Bolls Family Bible


Submitted by Merry Penelope (Penny) Worley

The Bolls Bible originally belonged to the Rev. William Wilson Bolls and his wife Ann Hunter Stephens, and has been passed down through subsequent generations:
Rev. William Wilson Bolls (1827-1896) and his wife Ann Hunter Stephens (1826-1897)
Minnie Bolls (1866-1954) and her husband Edward Livingston Bolls (1858-1955)
Ruby Lee Bolls (1899-1995) and her husband Foster Van Cleave (1888-1931)
Edward Foster Van Cleave (1923- ) 

The Bolls families resided in Warren, Jefferson, and Hinds counties. The Rev. W. W. Bolls was a pioneer Baptist preacher, and preached in the congregations of Rodney and Antioch. 


The English version of the polyglot Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with the marginal readings; together with a copious and original selection of references to parallel and illustrative passages exhibited in a manner hitherto unattempted. Preface signed by Thomas Chevalier. Each Testament has special title page. Since the title page is missing, no publisher nor date is available. Copyright is estimated to be about 1840. 


Preface to the English version of the Polyglot Bible. Signed T(homas) C(hevalier) (1767-1824)
A critical introduction to the Holy Scriptures, and to each of the Books; by Joseph A. Warne (1795-1881)
An Essay on the right interpretations of the Writings in which the Revelations of God are contained; by John McKnight, D. D. (1721-1800)
Three sermons on the evidences of Christianity; by Philip Doddridge, D. D. (1702-1751)
A geographical and historical index, or Bible Gazetteer (complied by Thomas Starling)
A Concordance; by Rev. John Brown (1722-1787), revised and corrected
A complete index and concise dictionary to the Bible in which the various persons, places and subjects mentioned in it are accurately referred to, and every difficult word briefly explained;
A number of useful and interesting tables
A neatly engraved family record and family executed maps and engravings on steel, illustrative of the sacred text 

Copy is imperfect and was rebound by Norris Bookbinding Company of Greenwood, Mississippi, date unknown. The engraved title page of the Old Testament is missing as are the ending pages beginning with the letter "P" of the Concordance. 

Annie Laurie Bolls died Sept. 19th 1917
Annie Laurie Bolls daughter of J. A. & E. E. Bolls died born
Annie Laurie Bolls Married E. F. Whatley
Judson Firston Whatley son of Annie Laurie & E. F. Whatley born Aug. 29, 1919
Ruby Lee Bolls, dtr. Ed & Minnie Bolls b. Nov 12, 1899
m. Sept. 20, 1916, Foster Van Cleave
Linnie Bolls dtr. Ed & Minnie Bolls b. Feb 25, 1901 m. Feb 15, 1922, Edward Sidney Gullett 



Levi Stephens & A C Stanford was married 4 day Mar 1824
James Bolls & Caroline M. McCord
Edward Foster Van Cleave B. Mar. 12, 1923 M. Jean Carolyn Davis Nov 23, 1942
Edward Foster Van Cleave Jr.
Carolyn Ann Van Cleave
Judson A. Bolls & Mississippi L. Davis was married Dec. 27th 1876
Edward L. Bolls & Minnie Bolls was married Jan. 12th 1899
Ruby Lee Bolls & Foster Vancleave married Sept 20, 1916
Sallie Annie Bolls & Marvin Conley Galbreath married May 30th 1920
Linnie May Bolls & Edward Sidney Gullett married Feb 15th 1921 


Levi Stephens
Ann C Stanford
James Bolls
Caroline M McCord
W. W. Bolls, Dec. 2nd 1827
Ann Hunter Stephens, Nov. 13th 1826
James Bolls son of W. W. Bolls & A H Stephens, April 1st 1847
Levi Stephens son of W W & A H Bolls, Nov 20th 1849
William Wilson son of W W & A H Bolls, August 15th 1852 


A. Judson Bolls, son of W W & A H Bolls Sept 2nd 1854
Patrick Edwin son of W W & A H Bolls August 15th 1858
Annie Carrie daughter of W W & A H Bolls, July 10th 1862
Minnie daughter of W W & A H Bolls, Jan 15th 1866
W. W. Bolls died Jan 27th 1896
Ann H Bolls died May 27th 1897 


J. A. Bolls son of W W & A H Bolls, Sept 2nd 1854
Patrick Edwin Bolls son of W. W. Bolls & Ann H. Bolls was born August 15th 1858
Annie Carrie daughter of W. W. Bolls & Ann H. Bolls was born July 10th 1862
Minnie daughter of W. W. & Ann H. Bolls born Jan 15th 1866
Mac Davis infant son of J. A. and M. L. Bolls born Dec 20, 1877; died soon after birth from injuries received in birth. 


Foster Van Cleave died April 15, 1930
Patrick Edwin Bolls died of lock jaw from pistol wound in the foot on 10th Sept 1876
Annie Carrie Bolls died August 18th 1863 of putrid sore throat
Minnie Bolls (Mrs. E L) died Jan 16, 1954
Edward Livingston Bolls died Dec. 20th 1955 


Hubert Hilton son of J. A. & Mississippi L. Bolls born in Tangipahoa Louisiana August 12th 1883
Edward L. Bolls & Minnie Bolls family
Ruby Lee Bolls born Nov 12th 1899
Linnie May Bolls born Feb 25th 1901
Sallie Annie Bolls born Feb 19th 1903
Ruby Lee Bolls Family
Edward Foster Vancleave
Linnie May Bolls Family
Sidney Bolls Gullett born Dec 11th 1925
Albert Leonard Gullett born Dec 19th 1926
William Wilson Bolls Gullett born Aug 6th 1928
Sallie Annie Bolls Galbreath Family
Marvin Conly Galbreath born Dec. 6, 1921
Jasper Franklin Galbreath born Oct 1, 1923
Bevert Ray Galbreath born Feb 23, 1930
Jimmy Lee Galbreath born... 


Levi S. Bolls, June 15th 1858
James Bolls, June 20th 1858
William Wilson Bolls, June 26th 1858
Annie Carrie Bolls, August 18th 1863
Patrick E. Bolls, Sept. 10th, 1876
Sallie Annie Bolls Galbreath, died Oct 24, 1952
Hubert Hilton Bolls, son of J. A. Bolls, died April 14th 1956 


James Bolls (no actual photograph)
C. M. Bolls
W. W. Bolls born Dec 2nd 1827
Ann H. Bolls born Nov 13th 1829
W. W. Bolls & A. H. Stephens was married June 22nd 1846
James Bolls son of W W & A H Bolls born April 1st 1847, died of scarlet fever, June 20th 1858 (no actual photograph)
Levi S. Bolls son of W W & A H Bolls born Nov 20th 1849, died of scarlet fever, June 15th 1858
William Wilson Bolls son of W W & A H Bolls born August 15th 1852, died of scarlet fever, June 25th 1858
A. J. Bolls son of W W and A H Bolls born Sept 2nd 1854
Pat Edwin Bolls son of W W & A H Bolls born august 15th 1858, died of lock jaw Sept 10th 1876
Minnie Bolls daughter of W W & A H Bolls born Jun 15th 1866
unlabelled photograph of young boy, known to be Edward Livingston Bolls
A. C. Stephens (no actual photograph)
photograph of elderly couple, unidentified
photograph of unidentified young woman
unlabelled photograph of man, known to be Levi Stephens