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DeSoto County Confederate Companies
Submitted by Tim Harrison

The following is a list of Confederate companies in which men from DeSoto County served during the war. Some were raised in DeSoto County, while others were raised in surrounding counties in either Mississippi or Tennessee. Yet others had DeSoto County men in them due to the need to bring these companies up to strength. This especially occurred late in the war. Unless noted otherwise, all regiments are Mississippi regiments.


1st Regiment, Co. A (mostly Marshall)

1st Regiment, Co. A Walker Reserves (Marshall)

1st Regiment, Co. D DeSoto Greys (DeSoto)

1st Regiment, Co. F Alcorn Rifles (Marshall)

9th Regiment, New Co. A Capt Wallaces Company (DeSoto)

9th Regiment, Old Co. D Jeff Davis Rifles (Marshall)

9th Regiment, Old Co. E Horn Lake Volunteers (became New Co. A, 10th Infantry) (DeSoto)

9th Regiment, Old Co. G DeSoto Guards (DeSoto)

9th Regiment, Old Co. I Senatobia Invincibles (DeSoto)

9th Regiment, Old Co. K Irrepressibles (DeSoto)

9th Battalion, Sharpshooters, Co. A. (Unknown)

10th Regiment, New Co. A Horn Lake Volunteers (DeSoto)

17th Regiment, Co. I Pettus Rifles (DeSoto)

19th Regiment, Co. I Marshall Rifles (Marshall)

21st Regiment, Co. A Volunteer Southrons (Warren)

22nd Regiment, Co. F DeSoto Rebels (DeSoto)

29th Regiment, Co. D Fishing Creek Avengers (Yalobusha)

29th Regiment, Co. I DeSoto Brothers (DeSoto)

34th Regiment, Co. E Coldwater Rebles (34th AKA 37th for a time) (Marshall)

36th Regiment, Co. D Yankee Hunters (Newton)

42nd Regiment, Co. B Senatobia Invincibles No.2 (DeSoto)

42nd Regiment, Co. C Nelsons Avengers (DeSoto)

42nd Regiment, Co. D Capt. Lockes Company (DeSoto)

44th Regiment, Co. D DeSoto Beauregards (44th AKA Blythes) (DeSoto)


1st Regiment (Adams/Woods), Co. B DeSoto Light Dragoons (AKA Wirt Adams) (DeSoto)

1st Regiment (Adams/Woods), Co. G Warren Dragoons (AKA Wirt Adams)

2nd Regiment, Co. D Senatobia Opposers (2nd AKA 4th and 42nd) (DeSoto)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Ballantines), Co. C Porters Company (Tennessee)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Ballentines), Co. K Jernigans Company (Panola)

(Below also known as Blythes Battalion and 1st Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry State Troops)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Blythes), Co A DeSoto Partisans (DeSoto)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Blythes), Co. B Bowens Rangers (DeSoto)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Blythes), Co. C Wards Company (DeSoto)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Blythes), Co. D Renfroes Company (DeSoto)

2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers (Blythes), Co. F Hunt Rangers (DeSoto)

Blythes Battalion Cavalry, Co. A & B (DeSoto)

3rd Regiment, Co. E Richmonds Company (Marshall)

3rd TN Regiment, Co. F (Shelby Co., TN)

5th Regiment, Co. B Trotters Company (Carroll)

5th Regiment, Co. K Wards Company (5th Regiment formerly 19th Battalion (Georges) (DeSoto)

5th Regiment, Co. L Saunders Company

7th TN Regiment, Co. A (Shelby Co., TN)

8th Regiment, Co. H Morris Company (8th AKA 19th Battalion) (DeSoto & Panola)

9th Regiment

12th Cavalry (local unofficial), Companies A K (DeSoto)

13th TN Regiment, Co. A (Shelby Co., TN)

14/15 TN Regiment, Co. G

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co. C Carrolls Company (18th AKA Chalmers Battalion) (DeSoto and others)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co. D Smith Rangers (Tippah)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co. F Pettus Rangers (DeSoto & Panola)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co. G Perrys Company (Panola)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co. H Peach Creek Rangers (DeSoto & Panola)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co. K Raines Company (DeSoto)

28th Regiment, Co. F Clantons Company (Yalobusha)

28th Regiment, Co. L Morris Company (DeSoto)

38th Regiment

Senatobia Rangers (State Troops) (DeSoto)

Hams Regiment, Co. F Gilstraps Company (Hams AKA 7th Cav (Hams) (Itawamba)

Hughes Battalion, Co. F Wilbourns Company (Marshall)

Hunt Rangers (State Troops) (DeSoto)

Perrins Battalion, Co. I Bookters Company (Oktibbeha) (Perrins AKA 11th Cav)


Barretts MO Battery (recruited in Memphis, TN)

Brookhaven Light Artillery (AKA Hoskins Battery)

Pettus Flying Artillery (AKA Hooles Company and Hudsons Battery) (Panola)

14th Battalion, Mississippi Light Artillery (Panola)

Spanish American War

First Regiment, MS Volunteer Infantry, Field & Staff

First Regiment, MS Volunteer Infantry, Company A

First Regiment, MS Volunteer Infantry, Company B

First Regiment, MS Volunteer Infantry, Company C

DeSoto County and the Spanish American and Philippine American Wars

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Confederate Pension Records

Pension Applications (PDF Format - Get Adobe Reader)

Anderson, Bannister (servant)

Baker, James D.

Banks, R. M.

Barham, Mrs. N. S. (widow of N. S.)

Batie, Alfred (servant)

Birmingham, S. T.

Boggan, Mrs. J. H.

Boggan, T. D.

Boyd, C. M.

Brown, Daniel (servant)

Brumley, M.

Chalmers, Nat (servant)

Chamberlin, Bettie (widow of James)

Clifton, A. B.

Colbert, Jim (servant)

Collins, Mary A (widow of Hiram H)

Connally, Anna B (widow of George W)

Cooper, Richard H

Dalehite, Wm. A.

Dean, Mrs. T. J. (widow of Thomas J)

Dean, Thomas Jefferson, Jr.

Drane, Ben (servant)

Duke Perry (servant)

Dye, L. J. (widow of James M.)

Eason, E. E., Sr.

Eddins, J. B.

Elder, A. L.

Forrest, Ben (servant)

Gartrell, J. C.

Glenn, W. L.

Glover, Dan (servant)

Halbert, Mrs. Lucy E. (wife of George Calvin)

Ham, Mrs. Jim

Harrison, J. D.

Hobbs, Mrs. J. A.

Hudson, R. E.

Humphreys, Jim

Hurt, Alfred

Jackson, L. S.

Jackson, Mrs. L. S. (widow of Len S)

Janney, T.P.

Jones, Crawford

Jones, Ella (wife of L.L. Jones)

Jones, John T.

Key, Josephine

Knox, George (servant)

Lane, Sim (servant)

Lauderdale, A. M.

Lauderdale, E. B.

Laughter, Georgia A.

Laughter, W. E.

Lee, W. D.

McCandless, J. R.

McCargo, Robert Payne

McCracken, Mary F (widow of John P)

McGehee, Alex (servant)

McGehee, Cary (servant)

McGehee, George (servant)

McKenzie, Sallie

Miller, William Thomas

Mills, Sallie (wife of George W. Mills)

Mosby, M. W., Sr.

Myers, Asbury (servant)

Odom, James (servant)

Odom, Nat (servant)

Parsons, Dora (wife of William Parsons)

Robertson, A. T.

Rutland, Minnie D. (widow of John W.)

Sivley, Mary E. (wife of Andrew Sivley)

Smith, Marion (servant)

Solomon, Eliza (widow of Augustus Marian)

Stone, R. S.

Tate, John (servant)

Titus, Alex (servant)

Tribble, N. J.

Tribble, Nathaniel J

Turner, E.B.

Vinson, J. M.

Waldrop, Aldophus Pierce

Walker, Eli (servant)

Walton, S. A.

White, Jane Meridian (widow of John Brown Lafayett White)

Whitfield, Oliver (servant)

Wilcox, Mrs. Mary (wife of John B. Wilcox)

Winders, George

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