Webster County Churches
Churches listed on this page have photographs. If you have photographs of Webster Co churches or any history of Webster Co churches that you would like to share let us know.
Allen Chapel, Eupora
Antioch Church, Mantee
Bellefontaine Methodist Church, Bellefontaine
Bethel Baptist Church, Maben
Bluff Springs Church, Eupora
Calvary Church, Sapa
Cathedral of the Pines, Sapa
Church of Christ, Eupora
Church of God, Stewart
Church of God, Eupora
Church of God of Prophecy, Maben
Clarkson Baptist Church, Hohenlinden
Clarkson Methodist Church, Hohenlinden
Crossroads Church, Hohenlinden
Cumberland Church, Maben
Dorroh Lake Chapel, Bellefontaine
Double Springs Church, Bellefontaine
Dumas Church, Bellefontaine
Ebenezer Methodist Church (historical), Maben
Edgeworth Church, Little Sand Creek
Edward Springs Church, Little Sand Creek
Emry Church, Cadaretta
Fame Church, Hohenlinden
Fellowship Church, Bellefontaine
First Baptist Church, Eupora
First Free Will Baptist, Hohenlinden
First United Methodist Church, Eupora
Greenboro Church, Little Sand Creek
Greensboro Methodist Church, (historical), Little Sand Creek
Harmony Church, Cadaretta
Harmony Freewill Baptist Church, Eupora
Harpole Chapel, Maben
Hebron Church, Hohenlinden
Hohenlinden Baptist Church, Hohenlinden
Jordons Church, Eupora
Lebanon Church, Eupora
Liberty Methodist Church, Eupora
Lollars Grove Church, Sapa
Macedonia Church, Little Sand Creek
Mantee Baptist Church, Mantee
Marvin Hill Church, Maben
Mathison Baptist Church, Maben
Midway Church of Christ, Maben
Milligan Springs Church, Stewart
Monte Vista Baptist Church, Hohenlinden
Mount Hope Church, Mantee
Mount Moriah Church, Sapa
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (historical), Mantee
Mount Vernon Church, Little Sand Creek
Mount Zion Church, Eupora
New Ebenezer Church, Eupora
New Hope Church, Sapa
New Hope Presbyterian Church, Bellefontaine
New Long Branch Church, Sapa
New Prospect Church, Stewart
North Union Church, Bellefontaine
Old Carlson Church, Mantee
Philadelphia Church, Cadaretta
Pilgrim Rest Church, Bellefontaine
Pine Chapel (historical), Hohenlinden
Pine Forest Church, Little Sand Creek
Piney Grove Church, Stewart
Pisgah Methodist Church (historical), Mantee
Pisgah Springs Church, Eupora
Providence Methodist Church, Maben 
Reeds Chapel, Stewart
Saint Mary Church, Eupora
Sapa Baptist Church, Sapa
Serepta Church, Stewart
Shady Grove Church, Eupora
Shady Grove Church, Hohenlinden
Soul City House of God, Eupora
Souls Haven Church, Eupora
South Union Church, Eupora
Spring Hill Church, Cadaretta
Spring Valley Church, Maben
Tomnolen Baptist Church, Tomnolen
Tomnolen Methodist Church (historical), Tomnolen
Travelers Rest Church, Sapa
Union Church, Stewart
Union Grove Church, Lodi
Unity Church, Hohenlinden
Unknown African American Church, Cadaretta area (no longer in use)
Wake Forest Church, Mantee
Walthall Baptist Church, Eupora
Walthall United Methodist Church, Eupora
White Hill Church, Hohenlinden
Wood Chapel, Little Sand Creek

Were any of your ancestors or family instrumental in the establishment of any of the above churches Were any of your ancestors ministers or elders of one of the above churches Did they donate land for the church to be built on; did they help build the church Do you have any other information on one of the churches Any historical or genealogical information connected to any of the above churches will be appreciated.

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