Webster County Teachers
1907-1908 School Term

The following information was submitted by Martha Lackey:

THESE RECORDS ARE VERY HARD TO READ, SO BEWARE OF SPELLING.  I was amazed at the small number of students at some of the schools   One school, Ridge Line had 4 students, 2 girls and 2 boys.  The largest one was Spring Hill with 59 - 36 boys and 23 girls. (Mr. HEMPHILL, the teacher must have been an excellent teacher to manage that many students in one - or even two rooms.)  It doesn"t indicate, but I assume these were one room schools because there was only one teacher for all grades 1-8.  Salaries averaged $1 a day  Teachers either stayed in the school house, with the parents of one of the students, or with a relative if one was in the area.  The school year was for six months, split July, Aug then Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb.  This was probably to allow the students to help with the farm work at harvest time. Students either walked to school or rode a mule/horse.  All brought their lunch from home.  Teachers were to be of the highest moral character.

Record of Monthly and Term Reports of Free Schools, Scholastic Year 1907-1908
School                    Teacher                    Trustees
Pleasant Ridge        I. W. COBB               A. HANNAH
(Mantee)                                                  M. S. CASTER (Sp)

Reeds Chapel        Effie VERNON            Jas. MITCHELL
(Stewart)                                                  H. N. BOATMAN
                                                                J. W. SWINDOLL

Ridge Line            Hanna MABRY            T. C. COOPER
(Hohenlinden)                                           R. E. BALL

Spikes                    J. D. SPENCER          E. SPIKES
(Ablont)                                                    J. C. PEPPER
                                                                one other (can"t read)

Sapa                        J. N. SOMMONS      R. D. RICKY
(Sapa)                                                       J. A, SHAFFER
                                                                J. C. WORSHAM

Sand Hill                Ida EDWARDS           W. E. NORWOOD
(Derma)                                                    E. L. PITTMAN

Stewart                Mary MOSLEY             W. P. BAILEY
(Stewart)                May FERGUSON        J. HARRIS

Spring Hill            M. D. HEMPHILL        R. NELSON
(Louisa)                                                     J. McFARLEY
                                                                 Jack ROSWELL (sp)

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