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Wills, estate records, and deeds are often three of the most important types of records to a genealogist. In many instances, no will was left to be entered into probate; loose estate records, including administrations of estates and inventories, along with deeds serve as the only proof to establish the link between a parent and his/her children. In many cases a deed or series of deeds involving the heirs of an estate selling land can serve as an even more complete record of a family. Additionally, many divisions of estates can be found recorded in the early deed books.

When there is a will, there is generally a file associated with the estate that in most cases contains an inventory of personal and real estate, along with sundry documents associated with the estate. These packets can be invaluable as there is often a listing of all the heirs and not just those named in the will. If you have any documents that you would like to contribute, please contact me.

Amnesty Oath of 1865

Amnesty Oath of 1865, 2nd list

Cockrum 1930 Poll Tax

Miller Precinct Registration Book, 1930-1952

Olive Branch Poll Tax 1930

Olive Branch Registration, 1923-1930

Probate Records

Tax Roll of 1837


General Index to Will Books (partial list)

Blanchard, Josiah

Camp, Amiel

Hudson, E. G.

Johnston, Joseph

Johnson, Mary

Johnston, Samuel

Johnston, Steven D.

Manning, John W.

Parsons, James

Waldrop, Greenberry

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