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Louise School
History of Louise School
     "It was through the interest of a few families in louise that the school had its beginning. 
     The building used for church, Sunday School and large meetings was a two-story affair-one room ath the top in case of "high water" and one at the bottom for ordinary purposes." 
First students in 1909 


Name Additional info
J.D. Upshaw only four years and two months
Betty Gordon Mrs. B.J. Kern
Alice Gordon
George Henderson Reid
Louise Reid Mrs. Tom Rainer
First Trustees


Name Additional info
Mr. J.D. Upshaw, Sr
Mr. S.R. Upshaw
Mr. Wm. H. Reid
Board of Education
Year Name Additional info
1931 B.A. Holaday
1931 M.B. Stroud
1931 B.W. Smith
Building Committee


Name Additional info
Mrs. B.A. Holaday Sr
Mrs. J.D. Upshaw
Mrs. W.H. Reid
Mrs. Gray Russell
Construction history


Year Building Cost
1909 three-rooms $2,000.00
1919 new lot 
three classrooms and an auditorium
1920 convert auditorium to three classrooms and build new auditorium $19,000.00
1941 two new classrooms, two bathrooms, a new office and a hall were added
1949 new building with gymnasium, four classrooms and cafeteria.  There were now ten teachers.
1958 a vocational building and new cafeteria werre completed.  The old cafeteria was converted into facilities for physical education.  Three apartments were buil on the school property for teqchers' homes.
Early teachers


Name Additional info
Miss Nell Kirk
Miss Lucy Henderson
Miss Elsie Strong
Miss Irene Boswell in 1920's
Miss Allene Cooper in 1920's
Miss Louise Preston in 1920's
Mr. I.A. Williamson in 1920's
Miss Sue Randolph Davidson in 1920's
Miss Christine Ferguson Mrs. J.D. Upshaw
     "The school was not an accredited four year High School until 1931 when the Superintendent, Mr. S.M. Bailey, was able to staart the year with eight seniors, seven of who graduated." 
First senior class - 1931
Name Additional info
Frances Inez Garrard
Frank L. Gordon
Altha Irene King
Charles Leeper Kleinpeter
Kyra Belmont McMurtry
Nina P. Pepper
Alma Rebecca Word


History of Louise


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