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Ann Allen Geoghegan & Denise Wells - Assistant State Coordinators

Register of Marriages

extracted from

Quarterly Conference Record Book of the Purvis Charge 
Methodist Episcopal Church 
Purvis Methodist Church

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Groom  Bride  Date 
A. D. Nichols  Miss Angie Simmons  September 17, 1908 
W. L. Smith  Miss Zabie Lee  October 25, 1908 
Mr. E. W. Long  Miss "L" (Elaine) Saucier  November 8, 1908 
James O. Cox  Miss Lillian Jackson  November 10, 1908 
Edward J. Calhoun  (totally illegible)  December 27, 1908 
(blank space) Phillips  Miss Carrie Buffken  August 1913 
J. S. Holleman  Mary Cochran  April 19, 1916 
Phillip Hartfield  Miss Morrow  May 21, 1916 
Lowery Crosby  Leola Jones  July 16, 1916 
Lowery Crosby  Miss Leola Jones  June 19, 1916 
M. G. Dickson  Beulah Ikherd  July 16, 1916 
Rudolph Smith  Zellee Slade  August 12, 1916 
Chasie Smith  Claudia Smith  April 12, 1919 
M. M. Baxter  Martha Pickett  April 23, 1919 
Estel Starns  Eula Shedd  April 27, 1919 
E. S. Myatt  illegible  illegible 
John W. Reynolds  Annie Holleman  23 July 1919 
Thomas St. John  Miss Eunice Holleman  20 July 1918 
W. M. Campbell  Miss Morris  not given 
Bertram M. Stone  Miss Donzia Z. Tyner  19 July 1917 
Abner Jones  Miss Ruth Marigme  7 August 1917 
Clyde Killebrew  Miss Rowena Nichols  5 September 1917 
*Richard Freeman  Bonnie Fortenberry  15 February 1918 
Thomas W. Warnell  Miss Mary Alice Freeman  28 March 1918 
*John Selick  Miss Stella Spears  31 March 1918 
Thomas St. John  Miss Eunice Holleman  20 July 1918 
*William L. Johnston  Annie B. Archer  1 September 1918 
James Lee Graham  Sarah George Robertson  20 October 1918 
W. H. Brown  Pearl Blackwell  5 January 1919 
E. S. Myatt  Miss Sibyl (illegible)  10 March 1919 
William Flanigan  Anna Young  1 June 1919 
William E. Stewart  Annabelle Cayten  15 June 1919 
Will Lawler  Idumea Anderson  18 June 1919 
John W. Reynolds  Annie Holleman  23 July 1919 
Melvin H. King  Illegible  18 August 1919 
Julius Cameron  Bertie Johnson  28 August 1919 
Thomas F. Murphy  Jewel Bounds  30 August 1919 
G. (illegible) Harvey  Laura Dearman  16 September 1919 
Grover C. Reynolds  Hazel Pylant  16 October 1919 
Mr. George M. Faris  Miss Daisy Cook  13 December 1919 
Van W. Cook  Miss Vandie Smith  19 June 1920 
W. M. Hemba  Miss Odessa Williamson  not given 

* designated as a Soldier at Camp Shelby



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