Graham Family Bible


Transcribed & Submitted by Cathy Niemeyer

** Note from transcriber***
Taken from the home of Jennie Mae Hicks Richey of Vicksburg, MS at her death.  Her second husband was William Sidney Wright.  There is one mention of a Right(sp?), in the Bible and I believe this to be the reason it was found in her home.  There is no place mentioned for any of the family events.
This was transcribed with some difficulty with different handwriting styles and some obvious spelling errors.

William Graham and Julian Bowler were married April the 9th day A.D. 1839 (?) 

James Graham was born Sept. the 2nd day 1762 

Arthur Graham was born the 27th day of May 1766 

Susan Graham was born Oct the 24 day 1790 

Marthy(?) Graham was born the 10th day of July 1792 

Wm(?) Graham was born Aug 14th day 1794 

Mary Graham was born December the 3rd day 1796 

John Graham was born July(?) the 3rd day 1798 

James Graham was born June the 25th day 1801 

Ransom(sp?) A. Graham was born Aug ? 1803 

Alfred Graham was born December the 25th day 1805 

Charlott Graham was born July the 31st day 1809 

Elizabeth Pittman was born March the 12th 1768 

Robert Graham(??) 

Carlil w bornd (?) Aug the 12th 1872 or 1879 

Julian Bowler was born Nov the 9th day A.D. 1809 

Elvira Graham was born Feb the 22nd day A.D. 183_ 

Martha Ann Graham was born Nov the 16th day A.D. 1839(?) 

James W. Graham was born Feb the 8th day A.D. 1841 or 1844 

Susan Graham was born June the 19th day A.D. 1843? 

Arthur Graham departed this life Nov the 4th day 1833 

James Graham departed this life Jan the 13th day A.D. 1836 in  Louisianna Cancridiea Parrish (Louisiana, Concordia Parish?)____ Brian McKehersy (priest?) in his 35th year 

William Graham departed this life in Aug the 31st day 1844 

Martha Right departed this life Jan the 14th 1852 

James Graham departed this life May 20th 1847 

Martha A. Graham departed this life June 9th 1845??? 

Sam (Susan?) Graham departed this life N? September the 17th day 1845