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This mailing list is for discussions involving Wilkinson County, MS 
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1.  This list is unmoderated, which means that notes are not pre-screened.  It is the responsibility of each subscriber to abide by the list rules, and general rules of etiquette.

2.  Replies to posted messages are automatically sent to the list.  If you want to send a private reply,  be sure that the "TO:" address is to that person's address.  It's always a good idea to check the "TO:" address, in any case.  Accidents happen.

3.  Make your subject line relevant to the subject of the note.  Don't be afraid to start a new thread, with a new subject line, if you see that the discussion is beginning to move into another area.

4.  Do not send COMMANDS directly to the list.  Subscribing, unsubscribing, etc., cannot be accomplished via messages sent to the list.  [See below for Command instructions.]

5.  Stay on topic.  MSWILKIN-L is for genealogical/historical discussions involving surnames and events in WILKINSON COUNTY, MS.   Please do not spam the list by posting general Mississippi queries.

6.  Turn OFF your signature file before sending any commands (subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.)

7.  DO NOT SEND FILE ATTACHMENTS TO THE LIST.  Not only do attachments chew up valuable band width, they play havoc with the list.

8.  If your E-Mail address changes:
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9.  This list is available in one mode:
     a.  MSWILKIN-request - You will receive each posted note as a separate message.

NOTE:  Each message submitted to MSWILKIN-L will be sent on to everyone. 

11.  MSWILKIN-L is made possible through the generosity of  ROOTSWEB GENEALOGICAL DATA COOPERATIVE.  It is here to facilitate your research, to assist one another, and to help make connections.  Let's all do the best we can to make our little corner of the world a pleasant and productive place to visit!



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