Wylie, James Davis Wylie

My name is Mary Joy Wylie J.. I am the daughter of Davis Green Wylie, son of Francis Marion and Emma Jane Davis Wylie. The picture you are asking to be identified, "wylie jpg" is my great grandparents as follows:

James Davis Wylie, son of George Wylie and ? Hamilton Wylie
born: 1806 in South Carolina
died: Oct. 31, 1892, in Louisville, Winston County, MS

Married: Dec. 22, 1840 in Jefferson County, AL TO

Nancy Shaw Wylie, daughter of William Wiley Shaw and Drucilla Crawford Shaw,
granddaughter of Peter and Elizabeth Crawford
great-grandduaghter of William Shaw
born 1822, Jefferson County, AL
died 1868, Louisville, Winston County, MS

James and Nancy Wylie moved to Winston County before 1843 and had four daughters and eight sons in Alabama and Mississippi

Children were: Martha Jane Wylie Taylor b. Aug. 1841 in Jefferson County, AL, d. 4 Aug. 1905
William P. "Will" Wylie ` b. 1842, d. Sep 1861 during the Battle of Ball's Bluff near Leesburg, VA, during Civil War
George A.F. Wylie b. 29 June 1845, d. 16 Feb. 1921
Elizabeth Angeline "Eliza" Wylie Hall b. 13 Feb. 1847
Sarah Ann Wylie Miller b.1 Dec. 1848
Harriet Wylie Miller b. 27 Jan. 1851, d. 1939
James Nathan Wylie ` b. 3 Jan. 1853
Samuel Houghston "Hugh" Wylie b. 14 Oct. 1855
Jonathan W.P. "Patty" Wylie b. 23 Dec. 1856
Henry Thomas "Tom" Wylie b. 8 Jan. 1860
Francis Marion "Frank" Wylie b. 28 July 1861, d. Aug. 1934 (My grandfather) (Buried at Noxubee Hill Cemetery)
Thomas P.W. Wylie b. 1863

James Davis and Nancy Shaw Wylie are buried in the Wylie Cemetery located in the Choctaw Management Area (?). There are five tombs in this cemetery: James and Nancy Wylie and three of their children, Samuel Houghston "Hugh", Henry Thomas "Tom", Elizabeth Angeline "Eliza". James' tombstone is in place but broken in two places. Nancy's stone disappeared in the 1970's or 1980's. The three children are marked with native stones with the letter "W" etched onto them. Legend has it that Indians are also buried there and indeed there ARE some stones a ways away from the Wylies which appear to be grave markers.

After Nancy's death, James married second Lucy Costiloe Davis (daughter of John Costiloe and Emily Wragg Costiloe) on 25 Jan. 1882 in Winston County. They had one son, Addison Youngblood Wylie, b. 12 May 1883, d. 13 Oct. 1955.

Interestingly, one of James' younger sons, Francis Marion (my grandfather) married Emma Jane Davis (my grandmother), daughter of Lucy Costilor Davis, making Addison half-brother to the Wylie and Davis children.