Campaign Siege and Offense of Vicksburg 1863

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Battle of Port Gibson, Mississippi, May 1

        The Union Army, under the command of Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant. was composed of the 13th Corps and Logan’s Division of the 17th Corps. The Confederate Army, under command of Brig. Gen. John S. Bowen was composed of Tracy’s, Cockrell’s, Green, and Baldwin’s Brigades. The 8th Mississippi Infantry, The Botetourt (Virginia) Artillery, and a section of Hudson’s (Mississippi) Battery. Most of the Confederate Regiments made forced marches to reach the battlefield and arrived with thinned ranks.  Tracy’s Brigade held the right, Green’s and the Sixth Mississippi the left of the Confederate line. The Battle was opened at an early hour by advance of Carr’s and Hovey’s Divisions n the right and Osterhaus’ on the left of the Union line, Smith’s Division in reserve. The Confederate left was driven back about 10 A.M. and Baldwin’s Brigade, just arrived, formed a new line about one and one-half miles in rear of the first position. Two regiments, just arrived, of Cockrell’s Brigade were posted on the new line; Green’s Brigade and the one regiment just arrived of Cockrell’s Brigade, were ordered to the Confederate right which had retired a little from its first position. The First Brigade of Logan’s Division was sent, on arrival, to the Union left, the third reinforced the Union right and Smith’s Division became engaged; the Second Brigade of Logan’s Division did not arrive until near the close of the battle. The Confederate Line was held until about 5:30 P.M. when both wings were driven from their positions and fell back across Bayou Pierre. The First and Fourth Missouri Infantry (consolidated) of Cockrell’s Brigade arriving in time to assist in covering the retreat. Casualties: Union: killed 131, wounded 719, missing 25. Total 875, one officer killed. Confederate: killed 56, wounded 328, missing 341, Total 715.Brig. Gen. E. D. Tracy and three other officers killed.

Engagement at Jackson, Mississippi, May 14

        The Union Army under command of Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, was composed of Steele’s and Tuttle’s Divisions 15th Corps, Maj. Gen. Wm. T. Sherman commanding; and Logan’s and Cocker’s Divisions 17th Corps., Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson commanding. Gen. Grant was with Gen. Sherman. The Confederate Army under command of Brig. Gen. John Gregg was composed of Gregg’s, Cist’s and Walker;s Brigades. Gen. Joseph E. Johnston was in the city, Cist’s Brigade was posted on the Clinton Road about three miles west of Jackson. Walker’s supported Cist’s, and Gregg’s was on the right of Cist’s. The Third Kentucky Mounted Infantry, a Battalion of sharpshooters and Martin’s Battery of Walker’s Brigade were posted on the Raymond Road about two miles from the city. The divisions f the 15th Corps marched towards Jackson on the Raymond Road; Tuttle’s formed line of battle on both sides of that road and drove the Confederate force into the intrenchment; Steele’s formed line on both sides of the railroad; the two Divisions advanced and occupied the intrenchments on thir respective fronts. The Divisions of the 17th Corps marched on the Clinton Road; Crocker’s formed line of battle with Logan’s in reserve, drove the Confederate Line from its position after a short fight, advanced and occupied the intrenchment on its front. Casualties: Union: killed 42, wounded 25, missing 7, total 300, one officer killed. Confederate: killed 17, wounded 64, missing 118, total 199, one officer killed.

Battle of Champion’s Hill, Mississippi, May 16

        The Union Army, under command of Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, was composed of the 13th Corps, Blair’s  Division of the 15th Corps, and Logan’s and Crocker’s Divisions of the 17th Corps. The Confederate Army, under command of Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, was composed of Stevenson’s, Bowen’s, and Loring’s Divisions, and Wirt Adams’ Cavalry, Reynold’s Brigade of Stevenson’s Division and two Union Regiments were detailed as train guards in the center. A. J. Smith’s and Blair’s on the left of the Union line. Loring’s Division held the right. Bowen’s the center, and Stevenson’s the left of the Confederate line. The battle was opened about 10:30 or 11 o’clock A.M. by the advance of Logan’s and Hovey’s Divisions I line of battle. Hovey’s attack broke the Confederate line at the angle captured te uns at that point and broke at the junction of the Clinton and middle Raymond Roads and forced Cumming’s Brigade and the right of Lee’s to form new lines -- the former on the middle of Raymond Road, the latter on a ridge between that road and its first post position. Bowen’s Division reinforced the Confederate left, formed line of battle under fire about 1:30 P.M., drove back Hovey’s Division, recovered the guns at the junction of the two roads and most of the ground lost earlier in the day. Boomer’s Brigade of Crocker’s Division reinforced Hovey’s and became engaged about 1 P.M.; two Regiments of Holmes’ Brigade of Crocker’s Division became engaged a little later and Bowen’s advance was checked. About the same time the right and center of Logan’s Division reached the middle of Raymond Road and captured the guns on the left of the Confederate Line about 3:30 P.M., the Union batteries concentrated on a commanding ridge opened a heavy fire. The Union Line advanced, and the Confederate Army was driven from the field. Stevenson’s and Bowen’s Divisions crossed Baker’s Creek and fell back towards Vicksburg; Loring’s Division abandoned its artillery and marched South-Eastward to Crystal Springs. Casualties: Union: Killed 410, wounded 184, missing 187, total 2441, thirty-eight officers killed or mortally wounded. Confederate: Killed 380, wounded 1018, missing 2453, total 3851, Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilchman and thirty-two other officers killed.

Engagement at Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi, May 17

        The Union Army, under command of Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, was composed of Osterhaus’, Smith’s, and Carr’s Divisions of the 13th Corps, Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand commanding. The Confederate Army, under command of Brig. Gen. John S. Bowen, was composed of Cockrell’s and Green’s Brigades of  Bowen’s Division, Vaughn’s Brigade of Smith’s Division, and the Fourth Mississippi of Baldwin’s Brigade. Smith’s Division, Carr’s Division was on the right, Osterhaus’ in the center and Smith’s on the left of the Union Line. The Confederate Line was formed in an intrenchment on the East side of Big Back River and across a peninsula formed by a bend in that river; Cockrell’s Brigade held the right, Vaughn’s and the Fourth Mississippi the center, and Green’s the left of the line. After an artillery engagement of about two hours, Lawler’s Brigade on the right of Carr’s Division attacked in line of battle with fixed Bayonets. The Union Line advanced along its entire front, and the Confederate Army fell back from the intrenchment in disorder and crossed the river. Casualties: Union: killed 39, wounded 237, missing 3, total 279, seven officers killed or mortally wounded. Confederate: killed 13, wounded 9, missing 539, total 551 (exclusive of Vaughn’s Brigade and Fourth Mississippi, of Baldwin’s Brigade not reported), one officer killed.