown area of Vicksburg

            is now located and established a Methodist  church.  He and Elizabeth had 13 children and died of yellow fever

            within a few minutes of each other in 1819.  


Walker, Peter F. Vicksburg: A People at War, 1860-1865. Wilmington, N.C.: Boardfoot Publishing Company,

1987 p. 5.


"When Newitt Vick came to the Old Southwest some time before 1812, no city crowned the hills; there were only

the vestigial remains of a Spanish fort. Soon after the turn of the century this Methodist parson, farmer, and father

of thirteen children, left settled Virginia society, moved to North Carolina, and then came to the bleakness

of the Mississippi Territory. On a flatboat, he and his family floated down the Tennessee and Mississippi rivers and

landed a few miles below the confluence of the Yazoo and  the Mississippi… In 1819 he died and left a portion of

his estate to be divided into plots of  land for the founding of a city." 


Vicksburg was incorporated in 1825 and named Vicksburg in his honor by his brother Burwell and son

Hartwell Vick.




Children of Newitt and Elizabeth Vick:


Hartwell W. Vick, born 5 March 1792, married Sylvia Clark Cook and

died in April 1833 in MS.


Sarah Clark “Sally” Vick, born 22 Jan 1794, married Rev. John Masselon Lane on 27 Oct. 1819.  Their children

were Dr. Edward Lane who married Laura Lum on 13 July 1847 in Warren County and had 3 children: Sarah,

Laura, and a son: Newitt Vick Lane who married #1 Kitty Hamilton (one daughter, Kitty) and #2 Eunice J. Orr;

Eugenia Lane who married Dr. J. W. King; and John Masselon Lane, Jr. who died at age 24 and never married.

Rev. Lane died on 10 Oct 1855 of yellow fever.


Ann A. Vick born 9 Dec 1794(?) and married Dr. Robert Anderson Irion, the son of John Poindexter and Maacah

White Irion of NC. 

Mary Tirzah Vick, born 3 Oct 1797, married John Henderson on September 18, 1820 in Vicksburg.  She died

November 10, 1836 in Vicksburg.

Children of John Henderson and Mary Vick are:


      -Elizabeth Clark Henderson b. January 1, 1822, Vicksburg and died November 29,

            1836, Vicksburg, MS

      -Mary Henderson, born February 5, 1824, Vicksburg and died November 1825, Vicksburg.

      -Robert Henderson, born January 1, 1826, Vicksburg, and died August 1829, Vicksburg.

      -John Henderson  born February 18, 1827, Vicksburg and died. February 25, 1827, Vicksburg,.

      -Francis Vick Henderson, born April 26, 1828, Claiborne Co., MS and died January 2, 1877,

            Monticello, AR.

      -Emily Mary Henderson, born May 16, 1830 and died June 5, 1849 Vicksburg. She married

            Archibald McGehee, Jr., on April 11, 1848 in Bolivar Co., MS.

      -William Vick Henderson, born July 9, 1832, on Plantation 'Just Neur(?)",  near New

            Orleans, La. and died October 6, 1907, San Antonio, TX.


Martha Vick born 20 Feb 1800 and died 7 September 1851 in Warren County, MS. She never

married. Below is a picture of her house in Vicksburg which is available for tours.


This mini-mansion, built for the unmarried daughter of Vicksburg's founder, Newit Vick, has been

carefully restored and furnished as a "fine but comfortable" home. Elegant 18th and early 19th

century antiques and a large collection of fine French paintings are displayed in every room.”


Martha Vick House Tour Home(Circa 1830)


Eliza White Vick born 10 Dec 1801 in Hertford Co., NC and married Col. Henry Alexander Morse.

on 10 March 1822 in Vicksburg, MS.  She died March 31, 1890.  Their children were Rev. Henderson

Anthony Morse, Emily Vick Morse, Alexander Gallatin Morse, Lucinda Morse and Eliza Hulda

Morse who was born in 1827 in Vicksburg. Eliza married John Greenway Parham on 27 Nov 1844

in Vicksburg.  Their children were James Greenway Parham, Henry Greenway Parham, Rosa Morse

Parham, Linus Parker Parham, Lucinda Morse Parham, John Greenway Parham, III, and Junius G.

Parham born 28 Nov 1852 in New Orleans, LA.


Lucy Watkins Vick born 30 Sept 1803, married Col. John Lawson Irwin on

December 26, 1831.  She died 26 April 1882 in Ocean Springs, Jackson County, MS and

is buried in Vicksburg, MS.  Children:  Jane S. Irwin, Lucy Vick Irwin, Alice Irwin and

John Irwin.

John Wesley Vick born 1 March 1806 in Jefferson County, MS and married three times:


1. Ann Marie Brabston on May 8, 1828 in Washington, Adams, MS. She was born March

31, 1812 in Adams County, MS and died January 1, 1835 in Warren County, MS.

John Wesley built Linden Plantation in 1827 for her.  It burned in 1956.


2. Frances Letitia Booker on October 22, 1839. She was born 30 Aug 1819 in Washington

Co, KY, the daughter of Paul Jones Booker and Eliza A. Reed Booker of Prince Edward

County, VA.  They had one child: Letitia Frances Booker Vick born 24 Sep 1840 in

Washington Co, KY.  She married #1 James Robinson Downs on 14 Jul 1859 in Vicksburg

and #2 John Cowan after 1862. Letitia died in April 1880.


3. Catherine Ann Barbour on October 7, 1845 in Danville, Boyle Col, KY.  She was born

18 Feb 1818 in Boyle Co., KY and died 29 Sep 1867 in Lexington, Fayette, KY, the daughter
of James and Letitia Green
Barbour.  They had two children: John Wesley Vick and Amanda

 Vick born 12 Oct 1855 and married Samuel Davis Robbins on 20 Jan 1880 in Vicksburg.

She died 18 Oct 1907 in Russellville, Logan, KY.  Children:  Mildred, Nathaniel, Kate and

Amanda. (All born in Vicksburg, MS)


John Wesley Vick died in March 1888 in Warren County, MS and is buried in Cedar Hill

Cemetery in Vicksburg.

William F. “General” Vick, born 22 Dec. 1807 in Jefferson County, MS and died on

24 December 1859 at his plantation on Lake Bolivar in Bolivar County, MS.  He’s

buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg, MS.  He served one term in the state

Legislature when he was 25, but did not run for reelection.  He lived in Vicksburg

until 1836 when he moved to Bolivar County.  He was a general in the state militia.

His plantation was burned by Federal troops during the Civil War.


He never married, but he along with his sister Martha, helped raise the children of

their sisters, Matilda and Mary, after their deaths.


Matilda Louisa Vick, born 16 March 1810, married Dr. Samuel D. McCray.

Child:  William Vick McCray born 1832.

Amanda Maria Vick, b. 12 June 1812 in MS married Rev. Charles Kimball Marshall on

December 21, 1836 in Vicksburg, MS.  She died in February 1904.

Emily Franklin Vick, born 1815, married 1st Malachi B. Hamer on 27 Jan 1841 in

Vicksburg, and married 2nd Hiram O. Anderson.  She died 9 Aug 1899 in


Newit Holmes Vick, born 11 June 1819 at Open Roads, Warren County, MS. and

died on 24 Oct. 1855 on his plantation in Yazoo County, MS. He never married.



After the death of Newit and Elizabeth in 1819, their oldest daughter Sarah,

and her husband, Rev. John Lane, took over raising her sisters and brothers. 

See the Will of Newit Vick contained in the landmark Supreme Court case

allowing daughters to inherit from fathers:



From the J. B. Cain Archives of Mississippi Methodism:


The Rev. Newet (sic) Vick Memorial was established in 1984 by Crawford Street United Methodist

Church with assistance by the City of Vicksburg, Warren County, and individual citizens. The burial

site includes Rev. Vick (1766-1819), his wife Elizabeth (1772-1819) and other family members: 

Hartwell Vick, (1792-1833), Theolonia Hartwell Vick (17 months, 17 days old) 1830, Martha Virginia

(1831-1836), Martha Vick (1800-1851).


The memorial is in a rural setting northeast of Vicksburg:  Drive north on Hwy 61 from I 20 1.5 miles

to Culkin. Exit east on Culkin. About 1.5 miles east is a fork in the road, with Oak Ridge Rd. on the left.

Drive on Oak Ridge about 2.3 miles. The site is on the right, partially hidden by an embankment. The

stone monument can be seen through the driveway.”



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