Wixson Family Bible

This old family Bible has an inside jacket with a great deal of birth, marriage and death information on my maternal family who were in Warren County by the early 1840s. They were still there into the 1870s and maybe later before moving up to the Cary (Sharkey County) area. They intermarried with other Warren County families, and I am sure there must still be descendants in the area today.
Duke W. Jones

Edward P. Wixson, born January 31, 1858
Elbert M. Wixson, born December 17, 1868
Kenneth Wixson, born November 10, 1870
Samuel H. Wixson, born June 1, 1872
Robert H. Wixson, born February 5, 1874
Saless Ida Wixson, born October 4, 1859
William H. Wixson, born February 5, 1862
John B. Wixson, born January 15, 1864
Ninnie A. Wixson, born March 24, 1866
Julia Wixson, born February 5, 1868
Fawn T. Wixson, born June 16, 1876
Irene E. Wixson, born June 24, 1878
Fannie G. Wixson, born November 21, 1881
O. H. P. Wixson, born September 9, 1837
Martha A. Wixson, born December 19, 1837

Julia Wixson, died February 5, 1868
Kenneth Wixson, died December 4, 1870
Samuel H. Wixson, died June 25, 1881
Robert H. Wixson, died October 11, 1889
O. H. P. Wixson, died November 11, 1889
Martha A. Wixson, died December 19, 1917
Fannie G. Wixson, August 18, 1893

Oliver H. P. Wixson and Martha Ann McIver, married December 30, 1856

This bible is thought to be presently in the possession of Red Hovas, Greenville, Washington Co., Mississippi.

The Elbert Marmaduke (Duke) Wixson was my great-grandfather. I never knew him, as he died 30 years before I was born, but I knew his wife very well, she dying in 1959 (I was 16). Hope this may help somebody one day.

Best regards,
Duke Wixson Jones