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Town of Louise

The following information is taken from "The History of Louise" compiled by Nina Pepper.

     The Town of Louise was built upon 408,518.5 acres that was turned over to the State of Mississippi by the US government uder the Act of September 4, 1841.  It was named for Louise Reid Rainer, daughter of James S. Reid, one of the early settlers.  

        "The rich soil of the region was covered with virgin forests through wihich wild animals roamed and because watefrom the Mississipp River over-flowed much of the area each year, it was known as the Swamp, and thought to be infested with fevers and agues." 
     Early land purchasers were -- 

Names When purchased
Robert M. Wallis 1842
William L. Lambeth 1842
Christopher L. Bennett 1842
Albert P. Hill 1843
John A. Hill 1843
Thomas W. Hill 1843
William C. Harris November 1852
Thomas T. Singleton November 1852
James S. Reid November 1852
William R. Hill November 1852
Susan H. Lambeth November 1852
     Other early settlers were -- 
Name Additional info
Robert Morris
Benjamin roach
J.J. Hughes
John Woolfolk
W.E. Upshaw
S.R. Upshaw
J.D. Upshaw
Sam Pepper
Zed Pepper 
F.L. Gordon
     "On April 28th of that year [1905] a strip of land 100 ft. wide was sold to the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Company [Y&MVRR] by William H. Reid and wife, Sallie Luse Reid, for $1.00 and the benefits that would accrue. 
      The railroad brought new settlers and Mr. Reid selected a portion of his property adjacent to the railroad and laid off a town which he named for his small daughter, Louise.  The same is recorded as such in Plat Book 2, page 21, Yazoo County, Mississippi under date of February 3, 1906. 
     With that portion of land along Silver Creek being in cultivation only a few acres deep, and miles of virgin timber extending in every direction, it was but natural that the lumber industry would move into the area.  Barr-Holaday Lumber Company and Bellgradee Lumber Company were soon in operation.  These companies brought hundreds of people to operate their mills and for whom homes were built in the Town.  The little village was bustling with activity-new stores were built ot accommodate the trade.  The Upshaw Building, Glorioso Brothers, and Holaday Brothers were brick buildings."  

     New families came into the "Town of Louise" and surrounding areas -- 

Name What Date
B.E. Kern  bought the Reid Plantation 1909
B.A. Holaday Barr-Holaday Lumber Company
Emmett Holaday Barr-Holaday Lumber Company
Ernest Holaday Barr-Holaday Lumber Company
C.O. Houp
J.E. List Edmiston
B.G. Umsted
J.C. Luse artesian well drilled on his property 1910
F.L. Gordon
C.E. Holaday bought the artesian well and had a contract to supply water to the Town, Y&MVRR, private consumers, the Barr-Holaday and Bellgrade Lumber Companies 1918
     The area around Louise has been part of many counties.  First in Washington County, just before the Civil War, Issaquena County when it was formed from Washington and later in Yazoo County.  In 1918 it became part of the new Humphreys County that was formed of portions of Washington, Holmes, Sunflower and Yazoo counties.
     Citizens of Louise who were honored by being appointed officers of the new Humphreys County. 
Name Position
John D. Purvis Deputy Sheriff, later elected as Tax Collector and then elected as Sheriff
Andrew R. Hutchens Chancery Clerk (served until his heath in 1937)
B.A. Holaday Supervisor of Beat Five (served over 25 years)
Doctors of the Area
Name Additional info
Dr. John Hill 1862 / early 1900's
Dr. George Adkins 1910 / stayed for several years then moved to Jackson. 
Married Miss Willie Smith
Dr. J.N. Mecklin 1912 / ??
Dr. Hervy H. Mecklin worked with his brother for several years and did research for Drs. Day and Rainer in Yazoo City
Dr. James T. Rainer associated with Dr. Mecklin before WWI 
Married Louiise Reid for whom the town was named. Left in 1924 when they moved to Yazoo City.
Dr. J.B. Courson Lived and practised in a small office on the banks of Silver Creek on Mt. Zion Plantation.
Dr. Barnes passed away at the home of his son, George Humphrey Bares and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Yazoo City.
Dr. J.A. King came from Rome, MS only stayed a few years and then returned to his native Scott County.
Dr. H.V. Zeigel 1953 - occupied a new, Brick, eight-room clinic built especially for him.
Methodist Church in the Town of Louise
     "For many years the church was part of what was know as the Silver Creek Circuit.  Most of the area at that time was covered with forest and the people on the widely scattered plantation, that dotted the banks of the stream from which the Circuit got its name, were served by the Methodist Circuit Riders.  These men fode coutless miles on horseback, preaching in the home, schools, visiting the sick, performing marriages and burying the dead." 
Name Additional info
Rev Green W. Browne appointed to the Silver Creek Circuit in 1876
Rev. Martin Anding Bell served 1881 to 1885
Rev James A. Newsom served 1886 and 1887
Rev. Wiley J. Ferguson Remembered for his wonderful pastoral work.  He made quite an imprint on life along the creek.
Rev J.H. Moore served between 1900 and 1910
Rev J.M. Alford served between 1900 and 1910
Rev O.S. Lewis Served as District superintendent of the Vicksburg District during the years 1943 through 1948
Rev. J.H. Foreman 1909 to 1912 -- first pastor of wooden church erected on lot donated by Mr. William H. Reid.  All denominations worshipped here.  It was known as a Community Church.
1912 to 1918 a Sunday School was organized.
Rev. M.K. Miller 1919 - first to occupy parsonage built by the Methodists
Rev C.Y. Higginbotham 1922 and 1923
Rev. W.B. Alsworth 1923 to 1925 - "During this time the church property was sold and a new lot purchased on Ash Street."
In 1909 Mr. William H. Reid gave a lot for the building of a House of Worship and a beautiful little wooden church was erected on this Lot which was along the highway and in the center of town.  All denominations worshippekd there so it became known as a Community Church
     In 1909 Mr. William H. Reid gave a lot for the building of a House of Worship and a beautiful little wooden church was erected on this Lot which was along the highway and in the center of town.  All denominations worshipped there so it became known as a Community Church.  Little is know of the church between 1912 an 1918 except that a Sunday School with a large membership was organized. 
Name Additional info
Rev. J.H. Foreman First pastor of this church.  He remained on the Circuit with Silver City and Holly Bluff for four years
Rev. M.K. Miller assigned to Louise in 1919 a parsonage had been built.
Rev. C.Y. Higginbotham pastor from 1922 and 1923.  Durning this time the great Methodist evangelist, Dan Kelly Held a revivval here and over 60 members were added to the church rolls.  They out grew the church
Rev. W.B. Alsworth assigned pastor in 1923 and remained for three years.  Sold the church property and purchased a new Lot on Ash Street.
Reb I.H. Sells 1928 a beautiful brick veneer building was erected and a few years later it was dedicated.
Rev. J.M. Lewis
Rev. L.J. Snelgrove
Rev. Fred Applewhite
Rev. Paul Grice
Rev. H.A. Woods
Rev. R.A. Allums During the last year of his pastorate Louise became a station appointment, this was in 1950. 
Rev. J.H. Cameron
Rev. H.T. Landrum
Rev. R.J. Gilbert
Rev James Willoughby
Rev. Ray Quick
Building committe for new church 1923
Name Additional info
Mr. B.A. Holaday, Sr
Mr. G.C. Rogers
Mr. F.L. Gordon
Mr. J.E. List Edmiston
Mrs. C.E. Holaday
Mrs. E.A. Upshaw
Mrs. J.D. Sledge
     "The church continued to grow and in 1924 a Woman's Missionary Society was organized with Mr. J.M Bunner as President.  An Epworth League was organized that year with Miss Helon Holaday, now Mrs. L.D. Schoonover, as President." 
The FirstBaptist Church in the Town of Louise

     A Baptist Church was organized in louise by Rev. A.E. Lucan in 1950 with a membership of 13.  It's growth was rapid.  By 1951 a beautiful little brick church was built the Cornerstone of which reads: 

Rev. A.E. Lucas 
 J.A. Joyner 
J.K. Stewart 
John Cook

     At the beginning both Sunday School and worship services were held in the church.  The congregation soon out grew this space and a new building was erected just west of the church for the Sunday School.  Shortly after the completion of this building a moder pastor's home was begun and occupied by Rev. Lucas. 

Name Additional info
Rev. A.E. Lucas Organized in 1950.  Brick church built in 1951.
Rev. Dale Holloway
Rev. R.J. Sanderson
Rev Hugh Conwill
Louise School
* A portion of Sharkey County was also lost to the creation Humphreys County.  This was contributed by Laura S. Royal

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