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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939



Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Page, Alma September, Age 47 9 October 1936 Page, T. M. Clark, Willie; MS King, Elizabeth; MS Route 3 Hattiesburg , Old Bonhomie Graham Cemetery near Rock Hill
Parker, Harrol Carlton 28 July, 12 years 21 March 1937 Single Parker, D. M., MS Hegwood, Barbara; MS 1410 East Laurel Avenue, Hattiesburg Parker Cemetery
Parker, John M. 28 July 1937 28 July 1937 Infant Parker, John Hinton, Sarah; MS Not given Not given
Parker, Lavicey Jane 4 November 1855 MS 20 August 1938 Parker, J. W., deceased McKinnon, Daniel  MS Parker, Almeda  MS Not given Williamson Cemetery
Parker, Robert Bruce 30 September Age 17 13 January 1937 Single Parker, R. B. MS Sanford, Pearl MS Route 3 Sumrall Willow Grove Cemetery
Patrick, Moffat L. 16 February 1873 12 December 1938 Married Patrick, John; Ireland Not known 2007 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Perry, Christine 11 November 10 years 25 December 1936 Single Perry, W. A.; MS Lusk, Edna; MS Richburg Road Richburg Cemetery
Pierpont, John Ellis 6 April 1936 7 April 1936 Infant Pierpont, Ewarl E. Breland, L. Margaret MS Jeanne Street Old City Cemetery
Pippen, Emma Maye 8 years 23 March 1938 Single Pippen, George Wesley; MS Armond, Valerie; MS 1403 Edwards Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Pittman, Nathan N. 16 October 1900 15 December 1936 Not given Pittman, J. R.; MS Sanderson, Laura; MS Route 2 Ellisville Jordan Cemetery
Pittman, Walter Calhoun 6 August 59 years 15 May 1938 Single Pitman, Thomas; GA Calhoun, Nancy; GA 115 Jackson Street Hattiesburg Not given
Pitts, Julia, Mrs. 55 years 22 March 1937 Pitts, Homer Smith, Will; MS Bonner, Amanda; MS Ovett, MS Ovett, MS
Polk, Jennie 22 October 1868 17 January 1938 Polk, M. V. Laird, Unknown Blount,  Elizabeth Petal, MS Blount Cemetery, Carson, MS
Polk, Martin Van 30 May 1866 MS 28 October 1938 Not given Polk, George F.; MS Carter, Eunice; MS Waynesboro, MS Laird Cemetery
Pouncey, William Jones 30 December; MS 10 February 1938 Not given Pouncey, Peter AL Burch, Tilda; MS Route 3 Sumrall Hickory Grove
Prine, Marlin Austin 23 September 1936 22 January 1937 Petal Single Prine, L. A.; MS Kinsey, Velma; MS Petal Avery
Rainey, Infant 13 November 1937 13 November 1937 Infant Rainey, T. T. Smith, Lula Route 1 Moselle Crosby Cemetery
Rainey, William Edgar 4 March 1878 7 April 1938 Married Rainey, William; MS Smith, Anna; LA Route 1 Sanford, MS Crosby Cemetery
Ravisees, Dudly Hunter 26 October 1873 AL 22 January 1939 Married DeBose, William AL DuBose, Mildred; AL 17 Hemphill Street, Hattiesburg McLaurin, MS
Risher, Thomas Earl 17 July 1937 4 September 1937 Single Risher, Walter Berry, Luda Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Roberts, Clarence Evon October 29 June 1937 Married Roberts, T. D., MS Kittrell, Flora; MS Neely Washington Cemetery
Roberts, Eula Lee 3 February 48 years 5 October 1938 Roberts, Ephraim E. Merrill, F. P.; AL Harrison, Mary; AL Route 1 Hattiesburg Hickory Grove
Robinson, Charlie R. 14 July 1936 14 July 1936 Infant Robinson, C. P.; MS Rainey, Doshia; MS Route 1 Beech Cemetery
Rogers, Pearlie Mae 1 May 1934 AL 14 August 1936 Infant Rogers, C. G.; AL Duke, Anne; AL Route 5 Hattiesburg Reynolds Cemetery
Rouse,  Agnes Flurry, Mrs. Not given 25 May 1938 Franklinton, LA Not given Not given Not given Route 1 Hattiesburg Not given
Runnels, L. M. 13 April Age 65, MS 19 June 1936 Not given Runnels, Vinsen Gillis, Elizabeth MS Petal Runnels Cemetery
Rushing, Zella Tullis 17 October 1877  MS 19 February 1938 Rushing, H. H. Tullis, W. M.  MS Neal, Patsy  MS Route 1 Hattiesburg Hickory Grove
Russell, Nanie, Mrs. September  MS 16 February 1938 Russell, C. C.; deceased Atwood, Pleze  MS Sanders, Harriette  MS 401 Williams Street Hattiesburg Roseland Park Cemetery
Sanford, Sarah, Mrs. 87 years, MS 28 March 1937 Sanford, Robert Roberts, Axom, MS Not known 509 Williams Street Hattiesburg Not given
Saucier, Paul A. 14 October 1864 MS 2 March 1937 Not given Saucier, Henry, MS Saucier, Fannie, MS Route 1 Saucier Wedgeworth
Sayles, Frances, Mrs. 16 April 22 June 1937 Widow Kramer, Martin; Germany Rudloff, Josephine; MO McInnis Springs St. Louis, MO
Scarborgh, Minnie, Mrs. 49 years 23 April 1936 Scarborgh, Bill Ready, Jim AL Joiner, Frances Route 6 Thompson Cemetery
Scasilo, M. J., Mrs 5 October 1855 29 April 1936 Scasilo, Anthony Hollensed, John W.; MS King, Nancy; MS 312 Jackson Street Roseland Park Cemetery
Schamber, Mary I., Mrs. 59 years 29 January 1938 Schamber, A. E. Mitchell, John Not given 301 Newman Street, Hattiesburg Roseland Park Cemetery
Seals, Infant Son 16 August 1938 16 August 1938 Infant Seals, Louis E.; MS Odom, Willie Mae Route 1 Lumberton Seals Cemetery
Seay, Mary Lenora, Mrs. 18 June 1874 MS 17 October 1937 Seay, P. A. McInnis, Kenneth, MS Green, Levenia; MS 117 Jackson Street Hattiesburg Not given
Sellers, Anna Bell McLeod, Mrs. 43 years old 15 December 1937 Sellers, Denan McLeod, A. A., MS Chain, Sarah A., MS Rawls Springs Old City Cemetery
Shirley, Jessie B. 16 March 1862 MS 29 August 1938 Married Shirley, W. W.;  NC or SC Griffith, Unknown Hattiesburg Greens Creek
Show, Myrtle 27 June 1936 MS 9 April 1937; Poplarville Hospital Infant Show, Everett; MS Smith, Lurleen; MS Not given Perkinston, MS
Shows, Billie Bassett 8 November 1927 1 June 1936 Not given Shows, W. D. MS Bassett, Shellie Mae; MS 114 E. Sixth Street New City Cemetery
Simmons, Henry Lewis 3 May 1862  MS 18 January 1939 Married Simmons, James; MS Not known Route 4 Hattiesburg Oak Grove Cemetery
Simmons, J. E. 22 February 1870 28 December 1937 Married Simmons, Jim; TN Yates, Sealy MS Route 4 City Grantham Cemetery
Skinner, Mildred, Mrs. 87 years 16 March 1937 Not given Not given Not given McLaurin McLaurin
Slade, Wilford Franklin 8 September 1938 9 December 1938 Infant Slade, J. V. Amacker, Marjorie Purvis, MS Grantham Cemetery
Smith, Bessie October 1910, 32 years 22 October 1938 Smith, W. G. Purvis, Lee Etheridge, Minnie Route 1 Hattiesburg Jessie Bryant Cemetery
Smith, Charles A. 29 January 1889 MO 23 November 1937 Asheville, N. C. Not given Smith, Edward; France Chatman, Cora; MS Petal New City Cemetery
Smith, Elijah G. 1 August 1861 28 October 1937 Widow Not known Not known Rawls Springs Oral Cemetery
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth 9 February 80 years old MS 19 October 1938 Smith, Samuel Z. Williams, John; MS Not known Fruitland Park Taylor Cemetery
Smith, Martha Amanda, Mrs. 5 August 95 years 8 February 1937 Smith, Will J. Bonner, Unknown Knight, Unknown Ovett, MS Ovett
Smith, Susie A., Mrs. 15 August 1859 Jones County, MS 10 April 1937 Not given Bryant, Jessie MS Sanford, Annie MS New Augusta, MS Russell Cemetery, Lamar County, MS
Smith, William Hamilton 17 June 1880 3 January 1937 Not given Smith, Alfred W. Maxwell, Mary Ann Not given Not given
Spiers, B. E. 9 August 67 years 6 June 1938 Married Spiers, Irvin Cook, Millie 110 Tipton Street, Hattiesburg Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Standifer, Jennie N., Mrs. 6 October 1859 TN 9 December 1937 Standifer, L. C., Sr., deceased Nabers, J. W. TN Mathews, Unknown; MS 2910 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg Oxford, MS
Steadman, Robert Garland 8 November 1899 21 November 1936 Not given Steadman, R. N., MS Peeler, Janie; MS 218 West 7th Street, Hattiesburg Roseland Park
Stephens, Thomas A., Mrs. 3 November 1877, MS 23 April 1937 Stephens, Thomas A. Nelson, Eli; MS Nelson, C.; MS 820 Bushman Street Purvis Cemetery
Stephens, Thomas Avery 29 August 1870 30 January 1938 Widower Not known Not known Route 4 Hattiesburg Purvis
Stevens, Hiram Stuart 29 April 1874  MS 23 August 1938 Not given Stevens, Captain Benjamin MS Breland, Lorena; MS Hardy Street Old City Cemetery
Street, William Ambrose 20 April 1888 2 September 1937 Married Street, Dr. W. T., MS Benison, Nancy 101 Francis Street Old City Cemetery
Sylvester, Elizabeth, Mrs. 15 June 1877 4 March 1937 Sylvester, Sam Byrd, Abb; MS Walley, Nebraska; MS Route 1 Beaumont Sylvester Cemetery


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